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How to Verify Your App on Window 10 Ready
microsoft app development
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Introduction Window 10 is the most compatible version of Microsoft OS. The new Window 10 Ready is the resource for independent app developers who want to perform their apps on Window OS; the Microsoft application development authority facilitates you at providing a Window app certification kit that checks the stability, compatibility; performance and reliability while verifying your third-party application on the Window platform. For the Window 10 Ready, your app should comprise following requirement during the verification- 1. Compatible and Durable App Microsoft will allow your app in the terms of compatibility and flexibility on the Window 10; whether you prefer Window 10 Ready. The following points must be adaptable when verifying the app on Window 10 Ready OS-When your app in process on Window 10 Ready, it must not depend on Window compatibility solutions like AppHelp message, VB6 runtime, compatibility modes etc.; means your app should use its built-up fixes. The application must be aware of DPI; therefore it has to use assembly manifest rather than SetProcessDPIAware. Microsoft will certify your app if it has compatibility manifest and appropriate GUIDs. The application should not use arbitrary DLLs to interrupt Window32 calls also should not use Microsoft or Window NT or Window AppInit dills.2.      Supporting Window Security Microsoft certifies your app support Window 10 security\privacy features to manage the reliability of Window OS. Some of the security features your app must execute are-Window 10 offers APTCA security feature that should not be used by your third-party app while ensuring secure accessibility. Your application has to compiled with /SafeSEH flag (to safe exceptions handling), /NXCOMPAT flag (to prevent data execution) and DYNAMICBASE flag (to address space layout randomization). For Window 10 verification the application should use strong ACLs to secure directories and register keys.3.     Fresh and Permutable Installation Microsoft wants your app to manage according to the customer usability; likewise, the application must follow these important factors-The app what you want to practice for Microsoft web development platform, has to provide the complete information of itself to the Window 10 inventory/telemetry tools. Whether you have not MSI installer then the installation module have to fill given registry fields while installing- DisplayName Publisher InstallLocation UninstallString VersionMajor and VersionMinor MajorVersion and MinorVersion An app should not come about the reasons to make the window system for restarting forcibly. In any critical situation, users should get the chance to restart the system afterward.4.     Digital Signing the Files & DriversFor verifying your app it needs to generate a digital signature by the application whether it will be helpful to detect the virus or software authenticity. It should also provide an indicative and system-audit log system in the case of failing the Kernel module. Your app must provide an Authenticode certificate to sign the files like .sys, .ocx, .exe and .drv etc. Whatever Kernel-mode drivers are installed by your app, that all have to generate an MS signature which attained through the WHCP (window hardware certification program).5.     Pursuing User Account Control InstructionThe app should provide a manifest administrator that identifies the execution levels and suggests the Window 10 OS what licenses are needed to run the app. The Manifest administrative features should be executed in a split process that runs with administrative opportunity. The MS waiver demands the application to run their main process with prominent user’s rights. Users should feel a secure and reliable experience with default installation whether managing the installation of the application in the location of their preference.Summary As you know that an app development company and developer want their app to perform on various platforms like Android, iOS and Window OS. Whether we are talking about Window 10 Ready then it must be considered that Microsoft approves the application as per the requirements the app fulfills from top to bottom. Therefore Microsoft manages many certification tools and services to ensure the app which going to run on the Window framework. A verified application can get more advanced features and instant services on Window 10 Ready.ARKA Softwares is full grown company in the field of mobile and web development; we focus on each preference of customers what they needs or for what they are willing. We specialize in Android development, .Net development and several technology services. You can deal with us whether you are planning for your new project. To know more about our services, mail at – sales@arkasoftwares.com

