A few years ago, social media marketing was just a concept and nobody was giving much of a though to it. However, things have changed and now almost 90% of the online firms are looking into social media marketing for their firms.

What is social media marketing?

Talking in general layman terms, Social Media marketing is the branch of digital marketing dealing with the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media tools to enhance the visibility of a brand and connect with the potential customers online.

The importance of social media marketing has increased manifold in the past few years, as published in a report by a prominent Social Media Optimization Company in USA. People are more engaged with each other online than in real life and with the use of social media marketing, one can easily target their set of audience and enhance their brand presence in the market.

10 Reasons to go for Social Media Marketing:

Listed here are ten reasons that will make you understand why going for social media marketing is the top priority thing for you right now. The list has been compiled after careful discussions with some of the top firms and providers of social media optimization services in USA.

  • Brand Recognition: The biggest reason for you to go for SMM is because it helps in creating brand awareness or recognition. With so many people using the social media, it is very easy to target the type of audience that you feel is your market and interact with them using posts, videos and photos. Such interactions make people aware of your brand and the more people finding out about you, the better your chances are for increasing your market share.
  • Brand Loyalty: According to studies done by various agencies and one premier Social Media Optimization Company USA, interacting with potential customers and existing customers over the social media actually helps in building up brand loyalty as people who follow you on the web are more likely to be loyal to you.
  • Cheap and Effective: Social Media campaigns do not take much time and money to get started. The only thing that is needed is creativity as you have to create some viral content in order to reach out to the masses and let them know that you have arrived. If you can cook up something interesting for your audience, then social media is a great way for some cheap and effective publicity.
  • High Conversion rates: Another major perk of using SMM is the fact that your conversion rates are likely to go up as the inbound traffic to your website increases as you increase your reach in the social media.
  • Exposure to Target Audience: Social media allows you to judge your market and find the niche audience for your products. Doing a thorough research can easily allow you to get exposed to your target audience and in this way, you can effectively and efficiently target your campaigns.
  • Easy Troubleshooting: By setting up pages, communities and Twitter handles, you can have one to one conversation with your consumers and address their issues then and there. Such facilities make it very convenient for you as well as your consumers when it comes to troubleshooting.
  • Understanding Competitor Strategy: Another major use of social media is to check your competitors’ progress. Your competition is also most likely to use social media and by understanding their strategy, you can plan your own and get ahead of them in the competition. However, be sure that the same can be done to you too and always make sure that your competition does not get everything you do through your social media handles.
  • Equal opportunity to all: The digital marketplace is not very biased when it comes to marketing. The firms have equal opportunities and by using limited funds, a firm can easily run a successful campaign online.
  • Customization on the go: Social media allows you to customize your page, community design and even the pics and layout of your blog and Twitter handles. Such customization brings out new flavors and allows you to keep the excitement running.
  • Positive effect on Search Ranking: SMM also helps with SEO. A site which is famous on the social media is more frequently visited, which ultimately helps in improving the web search ranking of the firm website. Moreover, social media popularity is also used a metric by Google and other search engines which makes it even more important to use SMM for your online firm.

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