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Arka Softwares has been offering multifaceted Amazon Web Services (AWS) to the clients from various business niches and scale – start-ups, SMBs, and enterprises. Our AWS development services enable businesses to adopt the most advanced cloud computing capabilities that boost productivity and efficiency while saving loads of investment. Our comprehensive cloud computing development services, powered by AWS, lets our clients host their applications from more powerful servers in the world.

We help your business to be more connected and accessible from anywhere and anytime with seamless work collaboration and work automation. Our AWS developers understand your business requirements and its challenges. Thus, we offer completely flexible and customized AWS development services with an uncompromised customer service that you can always appreciate.

  • Secure NDA
  • Source Code Authority
  • No Hidden Cost
  • Cybersecurity & IP Protection
  • Precise Reporting
  • Great Team Work
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  • On-Time Delivery
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  • QA Tested & Bug-Free Solution
  • Comprehensive Technical Support

Our Custom AWS Solutions

AWS Advisory Solutions

Our personalized AWS advisory solutions comprise providing your most efficient and optimum solutions to your business challenges for smooth growth.

AWS Deploy & Management

Let us handle the management and monitoring of your web and cloud-based applications to ensure flawless and effective business operations.

AWS Enterprise Application

You can always rely on our AWS enterprise services for simple, complex, and high computing process (HPC) workloads to get optimum enterprise solutions.

AWS Migration Solutions

We make migration from one platform to AWS precise and effortless for you with enhanced computing capabilities and remarkable security features.

SaaS Based Services

We offer you the most innovative and feature-rich SaaS-based services that take your user experience a couple of notches up while cutting development cost.

AWS - IOT Solutions

Our dedicated AWS developers help you with the most innovative and creative IoT solutions for the next generation of connectivity and enhanced user experience.

AWS Solutions

AWS Web & Mobile App Development

Our Amazon Web Services encompass diverse web and mobile app development to build a solid foundation in both mobile and web landscapes.

AWS Mobile Backend Development

Arka Softwares develop the most robust, reliable, and scalable mobile backend for your Amazon web service applications.

Performance Enhancement

For the seamless and fluid performance of apps in a cloud environment, you can trust the expertise of our AWS developers.

Analytics & Monitoring

We provide multi-layered analytics and monitoring abilities for your AWS ecosystem for impeccable and reliable data.

Our AWS Development Services Include

From the inception of Amazon Web Services, we have been providing custom AWS services to our clients and helping them to take their businesses to the next level by gradually expanding our AWS services list.

Amazon Cloud Search,
S3 & Elastic Compute Cloud

We help our clients with Amazon Cloud Search that enables them to manage and optimize search solutions for website and mobile applications while with the help of Amazon S3 we store a large amount of client data efficiently. EC2 is an essential tool that lets us deploy and management web & mobile applications in a cloud environment.

Serverless API & CloudWatch

Our comprehensive Serverless API integration brings efficiency and productivity to your businesses. With AWS ‘API Gateway’ we integrate that Serverless APIs so that you can focus on the essentials. With CloudWatch we assist you to you check impeccable monitoring and analytics that can be leveraged in critical decision making.

AWS Lambda & CloudTrail

AWS Lambda is a remarkable event-driven computing platform that is serverless as well. With AWS lambda we help you to manage computing resources automatically and effortlessly. And for governance, compliance, and operational and risk auditing you can undoubtedly trust our comprehensive AWS CloudTrail services.

Accelerate your Cloud Success with Rich Platform Services

Analytics Visualization

  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Warehouse
  • Machine Learning
  • Streaming Data
  • Elasticsearch
  • Hadoop
  • Data Pipelines

Enterprise Applications

  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Email & Calendaring
  • Document Sharing
  • Sharing Feedback

Mobile Services

  • Mobile Development
  • API Management
  • Identity
  • App Testing
  • Mobile Analytics
  • Development
  • Notifications

Internet of things

  • IoT Platform
  • Device SDK
  • Registry
  • Device Shadows
  • Rules Engine

Right Support to Turn Your Startup Into Profitable Venture

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Email: sales@arkasoftwares.com | Skype: arka.softwares

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Increase Developer Productivity and Operational Efficiency

Developer Tools

  • Source Code Management
  • Code Deployment
  • Continuous Delivery

Management Tools

  • Monitoring & Logs
  • Resource Templates
  • Usage & Resource Auditing
  • Resource Management
  • Service Catalog
  • Performance Optimization

Security & Identity

  • Access Control
  • SSL/TLS Certificates
  • Key Storage & Management
  • Identity Management
  • Security Assessment
  • Web Application Firewall

Application Services

  • API Management
  • App Streaming
  • Search
  • Transcoding
  • Email
  • Notifications
  • Queueing
  • Workflow
Banking & Finance

Invest Expert

Invest Expert is a surprisingly amazing online platform that provides detailed information and insights on global macro trends. This comprehensive web platform offers concise daily reports that show the direction and strength of market trends while showing insightful market developing trends. The personalized dashboard allows users to get curated data in one place.

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Invest Expert

Zedin Elma

Zedin Elma is a widely celebrated mobile and web platform for both teachers and students. For teachers, this app allows them to prepare online courses for students and provide additional assistance if necessary. For students, the app provides thousands of online courses to subscribe to and learn from. The application is extremely simple and easy to use.