Java or .Net-Which Framework is better in 2018
web development

 Introduction Many software frameworks have surfaced over throughout world to develop and enhance the large-scale applications. Java and .NET are two of them; both are major technologies to support the desktop and server-side application. Now the question comes up what is better to choose or what is much ideal for developers in 2018? Generally, if we speak about Java and. NET both are different from each other in some ways; besides both languages have own programming method so it is not easy to choose what should be adaptable to your project. Whether you can choose one out of both in the next year comparing some important features and services that we are discussing here – ·  Technical Comparison between Java and .NET Coming across the technology features of both framework you can recognize your preference on the basis of your knowledge and proficiency of one out of both frameworks. Have a glance at the technical compatibility of Java and.NET-Java:Java supports Clojure, Groovy, Scala, PHP, Ruby, Python, JavaScript and many others programming languages. Web service support in Java- Add-on Java performs on JUnit for unit testing and JSF(Java Server faces) for Web Server Scripting. Data is accessed in Java by JDBC (Java Database Connectivity). Java is compatible with any operating system and Web Application Framework in Java is “Spring”. Server components are EJBs and the GUI components are JavaBeans. Java uses JVM (Java Virtual Machine) to Runtime process.Dot Net:Dot Net supports C#, VB.NET, C++, NET, PHP, Ruby, Python and other programming languages. Web server – Built-in For unit testing, it supports Microsoft Unit Testing Framework, NUnit and for Web Server Scripting it uses NET development services. In dot Net, Data is accessed by ADO.NET & OLeDB. It works on Window operating system and the Web Application framework is ASP.NET MVC and Spring.NET. Server components are NET and COM whereas GUI components are .NET Class. .Net works at CLR (Common Language Runtime) to Runtime process and HTTP engine is IIS.·  Functional Similarities and Differences You can pick up one on the basis of technology features and compatibility discussed above, but we have more characteristics of both that can make you ease for choosing better framework rather than another to your projects in 2018-SimilaritiesObject-Oriented frameworks: - You can use all functionalities of oops like inheritance, polymorphism, classes, string, and encapsulation etc in your application/web development using both languages because it makes your code more modular and flexible for your project. The Range of Target Platforms: - Both frameworks are compatible with the web, desktop window, and mobile app development. .Net is used to manufacture window programming like websites and application whereas Java performed to develop Android applications. Web Services Integration: - Both languages have capabilities to fabricate integrated web services like building Window/Android applications more extensible and interoperable; furthermore alike components and features of Java and .NET provide a typical method for accessing the database, scripting web pages and handling messages etc. DifferencesInterpretation and Compilation: - .NET project code is performed and executed on the operating system on which it was compiled whereas Java code is made in interpreted manner means isn’t modified to machine language. It is helpful for better performance of C# language. Data types Keywords: - To define the data types of both frameworks different keywords are used; e.g. “Boolean” for Java and “bool” for .NET and “const” in Java but “read-only'' in.NET. LINQ: - LINQ allows developers to ask quires using the code directly whereas Java has no LINQ feature to deploy.· Which is better between the Two? The following points will definitely give you the first sight to select much better thing to your future projects; so going through the factors you can able to choose better one in 2018-More devices can run Java (Android and Linux) rather than.NET. Java is open source framework whereas .NET needs Window license. Microsoft does not support Cloud, IoT, and big data but Java does. Java training is less costly where for .NET you have to pay too much. Java provides independent platforms opposed to .NET. Java language is used to develop the native application but NET application development is a single solution on the server-side platform.Summary Java and .NET both are the major frameworks to develop software but the important thing is what is better for your project; besides, it is no longer tough now to select one if you compare both going through the above study. The upcoming year 2018 will bring more new technologies with new aspects and what from Java and .NET will enhance the IT world; only you can decide this as per your preference and requirements.ARKA Softwares is full-fledged mobile app Development Company; we concentrate on each inclination of customers what they needs or for what they are willing. We specialize in Android development, .Net development and several technology services. You can deal with us whether you are planning for your new project. To know more about our services, mail at – sales@arkasoftwares.com

How Much It Cost for Development and Maintenance of E-commerce Website
eCommerce development company

