Ruby on Rails is considered as one of the top server-based frameworks that got an excellent potential for developing a web application. The ROR companies are frequently updating this framework with tons of resources and capabilities that come with best practices for getting bigger and better web development results for a long time. That may be only beginning and you could see good scalability and smooth performance in its new upcoming version prospectively. Nevertheless, we are discussing here some important features that might present ROR as much acceptable in upcoming time. Have a look at the given points-

1. Foreign Key Support

In ROR, the migration DSL has a strong support of integrating and eliminating the foreign keys. The foreign keys can be dumped easily to the schema. There is also a method of direct connection and supports that determines the adapter. However, a foreign key may help ruby on rails developers in supporting the APIs you selected or not.

2. HTML Sanitizer

HTML sanitizer has now updated with an advanced version that is developed on Nokogiri and Loofah. It offers more flexible and secures HTML code sanitization and a new algorithm is making the sanitized results little special from older pathological contribution. So you can integrate the “rails-deprecated sanitizer gem” to the Gemfile. Definitely, this new updated feature will make ROR more efficient, flexible and user-friendly during the web development.

3. Large community

ROR has a large community of ruby on rails experts and developers that always stay in any tip-top condition. While you are working with Rails you can make your project for a long time. Furthermore, you can experience like the maintainers that make people confident to use ROR and understand the benefits.  Many times Rails had a succinct mess up when it came to making own Rails plugins but fortunately Ruby is still unified with excellent code. Thus, the good community on this pragmatic web framework may give much better results in future than the other parts.

4. Web Console

A huge dedicated set of debugging tools for ROR setting up! Web Console comprises a number of installation aspects so when ROR come across an error Web console offers an interactive console that installed in the Rails page and utilized to inspect any stack trace that helps in executing the developed code with stack binding. Besides, web console performs well as providing help to share a current session with co-developer without configuring new remote desktop. Thus, you are able to run a particular Rail console inside the browser.

5. Adequate Record

This is updated feature in ROR; it comes in a set of patches and fixes that makes ActiveRecord execution faster at working time. Generally, ActiveRecord provides helps to build an SQL string after creating numerous transformations to it.  So as to process faster, the AdequateRecord occupy any static data to be divided from dynamic data straightforwardly to cache the static data processing. Thus, the more adequacies in record pages may be advantageous additionally to next generation.


In past time, ROR was accepted as dead technology but actually, it was growing larger and now proves itself as a brilliant and admirable one among them all. And so, it is versatile and more powerful to compete with different complexities and we can have faith it will make the outstanding approach in future.

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