According to a study, almost 9 out of 10 apps don’t make it that long in the market and there are slightly fewer chances for you to survive the competition either.

Let’s point out one fact that among 1.5 million apps that are already available on play store, do you seriously think that only you have got an “idea”?

I’m afraid not; there are billions of people in this world and tons of billions of ideas are born every minute, what is so special about you?

Failure has more odds than success, that is why there is an old saying that, “Fall seven times, come back up on eight”!

See, that clearly meant that you are going to fail but not under my watch captain!

Mobile app development is an awfully tricky field to be in right now, the reason being people have many options to choose from and they are not willing to waste their precious time on stupid newcomer or a smart newcomer as well.

An app on play store gets at most a blink of an eye which leaves you a fraction of half a second to make an impression!

That is tough.

And it is even tougher to get the revenue or downloads out of it when it is almost impossible to get your app the eyeballs it deserves.

Well, imagine you have a nice house but it is located in an open field just south to Antarctica, and now you wait for the Ozone layer to start depleting there so that NASA guys can knock on your door and you would be able to crack a deal with them.

That’s exactly how it is if you run a mobile app development company in USA, the only difference is that in your case people have to have the craving for your website, the thirst which anybody else cannot quench.

Once you feel the rats of mediocrity eating you from the inside then only you can start to build something innovative or I shall rather say create something new.

Once you identify the problem and it’s solution as well not you will be facing the real challenge and i.e.

How to make my app famous?

In order to do that you need to eradicate the following mistakes;

  1. Not Much Research of The Target Audience.

Well if your app doesn’t suit the appetite of your target audience, they would eventually vomit.

  1. Cross Platform Incompatibility

e.g. not considering back button unavailability in iOS.

  1. The Agony to Wait

We all hate that loading part while watching a video, same goes for the website as well. And you surely do not want that to happen to you as well.

  1. Surface Tension

That is ironic! You need to hire mobile app developers who know their thing well. In-depth testing is needed if you want the target audience to not fall apart from you.

The Conclusion

“People Have Ideas, Only Thing They Lack is Implementation”.

Let the Ideas Roll!

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