Introduction Many e-commerce websites exist in the online market, but have you ever wondered how much cost and strategic analysis it has done during the pre-production and shaping of the website? You may have never given it a thought but they if your business is ready to add the ‘e’ to the commerce then this article is a must read. This article will help you acquire sufficient material to know answers to your each query.Determining the proper outlines, technologies and economic resource that all are required while designing an ecommerce framework are important to be taken care during the pre-production of the e-commerce platform. In this article we cover up few highlighter of cost and strategic analysis that will be helpful by all means for your future website development project or maintenance of your online business- 1. Platform design For designing the e-commerce platform like WooCommerce and Magento you need to include many extensions and modules; you may even have to pay up to $250 - $500 to buy or download those online. And that’s not it because cost highly depends on the required services and other aspects. So if you have a mindset on the basic design configuration then it can cost you around $5000. You can consult your project with experts but charges are high, not every business is ready to afford hour approx $10 to $100 individually. 2. Website Design Online retailers need customer’s attention so they can gain huge traffic on the website; therefore they spend money on making the website much attractive and interactive to attract customers or visitors. They include good quality of graphics and animation and highly usable services in their commercial website. If you want to optimize maintenance of your website functionality and interface you can pick up or download convenient themes and templates online. As it’s not a freemium service you have to pay amount of minimum $250 ranging to $1000 or more depending on the kind of development you are seeking. 3. Content development Among the ecommerce development services, an insightful content is a superlative formula to offer perceptive information on the website to the customers; additionally, you need to update a regular blog on your e-commerce site. You can hire an SEO executive to provide your site the best reach in the online market; therefore you will be charged approx $50 - $100 hourly. For the best content or blog development, you might be charged on basis of per word. It is important for the elemental SEO process so they can manage your website as per the marketing demands. 4. Website Hosting If you compare web hosting price according to the size of the website then you will encounter different costs at the SaaS platforms. For a small online store, the price of web hosting may vary from $20- $250 inclusive of the limited services in the package. Many hosting provider platforms offer various plan into their package services; thus whether you are planning for the large scalable online business or just starting out the cost is directly proportional to your needs of web hosting in accordance to your business site. Overall Cost Estimation While deducing a relevant cost figure for e-commerce website manufacturing; we got an outline to each step of development and along with this we also calculated the various mechanized charges. Here, we are revealing an overall average cost of a commercial site design and maintenance. It would be helpful for an e-commerce development company and developers to reconsider the elements of business sites with respect to the expenses -If you are favoring an open source software for your small online store or just starting out then you have to spend approx $2k to $11k overall. This cost estimation is provided on the basis of popular hosted platforms. For a medium online store, you may have to pay approx $5k to $15k for complete manufacturing of the website. The price might increase up to $30k, increasing as per the requirement of existing services. It will cost you $30k to $400k completely for the large ecommerce business site. Besides, you must know the extra expenses while preferring the large scale of commercial business.Summary An entrepreneur or a startup should never lose focus on the cost factor. One must always keeps in mind the cost estimation of a website design according to the realistic resources. It is even more mandatory for the small businesses with minimal resources. Also to through some light on the subject, if you hire ecommerce developer from India it would be much cost effective to your website development inclusive of with best services.

Reasons Why You Should Develop Apps for Android rather than iOS
mobile app development
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Introduction Nowadays we use different type of the operating systems which are running our mobile devices; simultaneously a mobile app development company always has a preference for the platform that offers more resources, easy compatibility, and great career possibilities. So, in that case, the mobile companies are favoring mostly Android rather than iOS development. But not only career possibilities are to blamed about the preference given to android, considering the following points- · Android Studio vs. iOS Tools If you are planning to develop a mobile app then what operating system you will prefer? Give it a thought for a sec; obviously, you would like to go with the platform which provides mature and easy to employ development tools. Without a doubt, Android Studio has become a synonym for it lately. You can bear in mind the given objects of both frameworks to know how Android Studio is better than iOS-Android Studio is an official IDE that supplies faster and more efficient tools for Android development services. A developer can easily set up a new project for different types of applications. Some important features of Android Studio are-Live layout editor with immediate layout rendering Gradle-based build system Supports app development for other devices like wearable device, TV and the rest. A layout preview on multiple display configurationiOS provides the Xcode IDE for app development. It is an amazing platform for many specific tools and attributes. Features of iOS are-iPhone, Mac OSX, iWatch apps can be manufactured only on the Xcode. It has a newer swift programming language that makes the training process easy. It provides personal managing directories’ hierarchy to the developers.Read more:- ABOUT ASTONISHING iPhone 8 UPDATE: RUMORS & TRUTH · Hardware Compatibility Android Studio is also friendly with many other operating systems like Window, Linux, and Mac book; likewise, an Android developer is always flexible while using Android Studio on window OS X, Linux or Mac book.If we consider iOS then the Xcode operating system is flexible only with Mac system/machines. You need to arrange Mac computer or device to develop iOS apps because you cannot manufacture iOS apps on others operating system. · Code Understanding Android Studio gives more freedom to developers so they can find various different solutions for custom or native coding. Many other things like Intents, broadcast receiver and back service etc helps Android experts to recognize the deep coding of development.iOS provides off limited flexibility; so for the iOS developers, they have to follow the standard rules such as specific short key execution, drag and drop screen interface and so on. · Membership Subscription Android system charges an affordable cost to subscribe for membership. It will charge you approx $25 to publish an Android application.In another side, iOS will charge you more dollars to subscribe Apple's membership. You may have to pay around $100 a year that could be expensive for freelancer or startups.  Outline In a nutshell, Android system has an upper hand over iOS because of much provided handiness to mobile app developers. Android system might take more time to master in developing but the intricacy helps you to be perfect and confident in coding. As a result of this, you should choose the well-approached framework that easily fits  your preference.ARKA Softwares is the best Android app development company in the US. ARKA offers much preferable development services to the client/customers and the company always reaches the requirements for what the customers are dealing with. If you need to manufacture a mobile app, you can get more details of our services. Mail us at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

