If you are a PHP developer and looking for enhancing your coding skills then it’s important for you to be aware of Laravel developer’s toolkit.  Laravel framework is a widely used framework that works great for different kinds of the project whether you are making a website of small start-up or working for a big enterprise. The Entrepreneurial developers of Laravel community have created useful tools for Laravel experts. Few of those easy-to-use and important Laravel tools are mentioned below-

Eyewitness/Eye packing

 Laravel Eyewitness doesn’t require any configuration so it can be installed easily. Besides, you don’t need to write extra code to customize the application. The tools automatically start monitoring the queues, cron schedulers, SSL and DNS, email and many others out of the box things. There is no need to add cron schedule manually as the monitoring tool works thriving. Thus, the Eyewitness tool helps you to analyze many activities while creating an application on Laravel platform. Looking at the features of this tool, we can say that this is one of the greatest features of Laravel platform.


 It doesn’t matter if you are making a business website or mobile application, Talk tool should be on top of your most used tools. If you want to integrate chat feature into your website then add Talk into your development process. These days, most of the websites and applications require instant communication features, Talk works exactly for the same. Talk offers some great things like real-time messaging, messaging threading and both sender and receiver can delete shared messages instantly. Being a Laravel developer, you will find yourself comfortable using Talk tool on a frequent basis.

Laravel Test Tool

 Laravel test tool chrome extension is an easy-to-use and consistent tool for the coders. This tool can give you an impression of how your build up actually looks like, while you are busy writing code. The tool helps you detect the bugs in areas that are not functioning as they should. You would definitely like this tool for integrating into your Laravel web development.


Make sure you have console TV’s chart in your list. Most of the developers ignore this tool because they don’t find the appropriate chart for their project, but Laravel offers 100+ charts so you will definitely find something worth for your project. Besides, Laravel charts are flexible and these support the dozen of most popular charting libraries from the standard line and bar chart. Besides, Laravel comes with numerous kinds of charts so you can take this tool in your Laravel toolkits.

Laravel Cheat box

This tool is reliable and convenient to use so if you are creating your web app with the help of Laravel framework, you need to have this tool in your resource list. Laravel cheat box is a searchable list that can be viewed and used according to the theme. The cheat box includes configuration, routing and HTML builds. You can add this tool to your browser, and then the tool work perfectly.


There are hundreds of tools for Laravel developer so you need to choose tools as per your requirement. The tools mentioned above are tested, and powerful enough to enhance your development skills. Laravel is in high demand because of its high development speed and extension ability using different modules. So, the key motive to develop the Laravel framework is to make the code syntax less expensive and simpler for developers.

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