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How mobile technology is changing the future of e-commerce industry?
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 Mobile technology has brought about a huge change in the landscape of the e-commerce industry. Mobile phones are being used to conduct most of the business and people are rapidly migrating from desktops to mobiles.The advent of mobile websites, responsive web pages, smartphone apps, mobile cash wallets, etc., have made it easier for the consumers to buy stuff and the e-commerce firms are capitalizing on these technologies to reap profits.Mobile technology has steadily built on the advancements in this field and with more power to the consumers, mobiles are helping them in exploring areas which were previously thought of as impossible. Moreover, the advent of mobile has led to the growth of many mobile based businesses, which have fared well in the past few years and have turned out to be some of the biggest companies in the world right now.Features offered by Mobile technology:Since smartphones have become an integral part of the human life, developers and e-commerce firms have worked hard to bring the following features to the consumers:E-commerce mobile apps developed by Mobile App Development Company in USA,  UAE, India, Australia and other important digital markets across the globe. These apps allow consumers to shop for their favorite products using their mobile phones. Mobile wallets developed by a few firms who provide financial services to the people. These apps allow people to make secure payments and avail huge discounts and cashbacks. The freedom to shop on the go and get access to a plethora of products anytime, anywhere. Mobile technology allows for targeted marketing as analytical studies allow e-commerce firms to track the behavior of the mobile app user and construct specialized offers for them in order to drive conversion rates.All these features have made it easier for the people to engage in online shopping using their phones and also helped the e-commerce firms to target their customers in a more defined and polished manner in order to increase the rate of their conversions.Mobile Apps: Changing the future of e-commercePerhaps the biggest game changer for the e-commerce is mobile apps. With app development services in USA, USA and other parts of Europe becoming common, most of the firms dealing with e-commerce and migrating to apps as they feel that apps give them more leverage on their customers.But how exactly are mobile apps changing the future of e-commerce, let us see:Mobile apps have a higher reach and allow the e-commerce firms to target their customers’ day in and day out. According to the reports by a Hybrid App Development Company in USA, e-commerce conversion rates are higher with native apps that send notifications to the users about all of their offers and discounts, thereby targeting their users in a more efficient way and increasing their sales. Mobile apps have simplified the shopping process and made it possible to shop on the go. With more exposure towards online shops, people are more likely to buy stuff from the e-commerce firms. When asked from an app designing company in USA, reports reveal that e-commerce firm owners are preferring apps over mobile sites as it gives them the chance to modify to their heart’s content and add something of extra value to their users which ultimately helps in improving their sales. The addition of mobile wallets as a payment process has also helped in simplifying the payment process. According to an Android App Development Company in USA, People prefer a smooth shopping experience and in lieu of mobiles, the process becomes much simpler and people are more likely to shop online.Thus, the introduction of advanced mobile technology is aiding the growth of e-commerce apps. With more and more research being done in this field, it is likely that the business will see definitive growth in the next five years or so. However, the competition in the field is quite high and one must come up with new and innovative ideas in order to enter the market and grab a fair share of the digital market for themselves.

Web Design and Development: Your tools to convert Conventions to Product Development
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Designing is an art. A designer brings out the aesthetics of the business and keeps them in front of the potential customer in such a way that the user is inclined towards doing business with the firm. Designing has always been an integral part of the product development process. There are countless examples wherein a simple design layout laid the foundation stone for product development.In similar ways, web design and development is a genre that drives product design and development. The way a website is designed and developed makes way for the way people perceive the site and look at the firm that owns the site. E-Commerce platforms particularly need sound web development services in order to succeed as their site design is a mirror into their organization and if the site fails to impress, then holding on to customers is a tough job.How does a Web Designing Company define the product development of your firm?Since web development and designing define the parameters of perception, a client centric Web Designing Company always makes sure that the inner essence of the clients business is meticulously portrayed in the website design. It is important as the targeted audience need to perceive the correct picture of the company in order to understand what they offer. However, many a times, the website design and development technique defines the way for the company.An out-of-the-box design might invoke new product philosophies. A peppy and colorful website might pave the way for a peppy and enthusiastic office culture of a firm and it depends on the Web Development Company as they’re the ones who do all the design and development.Web Design and Marketing: Two inseparable soulsMarketing is the soul of any business. In the digital world, your way to interact with the people is via your website. In this sense, web design and development is the most important tool that you need to use wisely.Organic marketing plays a key role and by using your website, you can actually do organic marketing and gain new customers. The design philosophy often helps in creating the image about a product and becomes an inseparable part of the production process wherein the web design and development define the way product must behave.An Info Graphic Design Company is the best pick if you’re looking to create product image and need some innovative and conclusive design ideas for the same. Open Source Development Company is another great option as they provide express solution to any kind of design issues related to any platform whatsoever.Thus, the image created by the design and development philosophy of your site can play an important role as to how people expect your products to be and how they wish to use them. Since these factors play a role, a firm often comes up with an alternate product development technique in order to meet the requirements of the targeted audience.We, at ARKA Softwares, ensure that the client needs are met using the best design techniques. Our designers are the best and have worked for clients spread across the globe from USA to UK ,UK to Australia and India. We have even catered to projects pertaining to South Africa and the UAE and have ample understanding of the global market.We are a comprehensive custom Web Designing Company that works as per your needs and gives you the best results always. With us, you can always expect to create redefining ideas and come up with innovative web designs that will change the way people look at your business. So, come and join us for an exciting adventure and see how our experts turn your web designs into one of your most commonly used traditional product development process.