‘Doctor on Demand’ Mobile App Development: Cost and Features
healthcare web development
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Introduction There are many healthcare mobile applications leveraging the best of the medical services. Thousands of patients have been served with reliable healthcare/medical services via their Smartphone instantly. The applications not only cut out the long waiting line to see a doctor , but these also help you read and deliver reviews on their medical services. Apps like ‘doctor on-demand’ are a modest effort to simplify medical care. Consequently, healthcare web development companies are also conceiving new ideas for these apps upgrading them with utilitarian and desirable features. Features of Doctor on-Demand App Built for doctor and patient both; the app features are separated here considering the utility of the app for both users with features for admin panel particularly. Let’s have a glance at few significant features of this application-Patient Section FeaturesAppointment:The patients can book the appointment date and time by operating application, they are able to search the preferable doctor near their location at suitable time; furthermore, patients get a calendar service, so they ensure the doctor’s availability date to date. It also facilitates the patients to track the doctor according to the immediacy.Cloud Based Medical record:Patients get an e-Medical record service that will be useful to share health integrated documents with the doctor; It could be helpful for further treatment and others official process. The section also provides accurate maintenance and security of the documents.Better Interaction:A patient can personally be in touch with the medical specialist through chat-box service; moreover, she/he can discuss with the doctor making a call through the application. It makes it easy for the paitent to find out the information, reports and new updates quickly. A live video session also helpful when the patients want to express their health issues to the doctor.E-Billing:Patients will be able to have bill through in-app payment service. It is faster, secure and easy to process; thus they can experience the flawless payment gateway.Doctor Section FeaturesDoctor SpecificationsThis field adds the complete detail of the doctor like name, address, contact number, photograph and specialization in the field. If any customer/patient needs to know more about her/him, they can ask via this portal.Better work managementDoctors can check their patient appointment and confirm appointment accordingly; they are also able to cancel a particular appointment in the case of unavailability.Online PrescriptionA doctor can prescript online to treat common disease like cold, fever etc.; in the major condition, the doctor can go to the live video consulting with patients seeing more serious problems. Admin SectionMedical recordsIt includes complete detail of patients, their medical history, and other medical reports. It makes it simple for doctor to see a medical history of a person before examining him/her.ManagingProvides a complete list of doctors in patient’s zip location or in other location; besides, adds the category of experts according to the expertise field, so the customer can find the preferred physician easily.Store patient’s reports, medical treatment history and also generates the information of patients whenever required. Manage the details of doctors and can publicize that additionally. Consists of marketing tools like SEO tools, loyalty system. Coupon Codes etc.Manufacturing costs of a doctor on-demand app The expenditure of doctor on-demand app development completely depends on the kind of functionality and services what you need to add in your app. However you can estimate the manufacturing charges for the best healthcare website design or app development going to the approximates values in various domains-Developers/Designers in the US may charge you $50 - $250 hourly. Developers of Europe will charge you approx $30-$150 per hour. India based developers may give you some afford; they may charge you $10 - $80 per hour.Other technical charges with limited features on Android platform across the world-Technical documentation- $1k - $2k for 40 hours Front - end, back – end development- $10k - $20k for 400 hours MVP testing- $2k - $4k for 80 hoursSummary Doctor-on-demand app is a great application which seems to provide seamless solutions to the patients and doctors. The manufacture of this service is approaching healthcare website development too ahead; patients/doctors can experience the thing on doctor on-demand website. In the challenging time of the healthcare industry, this app/website may be a boon.

