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What Security features make ASP.NET popular amongst Developers?
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When it comes to web development, web apps and services, ASP.NET is one name that resonates across all categories. Designed by Microsoft in 2002, the platform is one of the most popular in the world and works on an open source model. The initial release only had the .NET framework, with ASP (Active Server Pages) being added to it at a later stage.The latest release, version 4.5, was launched in 2012 and we are still waiting for the final stable release of version 5. The framework is written using the .NET Language system of CLR, which allows the developer to code using a plethora of coding languages.Security Features of ASP.NETPerhaps one of the most exciting features offered by this platform are the security features, which make them suitable for web apps requiring authorization and login details. The features are in-built into the framework and there are some which can also be used by adding plug-ins to the existing framework.Some common security features that make it one of the most popular extensions and frameworks for web app development, as per the reports of a Software Development Company in USA are:Authentication: The ASP.NET framework offers a lot of options for adding authentication steps before opening an app. One can opt for no authentication, individual authentication, windows authentication or enterprise authentication. Each type of authentication have their own pros and cons and are used as per the needs of the developer. The authentication layer uses the .NET Identity to find out about the registered users and authenticate them to use the services. Access Rights: The framework also allows the developers to give access rights to all the users. In a report by a prominent company providing .NET Development services in USA, the access rights helps in determining which users can only read the data, who can read and write and who can change the developer mode and so on. These rights allow us to keep the data safe from unauthorized users and is a great option provided by the platform for the developers. Two Factor Authentication: ASP.NET also allows the developers to add a module for two step authentication. This authentication allows the use of a mobile phone for SMS verification or an email id for code verification using the email sent to the registering user. Such type of features are quite helpful for apps that deal with some monetary transactions as they keep the entire setup more secure. Immunity to outside attacks: The .NET framework is developed by many of the world’s top developers and features security options that make it difficult to attack these apps and websites using malicious software and other such attack methods. The security features are quite robust and are able to fend of outside attacks with ease and keep the app the user data secure.With so many robust features offered by ASP.NET, the platform has become quite popular and is used by millions of developers worldwide. Almost half of the companies engaged with website and web app development are using the Microsoft.NET framework development in USA and also in the other parts of the globe.The scenario is quite clear in the growing economies too. India, UAE, China and other Asian countries also use ASP.NET more than other platforms and one of the prominent reason are the availability of strong security features in the platform which are inbuilt in nature.So, consider the pros and cons of various frameworks before using one of them, but make sure that you keep all these security features in mind before taking any decision. The security of the user and the app database is of utmost importance and keeping these in mind, the popularity of ASP.NET has grown and is expected to keep growing at a rapid rate in the coming future with the launch of the stable version 5.0 and other add-ons.

Why Mobile Apps are pivotal to any business’s growth these days?
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Ever since the dawn of the digital era, the way business is done has changed quite a bit. With websites and e-commerce platforms taking over the real world business, firm owners are desperate to reach out to their customers on their laptops and desktops and sell their products and services.With the introduction of Smartphones, the world just got even smarter. The dawn of Android spiced things up evens more and suddenly, mobile apps became the hottest way to digitally market your products and sell them to your clients and customers from all around the globe. But, why have these apps become so powerful? Why do they hold a key position in defining the growth of a business? Let us find out:Mobile Apps have a wider reach: Ask any Mobile App Design Company or App Development Company as to how apps help a business, and their first reply would be – more reach. Mobiles are always in the pockets of your targeted consumers. If they’re using your apps, you can send them notifications about the sale you’re going to have or the items that they might have left in their shopping bag. Thus, mobile apps provide you with a much larger reach.Mobile Apps provide analytics: The data from the user who runs your app is pivotal to study the behavior of the consumer. Using this data, you can send tailor made offers for the customer and drive your sales. Even though this feature is available with websites too, but ask any iPhone app development company and they’ll say that the mobile analytics say much more about the consumer than the usual analytics.Mobile Apps are convenient to use: Since we are getting used to luxury, using the laptop to find something online seems like a lot of work. We all want to just lay on our beds while browsing through a catalog of electronics or fashion accessories and a mobile app helps you do that. Thus, businesses who use their mobile apps tend to reach more people and are equipped to target better sales in the long run.How to get an impressive app made?If you’re a small business owner and need your own app, you can hire app developer from the internet very easily. However, make sure you choose a good service provider so that the app turns out just the way you want it to be. We at Arka Softwares and Outsourcing which is an Offshore App Development Company are determined to provide only the best solutions to our clients. Having served over 300 clients from India, Australia, UAE, USA, UK and South Africa, we are rapidly becoming one of the best IT Solutions provider in the global scenario. Our team of Android and iOS developers have the necessary skills to develop the best apps for the platforms, so if you have any queries then you can get in touch with our experts and we will give the best and the most economical solution to your problem.

