With the launch of iOS 10, Apple comes up with an entire heap of new additions and enhancements. Apart from offering obvious add-ons, such as Siri can work with apps and Messages now has its own App Store, there’s a lot more for users this time.

Here is a list of 20 such striking features that every iOS 10 users must know about.


  1. Transcript Your Voicemails Now

With iOS 10, the top iOS app development company offers the ease of transcribing your voicemails within a few seconds of receiving it. It’s as accurate as Google Voice.  Once done, click the voicemail to expand it and you can see the transcription of your voicemail.

Note: This feature may not work for all depending on your carrier.


  1. A 3D Touch to Clear all your Notifications

iOS app development in USA has greatly evolved with the launch of iOS 10. Now, you can clear all your notifications displayed on your iPhone’s lock screen, however, this hidden feature relies only on 3D Touch. Simply, hard-press the “X” icon and tap “Clear All Notifications”.


  1. iMessage

While every Apple user might know about the mini App Store just for the iMessage app, it is likely that you overlooked a hidden feature. Top iOS App Development Company now lets you search for an animated image within iMessage directly. All you need to do is to tap on the App Store icon when writing a message in iMessage. Swipe to the images page, and then enter a search term.


  1. Wipe off all your Safari tabs with just a Press

Users using the Safari app probably have 12 to 30 tabs open at a moment. However, you no more need to close every single tab individually. With iOS 10, Apple now allows you to close them all at once. Simply, click the new tab page, tap and hold the “Done” button that will pull up a menu giving you the option to close all your tabs.


  1. Use your Camera as a Magnifying Glass

We all might have often tried to zoom-in with our camera to use it as a magnifying glass. Thanks to iOS 10 to offer this as an in-built feature now.  With a quick settings change, users will now be able to triple-tap on the “Home” button to open the camera with magnification automatically that you can adjust.


  1. Be Picky with your Read Receipts 

iOS 10 now allows its users to decide if they want to send read receipts based on the contact list. While earlier users could only enable or disable them for all their contacts, now they can go into any conversation and set the feature. Simply tap on the “i” button in the top-right when in a conversation and turn read receipts on or off.


  1. Give your Stopwatch a new look

For years, your stopwatch in the default Clock app looked the same. However, with iOS 10, you can now give it a new look. Just go to the stopwatch screen in the Clock app, swipe to the left and apply the new face. The new face looks classier than the old digital one.


  1. Now Siri will Announce who’s Calling You

Now your beloved Siri can announce the name of the caller calling you.  In situations when you’re unable to check who is calling you, like while driving, jogging, etc., Siri will tell you who is on the phone.  Not only this, but Siri can also notify your callers when you have headphones plugged in your ears or are connected to your car’s Bluetooth.


  1. Markup your Photos

Apple has updated its Photos and iMessage apps with a new tool allowing you to markup photos. Choose the photo to send in iMessage and tap on it to preview it. Then, select the “Markup” option in the lower-left corner. This option lets you write, draw, and color over the photo before sharing it. The same can be done with the Photos app using the Edit button.


  1. Weed out unwanted stock apps

With the new iOS 10, users can now eliminate stock apps they no more need. This is somewhat similar to removing third-party apps. Simply, long press on the app you want to remove and tap the ‘x’ icon. You can always re-download them from the App store in the future when needed.

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