Cost and Time Evaluation for Developing Bitcoin Mobile App
mobile app development

Introduction The evolution of the financial business has opened doors for various new digital technologies; Cryptocurrency is one of them. The virtual currency regulating the economic trend at present and seems to run for long time in the future. Bitcoin, the very trendy example of digital currency. You can experience this technology customizing a Bitcoin mobile application, but a mobile app development company need to know the proper strategies and time while developing a Bitcoin mobile app. What technical needs and how much cost and time the developing process consume; you can figure out through the given study- 1. Blockchain Technical needsThis is a mobile app that provides Bitcoin wallet available for Android and iOS. You can download it from Google play store easily, even though the application works on Window, Mac, and Linux. It is also called hybrid app because it stores Bitcoins online. It is also moderately hard to make payment. To manufacture of this app, developers require mostly Java to create backend service but sometimes they prefer Clojure and Node for backend design whereas AngularJS is used for frontend part. For designing Blockchain website, designers need AngularJS, NPM, BitcoinJS, and Bootstrap etc. APIs for various languages code Python, Java, PHP, Ruby and.Net and so on.Cost and Time EstimationDevelopment cost for Android - $27 500 Development cost for iOS - $25 000 Website designing cost - $5000 Designing cost - $7500 Backend development - $10 000 The total cost including other operating expenses- $79k approximately. It may consume approx 550 hours of Android-based working whereas it will consume approx 500 hours for iOS development.2.     Coinbase Technical needsThe second most popular Bitcoin app which is leading mobile app development services over the entire world. It is available for Android and iOS and you can access it through web browsers too. For the Coinbase - based services, developers are using several technologies and language code; they are combining Ruby, MongoDB, Node.JS, Swift (iOS) and Java (Android) etc. For APIs and SDK you need to use some important elements like user and story management, Blockchain notification; therefore you can use some basic tools Google API, EDS, AWS, and others.Cost and Time EstimationDevelopment cost for Android - $35 000 Development cost for iOS – $30 000 Website designing cost - $5000 Backend development - $10 000 Designing cost - $7500 The total cost including other operating expenses- $91k - $92k approximately. For Android-based app manufacturing, it will take approx 700 hours for complete task whereas for iOS it may consume 600 hours.3.     BitcoinJBitcoinJ is available only for Android system, still has the strong position in the market. In the manner, this application downloaded by 1million users on Google play store. This app provides open source services, so anyone can use it for their business purpose. In some case, it is little different from other Bitcoin wallet apps. If you want to develop wallet app, you need to pick up BitcoinJ API and REST API. It is performed in java but developers can use others JVM friendly code language implementing other like C++, javascript, Ruby, and python etc.Cost and Time EstimationDevelopment cost for Android - $27 000 Development cost for iOS – $22 500 Website designing cost - $5000 Backend development - $10 000 Designing cost - $7500 The total cost including other operating expenses- $76k approximately. For BitcoinJ Cryptocurrency, Android-based app development takes approx 550 hours whereas for iOS it may consume 450 hours.Summary This completely depends on your choice what services and tools you want to add in your Bitcoin application; picking your preferences you have to pay the much and more dollars how much it needs for developing the app. You can see the total estimation from the above study; approx $76k to $100k dollars will be charged if you are planning on a Bitcoin app development. Therefore you need to discuss the experts or developers to find the better outlines and mobile app solutions. Hopes, the case study would be helpful to get accurate and unique ideas.

