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7 Reasons you should quit Facebook in 2015

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7 Reasons you should quit Facebook in 2015

When Facebook was launched a decade ago, it brought about a drastic change in the digital media and social media was used and viewed. People used to created their social profiles and add the things they loved, photos of their vacations, details about their location and leave messages to their near and dear ones using the Facebook website. However, none of the users knew the potential harm of giving out so much of information and now that we all know that the information posted on Facebook is actually used against us in marketing and also to impair our thoughts and behavior, it is high time that you find something better to do and quit Facebook.

Reasons to quit Facebook:

According to a recent study done by a  Social Media Optimization Company in USA, Facebook has commercialized itself very efficiently in the recent past and has used the sensitive user data to gain revenues and profits. The news of Facebook using user data without their consent is also confirmed by a leading provider of SMO Services in UK.

Thus, here we present you with 7 top reasons why you should definitely quit using Facebook in 2015:

  • Time Waste: Facebook is considered one of the biggest wastage of time. An average user of Facebook spends approximately 17 minutes on the site every day and those who are addicted spend as much as an hour liking, commenting, sharing and reading posts. This time can be used for productive purposes.


  • Depression: Though some might disapprove of this point, but many researchers believe that if a person watches the post of his/her friends going to parties, enjoying life, vacationing and so on while they are going through a bad phase, then this can actually have adverse effects on their mental health and drive them to depression. It is because they feel that all the negativity is in their life only while others are out there enjoying and such a feeling actually demotivates a person.


  • Advertisements: Facebook is notorious for serving users with ads about the products that they are searching online. This is a violation of public privacy and people can do nothing about it. It is also believed that such advertising has allowed companies to drive consumer behavior and many people end up buying more things than they would want.


  • Keeps you connected with people you actually don’t know: An average user on Facebook has about 340 friends and knows only 10 percent of them. All the people added on the social media platform are never interacted with and people seldom even care about knowing what is going in the life of an acquaintance. Many people used to be friends who are just people you know now and the same time can be effectively given to maintain new relationships and friendships rather than holding on to these broken links.


  • Facebook damages communication skills: When people start chatting and stop talking to others, it affects their communication skills. Since the inception of social media, the quality of communication skills possessed by an average human being has deteriorated because human interactions are no longer frequent and all we do is interact with our machines.


  • Facebook can be bad for health: For those who are addicted to it, Facebook can adversely affect your health too. People who spend more time on the web using Facebook are less likely to go out and do some physical activity which ultimately worsens their health.


  • Facebook destroys relationships: With people getting more and more hooked to Facebook, relationships suffer. It is also said that refusing to give Facebook passwords to your other half has become a trust issue and many people break up just because of that. Moreover, Facebook is used to keep an eye on your partner’s activities at all times and it is reducing the amount of space given by couples to each other. All these reasons have led to increase in break ups and though Facebook is not the only thing responsible for breakups, it certainly has become one of the reasons.
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