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The digital world is evolving very fast. With the evolution of the market, there is an evolution of technology. Asp.NET, a world famous development and application platform, regularly updates from one version to another. To follow suit, developers need to migrate from one version to another in order to keep themselves up to date with the latest features.Asp.NET is a server side application framework developed by Microsoft. The platform allows for dynamic web page development and is used in millions of websites, web apps and services. It was first launched in 2002 and is developed on the Common Language Runtime (CLR).

Why use Asp.NET for web development?Asp.NET has many advantages when it comes to web development. According to a Hybrid App Development Company in USA, Asp.NET offers them the best platform for development of hybrid web module based apps.

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Some of the features of Asp.NET that make it a good choice are:

•The web application exists on the server. This enables faster execution of the web app when compared to the interpreted scripts.

•Development in Asp.NET is simpler and easier to maintain. This saves time and money, which is the most important objective of a business.

•Since the platform is based on .NET, more than 25 logical languages supported by .NET can be used by the developers for the coding purposes. This enables versatile coding and developers having knowledge of any of the supported language can work on Asp.NET.

•There are built in security features courtesy of Microsoft. These security features make Asp.NET more favorable than the others.

•The configuration info is built in, thus making the deployment of the web pages more convenient. The requirement to register components has been done away with, which is a clear winner.

•It is integrated with the ADO.NET and contains built in caching features. These features ensure speedy development process, making web development easier and quicker for the developers.

The launch of Asp.NET Core, the next generation of Asp.NET, has made headlines all over the globe. This new framework combines the MVC, Web API and web pages developed under Asp.NET and unify it under the MVC6. This latest update has led to the immediate requirement of migration from the older Asp.NET to the Core version and businesses all over the world are pondering over what to do. Migration requires the unification of Asp.NET Web Pages, Asp.NET MVC and Asp.NET Web API into a single MVC6. This enables the use of Entity Framework in the Asp.NET module, which ultimately gives your website a more optimized performance. This is a cross platform upgrade, making Asp.NET compatible with many other platforms and allowing the developers to use the modules of other platforms for the development process.
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Migration is a tricky business and requires an expert. If your business runs on Asp.NET development module, then you’re required to migrate right away. Not doing so will keep you from the new features which are going to help your business grow further. But, the question is, who will help you do that?

With ARKA Softwares, you’re always guaranteed the best. Our expert Asp.NET developers will ensure that the migration process is done as naturally as possible without affecting anything of your business. We are a growing Asp.NET Development Company and have experts in our team who are experienced in all fields of web development, design, and graphics, marketing and content.

We are rapidly growing into a premier Web Designing Company in USA and have clients from UK, USA, Australia, India and many other major IT markets in the world.

With our expert migration services, you can say goodbye to your migration woes as our experts will smoothly transition your Asp.NET website to the Asp.NET Core. Our commitment to provide the best service at the most competitive prices in the segment makes us stand out from the rest. We assure 100% customer satisfaction and 24/7 customer support which shows our dedication towards the clients.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us via phone, email or drop directly to our office in order to talk to our executives and get your migration requirements solved by ARKA Softwares.

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