Role of IT in healthcare industry of 2018
healthcare website development

Introduction Every country is spending large sum of money in improving its healthcare services to achieve easy and greater life with an efficient and economic technology to reduce the excessive health obstructions. Information technology is changing the trend providing more automatic and competent healthcare web development services. The new IT trends that will boost up the healthcare industry in 2018, are- · Cloud Technology in Healthcare Industry Cloud computing is a vital tool for any medical service and it is much accessible to both doctor and patient. In future, this technology will grow with more data storage challenges in the healthcare industry. Doctors will be able to record more patient information/data on the cloud system and will connect to the patient any time with cloud access. Some important variations of cloud system which could boost healthcare services in 2018-Cloud will provide much and better possibilities to grip big data at low cost. A big amount of data information will be analyzed cautiously without the occurrence of any error. A scientist can research the big data storage faster and can transform the information among laborites. In the case of adversity, cloud helps doctors providing necessary information and real-time guidance through the transmission system.· AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Healthcare Industry AI has revolutionized the healthcare services for the patients and doctors; besides, this technology is presenting best healthcare website design with maximum optimization so ,you can see more innovative factors of AI in 2018, some new factors of AI are below-You can collect data, store data, trace data and normalize data of medical records with Artificial Intelligence. Doctors will be able to combine data attribute of patients and make a plan for treatment. There are many mHealth (mobile health) applications that could boost the healthcare services with AI. You can see more improvement in medical/clinical documentation in the upcoming year.· Robotic Healthcare Services In the Medicare field, robotic treatment and surgery are in the high demand. The robot system provides 3-D visual effect and 10-fold magnification; the thing is very helpful in the major step of any surgical process/treatment. Some important factors are below which can advance the robotic technology for healthcare-Quicker recovery and pain reduction Improvement in robot-assistant system More magnified tools for complex surgery Enhancement in robotic instrument’s flexibility· IoT – Enabled healthcare Services In 2017, IoT applications accelerated the healthcare industry with novel approaches. At present this technology is vastly emerging the mobile app healthcare services with several changes and it is expected “The Internet of Things” will improve with much digital transformation in 2018. You can serve IoT with advance key components. Which are-This can be helpful for giving peace of mind to patients. IoT will enable patients and doctors for home monitoring with full independence. This can help doctors to remember the right medicine with a proper dose of the patient.· BlockChain Healthcare Services The blockchain is the significant future of Healthcare industry. This latest technology providing advancement in big data schedule and storage and it is also considered as a resourceful service that increases the security of medical records and information. Obviously, Blockchain will offer a more important strategic source for healthcare organizations in the next year. Outline We glimpsed much IT transformation in the healthcare industry; now we expect to see more than probabilities in the future. The evolution of IT is exploding the physical and digital world in the healthcare organization and it is entwining the digital technology with healthcare services. The connection between human and technology will produce more collective and creative thinking and better digitalization experience in healthcare services in 2018.ARKA Softwares provides effective and channelized services with healthcare website development. The developer team produces an ultimate result with any web or application development process as well our experts suggest well-scoped services with any technology work. For more details of our services, mail at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