Some positive impacts that digital technology has had on human life
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The world has become a much smaller place thanks to the advent of the digital technology. Using this technology, people can reach far and wide and get access to content that was otherwise impossible or very tough. Thus, we list some of the most important aspects of digital technology that have had a positive impact in the life of humans.Easy Access to a plethora of information: The internet has portals that give information about various topics. The internet is a giant source of reliable information from all over the globe and it provides easy access to all human beings. Historically, gaining access to such a huge volume of data was a tough task and the advent of digital technology has changed all of it. Encouragement of Innovation: Since humans have access to a wide array of data, they can easily bring out new innovations using that data. Moreover, crowd funding, venture capital and angel investments are much easier now due to the communication channel provided by the internet. All this is only possible due to the development of digital technology. Improved communication: Communication systems have improved a lot, thanks to the digital technology. The obsolete forms of communications like telegram and letters, which were very time consuming, have been replaced by the much faster email and instant messaging. Moreover, getting in touch with people across geographical barriers has become cheaper and much more accessible due to the digital technology. Social networking: Digital technology has given us the gift of social media. Social media is the biggest platform of communications in the present time and as much as 20% of the total populations of the world use some form of social media or the other. Sites like Facebook, Google +, LinkedIN, Yahoo and Instagram allow people to remain in contact with each other irrespective of their present location. The social media also allowed old contacts to again connect with each other and many people have found their long lost friends or relatives by the use of digital technology. Moreover, social media has provided a platform to the companies to exploit digital marketing solutions and reach out their customers in order to interact with them and offer them better services and deals. Access to digital media: Video streaming sites like Dailymotion, Google Video and YouTube have become a primary source of entertainment for all. These platforms provide a lot of engaging and interesting content to the people and they can enjoy a variety of videos made on different niche. Other sites like Netflix have made it possible to buy or rent commercial movies on the internet and watch them on demand. E-Commerce: The digital technology has allowed humans to shop from the comforts of their homes. Things like electronics, consumer durables, food items, apparels and even medicines and vehicles can be bought and sold on the digital platform and it has made it easier for the firms to reach out their customers and conduct business by the use of digital marketing services.Thus, digital technology has become a boon to the humankind and helped in alleviating the status of the human life. However, there are certain cons of the digital world that must be taken into consideration while accessing the data and it is the duty of the humans to keep them away from the harm that digital technology may cause to them.Also, for all the new firm owners, digital technology offers you a plethora of opportunities and by availing some professional SEO services, you can easily get yourself noticed on the digital world via organic search engine optimization and make your mark on the digital market.We, at Arka Softwares & Outsourcing, offer some of the most innovative methods to make you known in the digital world. We ensure that the digital technology brings together consumers and producers and our clients make the most of this opportunity by getting in touch with their target audience and interacting with them about their products and services. We are an SEO Services company that provides high quality and affordable SEO services to our clients in order to give them the much needed boost in the virtual marketplace.So, get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities and if you’re just a curious reader, enjoy the benefits of digital technology but do so with care and vigilance.

Basic website optimization techniques for the local businesses

We all have heard about the powers of SEO. We are fully aware of the fact that SEO can allow you to rank better in search results and get more traffic to your site from across the globe. However, not all businesses are global and there are many businesses who just focus on a local geographic location and want users from that region to find them. Thus, enters Local SEO.What exactly is local SEO and how does it help?Local SEO is location specific SEO of a website that makes it well optimized for a search result aimed at the current geographic location of the business. Local SEO is a powerful tool and it is very helpful for the local businesses as they do not want people from all over the globe to visit their site and only wish to focus on the local crowd. With proper website optimization and digital marketing services, a small business can easily get famous in the local domain and spread the customer base.Some tips to advertise your local business using SEO:The best part about organic search engine optimization is the fact that it is absolutely free and just needs your care and attention. However, if you’re not well versed with SEO, you can hire an SEO services company and avail professional SEO services for your site.So, if you’re venturing out yourself, then here are some tips to effectively use digital marketing solutions for your local optimization:Use Google + Local: Create a profile for your business in Google + and fill it properly with the entire address of your business and also the website link. Whenever people will search for the services you provide in your location, your Google + page will be displayed, complete with the reviews you have received, the pictures of your establishment, the telephone number and the address. Relevant Content: Content is still the leader when it comes to organic SEO. One of the best local business solutions is to create content that contains your geographical location spread across all the pages. You can add your address in the footer section of the web page or maybe optimize the page content to make sure that the relevant information is present and the search engine can easily track it. In this way, you can make sure that your website shows up when someone searches in your location. Proper website extension choice: Website extension is another important parameter to ensure that local SEO works well. A site in India ending with .in has more chances of being associated with the location than the generic ones. However, if your domain is .org, .net or .com, you can always use the Webmaster tool by Google to link your site to a location.Thus, by following these simple steps you can get the best small business web solutions for your local business. However, if you’re facing a hard time in optimizing your site, then you can always go for some affordable SEO Services that will make sure that your optimization is done properly.We, at Arka Softwares and Outsourcing, provide Local SEO services and our experts have ample experience to create a brand name for your store in the region you serve. So, for any additional information require about our services, drop in at our site and get in touch with our experts. Our services expand to a lot of regions that include the US, UK, UAE, South Africa, Australia and India to name a few. We are growing at a rapid pace and are striving to become the best IT Solutions provider for the domains we serve.

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