Today, we can see advancement in IoT services. Small to large, old businesses and new startups all are looking into IoT. The other side, industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is augmenting the possibility of bringing together different organizations.

Microsoft’s Dot Net is a practiced platform for facilitating Internet Softwares. Means Dot Net development is helping to promote development services of many platforms for offering Internet services. Dot Net is a great creation of Microsoft which has plan to promote creating, hosting and managing IoT services for users and IT businesses. Look below why dot net is good for the Internet of Things-

1. Asp.Net Core

Asp.Net core is free and open source platform of Dot Net allows cloud-based and Internet-associated web application development with less effort. This platform has a number of tools and can perform different programming languages.

The Asp.Net Core application can be set up in the cloud easily. It comprises off-site performances, security features, and straightforward cloud integration. Specialties of this platform are-

  • This platform is used to create web applications, mobile backend services, and IoT application etc.
  • It can perform on Dot Net and Dot Net Core.
  • Using this you can use ant development tool on different OSs.
  • It integrates built-in dependency injection.
  • This platform can be hosted on Apache, Docker, and IIS etc.
  • The community-focused platform.


2. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s Azure is a cloud computing platform. This is the best option for creating enterprises applications for IoT users. This also known as Window Azure offers various cloud solutions like Analytics, mobile networking, Database, and storage. That’s why Microsoft Azure is the best cloud service for IoT projects. The platform adds a stack of management with the highly secure cloud system. As Microsoft is the best creator includes excellently motivates clients through offering interoperability, recovery, IoT quickening, and information storing etc.

3. Handy Dot Net Solutions

Dot Net development services provide ready-made solutions to fix the programming problem in IoT application. If you don’t make any mistake still facing problem somewhere in the Internet application Dot net helps the developer in resolving the issues with creating solutions. You save your time and effort when something already made fix the programming problem.

Besides, you will have a big number of programming codes in Dot Net that can be reused. In this term, you can speed up the IoT app manufacturing process. Thus, in a very critical condition, the platform is a just solution to crack the problem.

4. Window-10 IoT Core

It is a paid offering for developing an app on IoT devices. The platform is the new edition of Window 10 made to create smart Internet application. Dot Net is completely attuned with it. Window 10 IoT Core comprises lots of handy choices including toolkits and integrations. Some benefits of Window 10 IoT core-

  • Dot Net core and UWP together can perform significantly. You can create amazing IoT applications with the help of this assembling.
  • Window 10 IoT core comes with Devise Health Attestation (DHA) that helps businesses to improve the security system using hardware-attested security. DHA Azure cloud service checks the device functionality and performance.

5. Community Support

Dot Net is supported by Microsoft developers so it has huge community support in order to get help at any stage of IoT app development. As you can see there are many communities that provide solutions on GitHub and Stack Overflow where you can put your query to find best suitable outputs. So, if you are creating an IoT app Dot Net community always will be supportive.

A Dot Net OOS (Open Source Software) is offered by Microsoft’s community. Here you can find official Dot Net and Asp.Net communities and in addition, Dot Net foundation also a nice thing for IoT developers.


Microsoft’s Dot Net has a superior position in the IT industry for a long time. Unmoving, the platform is going forward and becoming admired by the developers in web development. While it has a large community support the software can work on different platform for building IoT application. There are many other specialties that make Dot Net different and approachable.

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