Top Android Development Trends in 2018
mobile app development

Introduction We all are much tech-conscious than ever before. We are about to enter in the year 2018, and it also, just like previous year promises a prosperous app development year. Various mobile platforms have emerged in the IT industry but what catches the eye of any mobile app development company is the hold of Android. Android has changed the mobile application development methodology in few past years and here we are again to welcome Android App Development trends 2018 - 1. AI &Machine Learning in Android Development Machine learning empowers any android app to recognize complex prototypes. In 2018, the technology will attract users to more innovative patterns with AI (Artificial Intelligence). In the coming year, we would be exploring various verticals of AI, some of which are-Deep learning Theory: It is a neural network which imitates the human brain. You are likely to see deeper neural network design in 2018. Capsule Network: It is a new form of deep neural networks; it helps to maintain the hierarchical relationships. You will be able to use the Capsule network widely in neural network architectures. Lean and Augmented Data learning: With the help of this technology, you can present broad problems. You can expect extra variations of this technology in the upcoming year. Hybrid Learning Model: Different neural networks such are GANs and DRL, have shown great performance with several types of data. It is expected to see deeper hybrid learning model in Android development in the next year. Automated machine learning: AutoML enables business clients to develop machine learning model for their business application without any complex programming environment. You could see more business AutoML packages and integration in Android development in next year.2. IoT in Android Development IoT (Internet of Things) is spreading all over the world and it continues to reshape the Android app development in 2018. In a very short time, technology has bound billions of mobile devices/Smartphone and we are always hunting for what new has evolved in the tech-market. 2018 is all set to bring new phenomenon in Android development in the next year-The Upcoming Business apps with IoT sensor More accessible healthcare apps using IoT New network security in Android apps Big data for Android applications3. Google’s Accelerated Mobile pages Accelerated mobile pages provide a remote search index for any android application page. It helps mobile applications to load faster and it reduces bounce rate. In 2018, AMP will be beneficial with some changes and improvements, that are-Higher CTR High page ranking Easy visitor study Mobile searching Index Less migration effort4. Android Native Apps Native apps work like websites, so in the upcoming year, Android native/instant applications can attract more customers with much convenience effects. You can take the advantages of such apps without installation. In the upcoming year, Android native apps can be useful in the following manner-You will be able to access the application easily by installing on your device. You can share the native app to another device simply. Android instant app will be compatible with the all Android version. You will get more space on your smart device with the Android native applications.5. Cloud-based Android Apps Cloud technology has become much easier and faster to access data without any burden effort; therefore, Android experts are focusing on more cloud driven apps. You can see cloud service with some new trends in 2018 while developing an Android app. The new trends are-More data security for commercial business/enterprises Online cloud apps like Dropbox, Google Drive etc will provide more data space with Android system Data streaming (Audio/Video, online gaming etc) can be more flexible on cloud driven applications Web browsing will quicker and trouble-free on Android smart devices Outline According to the statics, 75%-80% mobile app developers prefer to work for Android as opposed to any other operating system. Android system has become more and much popular platform for Smartphone and other smart devices. So in the manner, if you need to develop a mobile application, you should choose the Android framework for manufacturing.ARKA Software is the best Android app development company in the US. We specialize in Android development and our expert team always focuses on the customer’s preferences. We have smooth teamwork; therefore, we pick up the skilled and proficient developer for our team. For more details of ARKA's services, mail at – sales@arkasoftwares.com

Top Healthcare Apps for Fitness and To Keep Healthy
mobile app development

Introduction Everybody wants to be physically active and fit; therefore, she/he makes many efforts like joining gym, walking and running or Yoga classes etc. But distress occurs when you cannot achieve desired results, sometimes things even take you under depression. It happens because of irregularity, choosing wrong exercises, uncertain food cycle, and other reasons. Whether you are worried about bad health or fitness is your prime goal, the healthcare web development companies have a better solution with some healthcare mobile apps which offer you a practical prospectus with some ideas and guidelines- ARE HEALTHCARE WEBSITES AND APPS BENEFICIAL FOR PATIENTS? 1. MyFitnessPal MyfitnessPal is a free healthcare mobile application. It includes fitness features like Calorie counter, barcode nutrition scanner, and recipe importer etc. It supports on both platforms Android and iOS. The app is easy to go even when you do not have enough time; it helps you manage your fitness schedule, food system, and daily exercises. The fitness app calculates your daily running, calorie burning and it recommends food plans for you accordingly. The interesting feature to appreciate in the application is that you can follow your friends and see their fitness schedule and meal recipes. 2. Sworkit Sworkit is a fitness training app that allows people to select the exercise according to them whether they want to follow Yoga, strength training, stretching or full body workout. People can set the own time period within they are going to do work out. With Sworkit Pro, you catch a perceptible announcement of each exercise so you can set your weekly/monthly goals. 3. Meditation Studio Meditation is one of the best healthcare applications that help in decreasing stress, reduce anxiety and headache. It is a well-designed app that gives user ease to use and provide an instinctive interface of any stage. The wide collection of meditation services see face off with many challenges; on the other hand, the app changed the life of the people who suffered from stress, depression, lack of confidence and insomnia. Meditation Studio has a good reach to some world’s best experts who suggest preeminent treatment and solutions. 4. Starva Strava is best healthcare mobile app for athletes. It is a social training app with its tracking ability and motivational things. Strava is a platform for a competitive community that interacts via mobile app healthcare services and knowledge; therefore, this app involves many experiences of a cyclist, runners, health trainers and Yoga teachers globally. You can evaluate your health & fitness practice using Starva and also you have a facility to compare your performance with other users. 5. Digifit iCardio Digifit iCardio is a heart care application and good thing is that this application works for both iOS and Android. An individual can connect it to heart rate monitor so she/he is able to track runs, ridings, and workouts. The app is very helpful for recording your heart rate, stamina, time consumption and your pace energy. If you are looking for real hard things to make you healthy and fit, then without any doubt you can plan with Digifit iCardio. HOW HEALTHCARE WEBSITES AND APPS ARE PROVING AS BENEFICIAL FOR PATIENTS? Outline We are surviving in a sedentary lifestyle where we are negligent of own body fitness and health. The systematic physical workout is beneficent at any age. Healthcare website development organizations are considering all circumstances and the developers are thinking deeply to produce sophisticated fitness apps which could be care and support anybody’s healthcare.ARKA software company is earning great position through providing better solutions for mobile app development. ARKA's developer teams make over the Android and iOS services in an excessive manner and the team is capable to design any type of mobile app. To reach us for more details on our services, mail us at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