View Portfolio
Teacher Marketplace
Teacher Marketplace
Teacher Marketplace
Teacher Marketplace

Pearl Cab

Pearl Cab takes cab booking convenience to the new level. The application comprises all the latest features like, live tracking, ETA calculation, in-app map and navigation, comprehensive pop up notifications, multiple payment options, etc. Even after so many advanced features, this application manages to be most easy-to-use, thanks to its meticulously designed UX/UI.

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Pearl Cab
Pearl Cab
Pearl Cab
Fitness & Health

FitNutro – We Make You Fit

FitNutro is an amazing health and fitness partner for modern society. It is a complete package of essential features like healthy and fresh meal plans, fitness/gym subscriptions, fitness tracker and personal care. FitNutro is not just a facility provider, it is a complete personal care that makes you fit.

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Medical & Health

Primeiros Passos

Primeiros Passos is a faster and less expensive than a walk-in clinic or ER. It allows users to consult (chat/video chat) with a doctor virtually 24/7 and 7 days a week for them and their kids’ health. Just like an in-person visit, via the app, the doctor will check a patient’s medical history and symptoms and recommend treatment - including prescriptions and lab work.

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Primeiros Passos
Primeiros Passos
Primeiros Passos

Test Drive Technologies

Test Drive Technologies is a well-versed platform that offers a wide range of cars for lease to individuals, small businesses, and large enterprises on attractive prices. With smart features and functionalities users can easily access the available cars, check specifications and select the one that they like. Attractive offers and dedicated leasing plans make it an amazing online leasing portal.

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Industry Specific Solutions

By serving 450+ clients worldwide and researching industry demands from closer proximity, we can ensure you intelligent industry-specific mobile applications that are packed with advanced features, faster, secure like never before and ultimately, able to pave their path into users’ smartphones and win app marketplace.

Hiring Model

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Hourly Basis Model

Engagement Models

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Hire an AWS Developer

Arka Softwares is a home of industry-leading and proven AWS developers who have helped hundreds of clients by developing marketplace-winning web and mobile applications. We are providing you the opportunity to hire the best among the best in easy steps.

Why Choose Arka Softwares

At Arka Softwares, we have the expertise, dedication, vision, innovation, creativity, proven results and what not! This is the place where your ideas and dreams turn into a lucrative reality that always puts you ahead of the market.

NDA Security

QA Tested & Bug Free Solution

On Time Delivery

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No Hidden Cost

Comprehensive Reporting

Security and IP Protection

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Quick Team Scaling

Business Driven IT Solutions That Make a Difference

US: +1 214 329 1556 , UK: +44 20 3290 1652 , AUS: +61 7 3103 2660 Email: sales@arkasoftwares.com | Skype: arka.softwares

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Client Reviews


The site's improved reliability has increased the number of quality leads. The team works efficiently to produce quality code and resolve issues thoroughly. ARKA Softwares performs best with clear guidelines and communication.

Giovanni Benvenuto
Giovanni Benvenuto

ARKA's support and responsive communication facilitated a smooth development process. They transparently shared progress and updates through Trello and Slack channels. The team continues to perform well as they optimize the app.

Hollie Bradley
Hollie Bradley
OMM Collective

Thanks to ARKA Softwares which working remotely, their team was available at all times and consistently followed up on requests. Their ability to offer high-quality deliverables at reasonable prices set them up for future engagement.

Loyiso Vatsha
Loyiso Vatsha

The application launched with no bugs and functioned as intended. The ARKA team was responsive and coordinated updates daily. Their ability to improve upon the original vision was impressive. We connected via phone, Skype, email, and Slack.

Rinku Kashyap
Rinku Kashyap

The ARKA Softwares teamwork is reliable and transparent that consistently providing updates to ensure clear communication. Their meticulous approach to understanding the business's requirements sets them above the competition.

Samir Jalaleddine
Samir Jalaleddine
Quantways SARL

ARKA Softwares has proven to be an excellent partner, the company's development cycle increased, the delivery timeline was shortened by 20%, and their capacity was increased by 40%, allowing them to attend to more customers.

Guillermo Valencia
Guillermo Valencia

ARKA has demonstrated knowledge in all the task’s development tools and languages including AJAX, Java, SQL, and jQuery. The team is highly responsive and is quick to capture the project’s specifics, requiring little input to produce excellent results.

Glenn White
Glenn White
Telecoms Consortium Ltd

The ARKA team was always easy to communicate and work with. The product was delivered within the estimated timeframe and features the required specifications. ARKA’s quality ensured bug-free results and excellent performance from the platform.

Mick Wang
Mick Wang
Australian Tourism

Arka offered a very professional, courteous, and competent service. Despite the project's incompletion, ARKA remained professional, courteous, and highly competent throughout the endeavor, which earns the team positive comments.

Darren Windsor
Darren Windsor
Retail Services Company

ARKA has demonstrated excellent knowledge of the tools used in the development through which they delivered great results in each task they were assigned. The solution was completed successfully within deadlines and is producing positive results.

Michael Vengut
Michael Vengut
Automotive Listing Service

ARKA provides excellent services, allowing them to bring great value for their cost. Moreover, their responsiveness and technical expertise garnered positive remarks. The team’s admirable performance has earned them 4 additional projects.

Timothy Passionly
Timothy - Passionly
Couples Therapy Service
Giovanni Benvenuto
Hollie Bradley
Loyiso Vatsha
Rinku Kashyap
Samir Jalaleddine
Guillermo Valencia
Glenn White
Mick Wang
Darren Windsor
Michael Vengut
Timothy Passionly

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