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AngularJS is a great JavaScript framework for building web applications with numerous features. At ARKA, we are acclaimed to providing best-in-class solutions based on AngularJS open source web development framework.

AngularJS is a platform to be reckoned with. The platform has gained a lot of momentum in the recent past and it is all due to the fantastic features and the flexibility it offers to the developers. Moreover, apps and websites based on AngularJS are becoming more prevalent these days and this is the reason that many firms are now looking for professionals who can help them in getting their websites and apps created using the AngularJS development module.

AngularJS is a renowned JavaScript Framework that is equipped with numerous features for web developers in order to make their development task easy. The framework was released under the umbrella of an MIT License and was initially available for the public domain in 2009. Many development experts and professionals believe that the framework is what HTML would seem like if HTML was programmed for developing web applications. The popularity of AngularJS has made it impossible to overlook the features of the platform and many ?e-commerce firms are now favoring the use of this platform for their development needs.

AngularJS Help Your FirmHow does web development using

  • Two-Way Data Binding

    This is perhaps the best feature of AngularJS. The point to be noted is that the Two Way Data Binding feature automates the process of Model Side and DOM Side synchronization, making life very easy for the developers. This feature is a must for futuristic app and web development and we at ARKA will give you the full benefits of two way data binding using our AngularJS development.

  • MVC Support

    Even though MVC is not as unique a feature, but the way AngularJS incorporates it into the platform is a thing to be seen. By executing MVC in a method of MVVM, it makes room for better results. We offer MVC development services in a number of frameworks. Our pride is the diversity of services we offer to ensure your project receives the best of services possible.

  • Directives

    Directives is another feature that ensures that you can create Widgets using HTML and incorporate them into your web apps so that they can do a few tricks while the apps are running. This feature is another unique point of AngularJS and at ARKA, we ensure that these features are used in the product we provide you.

  • Write Less Code
  • Two - Way Data Binding
  • Power of MVVM
  • Eases Testing

AngularJS Development ServicesUnleashing the ARKA advantage with perfect

At ARKA, we understand the needs of the client and our experts will make sure that your firm can take all the advantages of AngularJS development. We have a team of dedicated developers who are specialist in AngularJS and using their expertise, ARKA is able to provide you with unmatched AngularJS Web Development.

With over 8+ years of experience, we have become a well-known Shopify Development Company across India and the US. However, our services are not limited to these two geographies. We have presence in Europe, UK, UAE, South Africa and Australia and have handled over 600+ projects for our 450+ clients.

With such a huge presence across the globe, ARKA Softwares is one of the fastest growing web development companies and our expertise of AngularJS combined with Ruby on Rails has also got us a huge name in being one of the most sought after Ruby on Rails Web Development Company across US and UK.

So, get in touch with us via telephone, email or by physically visiting us and get the ARKA advantage as we bring you the best Angular JS development and the best in class customer care services and that too at a great price.

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