Every web development process goes through some important stages that take the website to the completion. Creating an eCommerce website is such a crucial process. An eCommerce development company always set an outline that includes multiple manufacturing phases to produce ecommerce development services. The proper outline divides the process into manageable phases and these all phases of the creating website varies slightly. Let’s understand you all phases we are discussing 7 important steps you should take in mind-

1. Plans for Online Ecommerce

It is an essential step in determining the complete targets and components while developing an e-commerce website. Project planning could be understood through the given points-

  • First, you have to estimate the requirements of the website. This process includes determining audience, website goals, and other similar information.
  • When planning for online business you need to identify the required resources and then the resources are added according to the budget of the project.
  • It is necessary to determine the performance goals. Some web development goals include budget costs, project deadlines and many other are set at this step.
  • Finally, this step involves a great role in ecommerce web project. Analyzing competitor functionality you can catch a good bounce rate of your business.

2. Determine Scope

Every online store has different requirement and capabilities so you have to understand the overall project scope. The best way to understand this step you ought to follow a Gantt chart which shows a visual plan of the project. The Gantt charts specify all activities and scope involved in the project.

3. Choose Right Platform

This is a simple stage of crafting an ecommerce website. You do need an ideal ecommerce platform for your online store. Most of the small businesses don’t want to be bothered by coding their website. So, they prefer a platform that easily incorporates with their online business. You can choose one from such platforms –Wordpress, Magento, Shopify or WooCommerce etc.

4. Choose Right hosting Server

It is necessary to find an appropriate hosting server to your online store so you can determine the functionality, efficiency, and performance of the website. Your preferred server must have the flowing key parameters-

  • The server must have the capacity to fetch a good speed.
  • The hosting server should support multiple services that can cover various management issues.
  • The hosting server should provide data security through a secure server.
  • The hosting server should have scalability so it can adapt business needs.

5. Website Design and Development

 When it comes to building the website you need to hire ecommerce developer. Besides, you focus on choosing different aspects such as templates, themes, colors and other things. Furthermore, in this phase of development, you would require company logo, brand identity, product’s portfolio and multiple layouts that give an elegant look to your website. On the technical side, your ecommerce development process includes many important aspects of CMS platform (e.g. WordPress, Joomla, and Magento), payment gateways and interactive layouts and contact forms etc. These all features can provide you a superlative functional website.

6. Testing

In this step, a tester will check the complete functionality of the website before launching in the market. This testing phase includes the given points-

  • The designer/tester will give the final touch to the website and analyze the complete functionality to make ensure that it performs smoothly.
  • The tester also validates to ensure that the website meets other’s popular site standards.
  • The tester will check the scripts for ensuring that the website works on multiple devices and platforms.

7. Launching

It is the last stage of complete website development.  In this phase, you move the website from the development server to the commence mode. At this process, you will make sure that the website is really accessible to all users. After finishing installation the website takes place to get started in the market.


By keeping the above-discussed steps in mind you may enjoy great conversions at low demands of the source to craft an online business site. So, on a final note, you need to understand the complete strategies while designing a visually appealing ecommerce website.

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