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5 Smart ways to save Mobile Data in Your Smartphone
Android and iphone app

Mobile data doesn’t come cheap. Especially when you have so many things to do with your android device, saving every last kilobyte of your mobile data is recommended. But, there are many apps that leech out the data from your mobile with their background processing and constant updating.Under such conditions, it becomes quite difficult to save your mobile data and you might end up paying extra money for using the internet. But not to worry, we at Arka have chalked out the various reasons that cause data loss and are presenting you with 5 smart ways to save data in your android device. Also, if you’re a business owner and want to get your app made by an App Development Company, keep these tips in handy and make sure you ask your app designer to create apps that are lighter for your customers to carry and use and hire application developer only after you’ve considered all these things.Restrict Background Data: Your android device has an option of disabling background data usage. By checking this option, all your apps will stop working in the background and in order to get the latest updates while to open them. However, it is a great way to reduce your data usage as background usage tends to be very high for some apps. If you’re a business owner, make sure that the app design company that designs your app ensures that the background data usage of your app is limited. Turn off Auto Update: Google Play Store is set to automatically download the updates to the apps you have on your device. A great way to save your data is to disable auto update on mobile data and set it to auto update over Wi-Fi only. Turn off App Sync: Apps like Gmail, Google+, etc., automatically sync your device with the mailbox or with your timeline. If you turn off sync, then these apps will stop gathering data on their own and will fetch the updated results only when you operate the apps. Disable Unwanted Apps: There are many apps that you don’t want to use and also cannot be uninstalled from your device as they are system apps. The best way to make sure that they don’t eat the phone memory and phone data is by disabling them. Once you disable the app, it does not function until and unless you re-enable it at a future point of time. Limit Data Usage: You can limit the data usage of your device and once you reach the limit, your phone will automatically close the data connection. This can be used a precautionary measure for keeping your data use in check and can also be used to monitor your daily usage so that your data works for the maximum days possible.Keep these 5 smart tips in your mind and make sure that you use your data in the most judicious way. For all those people who are looking to get their app created for going online, make sure you select the best Offshore App Development Company for your needs and the creative team is capable enough to keep your app light for your users.If you want more details regarding mobile app development, you can get in touch with us and give us a chance to show you the true picture of mobile app development. We are one of the most prominent Android App Development Company in India at this moment and have worked with many overseas clients ranging from USA, UK, and UAE to South Africa and Australia. So, if you’re on the lookout for an iPhone App Development Company or any other app development company, then do get in touch with us and tell us what you need.

Manual Testing: Meaning, Purpose and Methods

Manual testing is referred to the process wherein a software tester sits and goes through an end user software to determine the various flaws and bugs in the software. The process is generally carried out before the official launch of the app or website or software and forms an integral part of the quality assessment of a software.Who use manual testing?In general, software testing is done using automated methods. Developers tend to use automated scripts and computers for the purpose as the process is made easy. However, in cases of graphical interface, games, e-commerce sites and interface of apps, manual tests are preferred.These tests are preferred as in these cases, user experience is what matters and in order to ensure that the end user is able to conveniently use the service, testing using manual methods is quite important. Almost all the e-commerce and game developers use manual testers to make sure that their app or site is working as per the convenience of the public and not causing any bug during use.How does one go about doing manual tests?Testing for a software bug manually is a cumbersome task. It needs to be done with immaculate accuracy and has to be very robust. Doing it with lack of agility would yield bad results and do away with the very foundation of having manual tests for the software.Even though the testing procedure is fabricated specifically for the software to be tested, there are some general guidelines that give you the basic framework of such a test.Some of the steps or stages that are included in a manual test procedure are: Selecting a test plan: This is the most basic step and is done in almost all the manual tests that are done. A proper test plan is needed in order to properly execute the manual testing technique and get results. The requirements like the number of people required, computers needed and software licenses are determined and acquired for the same. Creating a test guide: A detailed guide for the tester is created by the software developers detailing all the steps that need to be followed in order to get the required results. Furthermore, the expected outcome of each of the action is also given so that the tester can verify. Assigning testers: Testers are sought and assigned the tasks. They get to work and complete the task manually within their stipulated time and send the results to the developer. Test Report: A report of the test is created by analyzing all the inputs of the testers. The report is read by the managers and developers and they decide whether or not the app is ready for commercial release. If there are issues, then the developers identify the root cause of the issues and then get to work on them and debug the app or software. Hire experts for manual tests:Even though the process seems quite simple, the work involved is not as simple as you think it to be. Thus, the requirement of expert testers who have experience and expertise in software is high. The experts are able to follow the steps more accurately and deliver better results.A web Development Company always keeps a few testers around for doing manual tests on their newly created apps and software and even websites. If you’re getting your app or software made from these companies, then you don’t have to worry about the testing phases. However, if you’re using freelance developers or developing the app yourself, then you should actually look for some trustworthy and experienced testers who can actually help you out in the process.So, make sure all software and apps developed are tested by manual testers before coming out into the market in order to make sure that less number of bugs are encountered by the users. However, do note that apps will always have some bug or the other and thus, constant improvement of the software or the app is needed at all times.

Precisely how can a web page design boost your small Business?
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You must have heard many people say that an attractive and well defined web design is very important for business. If you’re a small business owner, then you must have also heard that website design is one of the key factors for boosting your business and making a mark in the digital world. But, how does that happen? How can a web page design boost your business? Let us find out for we got some answers for you.Boosting your business with attractive web design:Whenever you set up your small business on the internet, the first obstacle that you face is getting traffic to your site or your e-store. This challenge is the toughest one as this defines whether your business will run or fail. In order to overcome this challenge, an attractive web design can really help. Moreover, building apps for your company by hiring an App Design Company can also help as the mobile market has grown manifold in the past few years.Let us find out some of the ways in which a web design can influence your business and help in boosting it. After you’ve gone through these points, we are sure that you’ll be looking to hire web designer for getting the best possible site for your business.Attractive Web Design is good looking: As the heading says, an attractive thing is attractive because it attracts people. If your website is dull and has only text, you cannot expect people to drop by and navigate. However, if you hire a wonderful Web Designing Company and explain all your requirements to them, then they will create a template suitable for your site that will attract people and help you increase your reach.Web Design can bring out the essence of your small business: The design of the website is a key indicator of the nature of the business. A site related to medicines will never have colorful and funky themes, while a site selling clothes is colorful and attractive. Thus, choosing the correct web page design will tell your customers much more than the text inside and if you can get the design right, you will surely make a lot of new customers.Attractive web design can get you more organic traffic: If your website looks good and people enjoy browsing your site, then they are more likely to refer your website to their friends and the chain goes on. In this way, you can generate a lot of organic traffic without having to pay for the marketing of your site and this is certainly a great way to boost your business.Get the best web page designs with ARKA Softwares:We, at ARKA, have a strong team of designers who understand the current market needs. We are a well-known Info Graphic Design Company with a lot of experience in global digital market. Our experts have handled projects from all over the globe including the USA, UK, UAE, South Africa, Australia and India. With over 400 projects completed in just 5 years of business, we are the fastest growing Custom Web Design Company with a portfolio to die for.So, if you need to get the best web design for your site, then you can contact us through our website or visit us at our offices in India and the USA.

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