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Stress Management tips for the Talented Developers
Stress management

Stress is common in today’s world. All professionals, be it Government Officials, MNC Professionals, engineers, doctors, etc. suffer from stress issues as the jobs are getting more and more demanding with each passing day and people are suffering from lifestyle issues as well as health issues which adds up to their stress.Stress and Web Development:Just like in any other profession, there is a lot of stress in the profession of web development and app development too. People who are talented coders spend a lot of their time in front of the computers, trying to fix bugs, create new things and come up with app and website ideas that would shock the world.However, all this toiling takes a toll on their health and it is said that most of the coders suffer from eye problems, have migraine and headache issues and also suffer from depression and loneliness. The reason is the fact that developers often sit alone and keep doing their work and have a very limited social life. Due to this, their life feels lonely and they sometimes end up getting depressed. These facts were presented by a prominent provider of Web Development Services in USA when they surveyed their own firm to find a reason for the drop in their productivity.Furthermore, the stress from failing to run a successful code or launching a good app is another factor that adds to their woes. Lastly, the growing competition in the sector has increased the amount of stress felt by the developers and now it is high time that developers take some stress management tips, said the report of a well-established Website Development Company in USA.Stress Management for the Developers:Even though stress management exercise depends on the person and the way different things affect him, but here are a few simple stress management tips for the app and web developers that will help them work well:Take frequent breaks: Coding requires a lot of concentration and sitting in front of the computer for long hours. Such exercise can increase physical and mental stress and thus, one should take breaks every once in an hour in order to just loosen their mind and get back to work with a new energy. Walk around your cabin, grab a cup of coffee or just close your eyes and relax for about 5 mins after every hour of rigorous work and you will feel a lot less tired than you usually are. Make workplans and stick to them: Making work plans is not an issue, sticking with it is. Most of us just create a plan of action when going into a new project and mostly we fail to keep up with the plan and in the end, we stress out ourselves trying to complete it at the last minute. It is very important to avoid such behavior if you want to stay healthy and stress free and now that you know the importance of work plan, it is highly recommended that you stick to it. Yoga and Meditation: Since the competition in the field is very high, not getting stressed out is nearly impossible. However, if you use yoga and meditation, then you can easily fight the stress and keep your mind calm and cool. Meditation allows you to channelize your positive energy and yoga keeps your body as well as your mind fit. So, indulge in these activities and keep yourself fresh and healthy.

PHP 5.4.45 Released: What’s in store for the developers??
PHP 5.4

PHP is one of the most widely used server side scripting technique by the web developers. According to a Website Development Company in USA, PHP is used in as much as 30% of the total websites that are on the web and most of the servers also use PHP for their working.The history of PHP:Initially developed as web development platform, PHP has grown as a general purpose language for programming purposes. The project was started by Mr. Rasmus Lerdoff, who came up with the first version of the platform in 1995. Ever since, the community involved with the development of PHP has grown and the platform is now being maintained by the PHP Group.The historical development of PHP went through a lot of phases in order to make it what it is today. People from all over the globe have connected themselves with the PHP group in order to give their contribution to the development and upkeep of the platform and its availability for free.The current version of PHP in the market is 5.6.13. The version was launched in September 2015 and brings many new features to the world of PHP development. However, according to a PHP Development Company in USA, the most widely used version of PHP till today is version 5.4. This version of the platform was introduced a few years ago and due to the internet boom, most of the sites made during that time were based on that version of PHP.So, the version in spotlight of our current topic is the release of 5.4.45, which is primarily a security based update to the current 5.4 platform. In the official notification released by PHP, the latest patch is meant to add the security features and it might be the last version launched in the 5.4 family as they are urging the developer to use the next gen versions and asking them to upgrade their current setups to the new versions of PHP.Additions made by the launch of PHP Version 5.4.45The latest launch in the 5.4 line of PHP has seen quite a few changes, especially when it comes to the security features. Some prominent additions brought into light by a firm providing Web Development Services in UAE are:Fixed a security bug with #70350 that allowed for directory traversal using ZipArchive. XSLT bug NULL Pointer Dereference was fixed. In SPL, bug #70365 and #70366 were fixed which were causing vulnerability in serial code archive. SOAP bug #70388 was fixed that dealt with Function call confusion issues. Core bugs #70172 and #70219 were fixed that dealt with the stability of the platform. Other than these, there were changes in the EXIF, Hash and PCRE sections of the PHP program.These security issues were thoroughly addressed and a notification was released on the official website that urged all the website developers and designers to incorporate the latest 5.4.45 version to their sites in order to make them safer. Also, the notification further stated that the release might be the last one for 5.4 line of PHP and the developers were asked to try and upgrade to the newer stable versions of PHP which are far better and have much more features than 5.4.With so many uses of PHP, the Web Development Companies are positive about the continued usage of PHP. Other platforms do not offer as much flexibility and ease of access as PHP and it will be interesting to see how the new version allows the developers to make the web apps and websites more secure for their users. Also, the performance of the current version will also tell whether there is a need for another security patch version for the 5.4 lineage of PHP.So, keep yourself updated with the latest happenings in the world of PHP and understand the intricacies under which the platform works.

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