The E-Commerce boom: How to improve your business profits using E-Commerce Platform
ARKA Softwares ecommerce Development
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With rising dependence on e-commerce platforms, mostly all businesses are going online. The competition in the e commerce world is increasing at a high pace and proper optimization of the websites is required in order to make sure that the profit margins increase.Even though there are countless ways you can approach to increase the sales in your website and improve your profits, we have selected the most useful and time tested methods that will surely help you improve your sales on the e-commerce front.So, here are some of the most useful optimization tips that will help you in improving your business profits using e commerce:Build an interactive website The first thing that you need to do in order to boost your sales is create an interactive website. With so many e commerce sites on the internet these days, consumers need a valid reason to leave other sites and shop on yours.Make sure you hire web developer to make sure that your site looks professionally built. Selecting a reputed E-Commerce Development Company to handle your e commerce site is a great way to achieve optimization as these companies are equipped with the required talent and skills to elevate your business amidst the competition.Also, give notice to the ongoing trends and make sure that you have the best user interface and a very easy navigation system to ensure that the consumer finds what he/she needs at the earliest. You might also want to hire web designer in order to create attractive themes and templates for your site and give your visitors a treat to their eyes.Automate your Site Since price competition is quite rigid, rising prices of the goods you sell is not an option. So, a good way to boost your income is to reduce the operation charges by automating your site as much as possible.Automation allows you to perform tasks quickly and reduces the amount on manpower you need for your firm. So, go for automation and drastically reduce your operation costs for the best results.Offer strategic discounts As the number of e-commerce sites is too many, offering discounts is more of a necessity. Make sure your offer them discounts on regular basis and make these discounts count. If you make your minimum purchase value with the discount higher than the average sale value, then you can actually boost your income and see a growth in your sales.Increase web traffic Without traffic, your website is just another silent marketplace. Increase the number of visitors by engaging in SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMM (Social Media Marketing).PPC (Pay Per Click) and PPS (Pay Per Sale) marketing is another great way to boost sales and you can take the assistance of Open Source Development Company in order to make sure that the campaigns are maintained and marketing needs are covered in the best cost. By increasing your web traffic, you create more awareness about your website and ultimately see a boost in your sales.Thus, by following these simple methods, you can easily optimize your site and boost your sales. Hiring an E-Commerce Development Company to perform these tasks is a good option as they have the required expertise to handle the SEO and web development aspects. So, come join us at Arka Softwares and Outsourcing to make sure that all your E-Commerce needs are taken care of using the most advanced techniques and you can easily see your sales reach the pinnacle as you trust our experts to do the job for you.

Reasons why Cloud Technology is the way to go for Mobile App Developers in 2015
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We are living in an era that purely driven through technology. With each passing year, new technologies are being developed and launched in order to make things easier for us. With 5 months into 2015, the technology that has gained the most momentum is Cloud Technology.It is being said that the Cloud Computing Technology is the next big thing in the fast moving online world where handling of data has become a major requirement. But why such a focus on cloud technology for mobile developers? How does cloud make the process better for an App Design Company? Let us look at some of the reasons why Cloud Computing is the way to go for the app developers.Cloud Offers Security: If you’ve an App Development Company, then you must know about the concerns of your clients. Every person that launches an app wants his/her app to have the security features that will allow safe usage. Safety is of utmost importance for the enterprise apps and financial and banking apps as the information contained in these apps are quite confidential and any security flaw will impact negatively on the app developer’s profile. Thus, going for Cloud Technology is a great way to reduce risks as you store the data on encrypted cloud servers and even if a person loses his phone/tablet, the data cannot be stolen from the phone. Also, you do not need to develop various versions of the app as the mobile apps running on cloud can be used across all platforms. Cloud is the Next Big Thing: Since the big guns like Google, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon are investing heavily in Cloud, this technology is surely going to be the next big thing. With loads of security and accessibility features, cloud is a great way to store and retrieve data from anywhere. With so much emphasis being given to cloud, the App Design Company owners should actively look into the potential that lies in the Cloud Computing and hire application developer in order to grab a piece of action before its hijacked by the others. Cloud is Easy to Use:Since cloud apps are developed using CSS, HTML 5 and Java, separate versions of the app are not needed. Thus, all devices use the same version of the app and it becomes easier for the users as they do not need to adapt new interfaces and learn to use the app in different platforms. Another convenient point is the fact that cloud mobile apps store data over the cloud server and allow the users to access it from anywhere and on any device using their login credentials. Such ease of access makes them the hottest trend in technology this year.So, if you’re developing an app for your business, make sure you get it done using Cloud Computing technology. We, at Arka, offer comprehensive Cloud based Mobile Apps for our clients in order to keep them ahead of the competition. Being regarded as an upcoming Offshore App Development Company, we have gained the trust of our clients and have catered to over 300 clients from USA, UK, India, UAE, Australia and South Africa.So, whether you’re looking for Android App Development Company or iPhone App Development Company, ARKA Softwares and Outsourcing is your best option as we give 100% customer satisfaction with a lowest price guarantee.Get in touch with us for further details and see how we can use Cloud Technology to drive your online business to the pinnacle of success.

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