Top eCommerce Web Design trends in 2018
ecommerce web designing

IntroductionToday’s scenario, keeping oneself alive in Technology Sea is difficult; we all need to accept the new trends emerging in the online world. With elevating parameters of ecommerce websites, ecommerce development companies are trying hard to stay one step ahead of the competition. One setting a plan for website development for an online store needs to recheck all perquisites of the new ecommerce trends, 2018.M commerceM commerce has ‘become a thing’, fast pacing in online market lane. Online shopping via mobile is going to explode the ecommerce industry in next few years and according to researchers, M commerce is destined to takeover Ecommerce. Amazon, eBay, Flipkart are the top commercial websites who have been visionaries by introducing mobile apps and are all set to break sells record in 2018.Interaction of Virtual-Reality VideoWe all witnessed the transitions in website development in 2017. For this term we all are ardent on delivering services on the online businesses in a creative manner. Yet it seems for the year 2018; the technology will introduce virtual-reality to the online market where all customers experience a virtual interaction happening with ecommerce websites. Web developer and designer by accessing the virtual-reality videos can lead to major elevations in the industry in the coming year.New Grid LayoutsIn 2018, Grid layouts will lead to new makeovers of website pages; the services will make one more accessible to product searching and easy navigation. The new design theory will allow more existing pages and neutral space that will encourage customers to spend a longer time visiting on business site.  We have already seen drastic changes it has brought in the online business industry but with the introduction of new grid Layouts in 2018, we can only imagine what new chapters it would add to ecommerce development services.AI and Machine LearningIn 2018, you will continue to see the explosion of AI (Artificial Intelligence). In addition, we will experience machine learning with extra capabilities like voice search and visual search and the rest. Google’s AI is making a higher approach to the people who are planning for ecommerce business and want to develop a commercial website. We can all look forward to AI and machine learning that will enhance retailer levels rapidly.VR & ARWith the series of new technologies, online business has become more practical and comparable. The VR (Virtual Reality) technology like Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear will draw more customers with in-store experiences. In the case of AR (Augmented Reality), the ecommerce app like Sephora is already offering better experience of product viewing with AR sense. Consequently, it will be interesting to reveal undiscovered dimensions of VR & AR use to draw customer attention of in 2018.SummaryWe can make number of predictions with respect to change in technology of 2018. Many innovative technologies including AI arrangements, AR&VR etc are interacting with ecommerce web services. Moreover, information investigations and related advances will turn into a permanent part anticipating web-based shopping patterns.If you wish to hire ecommerce developer, ARKA Softwares is the end of your search. ARKA Softwares is a responsible company, providing cutting-edge website development solutions. We fulfill your demands by adding your requested features to your ecommerce website, with our expert team always shooting for stars. For more details mail us at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

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