DBMS (database management system) is very imperative and crucial process of SQL database administration. Microsoft’s SQL server is significant database system and it plays a vital role in a successful business by storing and retrieving data carefully. Further, in new updates of database migration, you will be able to fetch your SQL server database into the empty Azure SQL database. Now, the question arises that how effectively we can maintain this server? You can find right outputs for your query by going through following tips.

Take Inventory

At the instance of SQL server database management, most of the DBAs don’t have information about databases across the large and small businesses. It may lead to an unmanaged case within the database and DBA might lose track of the number of databases under the control. Those databases can’t be backed and updated and be missed on significant management to make them secure. Therefore, all DBAs ought to arrange an existing inventory of databases within powerful control. This thing can help them in consolidation and planning for the upgrade, scope, and projects.

Index Reorganization

We may have several downsides in SQL index reorganization, such as-

  • Not updated Index statistics
  • Not efficient when you make a huge fragmentation as it only reorganizes the leaf-level pages
  • The initial fill factor that utilized during index creation can’t be changed

In the index reorganization, we can make task online using minimal system resources that have been used during the formation of the index. Furthermore, you can follow these steps to get more benefits-

    1. You can make a test database to perform with one list and add some data leaving some values to fabricate larger fragmentation.
    2. You must check the index detail and you find that you are interested in fragmentation and last statistics update for the index.

Mobile-App-DevelopmentCreate Configurations Standard

When you have a frequently growing number of SQL orders and databases under your administer it might be very complicated to keep track of individual configuration details for the different order and also it may reduce your efficiency as you go between orders. So as an alternative, you should standardize configuration details as much as you can and further you need to embrace server configuration options, drive letters, security system, and database system and database maintenance.

 Identify Input/Output Subsystem

There are several factors relating to input/output subsystem can enhance SQL server functionality. Some of them are given here that you should – 

  1. I/O subsystem capacity should be able to stay with workload during the climax time as well as must have sufficient space for increasing data quantity.
  2. I/O subsystem capabilities are regard to RAID level and its capacity that work as split-mirror support in any form of replication at the subsystem level.
  3. I/O configuration comes to strips size, NTFS allocation units size and partition alignment.

System Security

You should spend some time in discovering for potential security problems. For resolving the problems you can go online for general SQL server concerns and solutions and you have to keep in mind for patching vulnerabilities in the system as those were found. 


You don’t need to write several customized solutions to produce good maintenance preparation. The above-discussed material can be useful to cover all necessary suggestions that can be utilized to enhance the maintenance setup that might save you from loads of troubles on SQL server.

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