With the increased uses of mobile devices, mobile apps became pretty popular and brought a big difference in our lives. As per many research reports, the mobile app industry is one of the most rapidly growing and its speed will continue to increase. Mobile apps impact our day to day life, and at the same time, it is offering great opportunities to a variety of businesses as well. Whether it is shopping, ordering food, messaging, booking a cab and what not, mobile apps are making everything easier.

Here, we will discuss what mobile app development trends will dominate in 2019 on the basis of the latest developments, other technologies impact and ongoing trends.

Internet of Things

We see a great rise in IoT and it is growing very speedily. It is offering many opportunities for business owners and making a lot many things easier for them. IoT technology even enabled your mobile device to control different connected devices.

IoT powered mobile apps in the coming year will be much advanced and capable to perform things faster than ever in various industries.

Augmented and Virtual Realities

Another most innovative technology is AR and VR which are capable to offer amazingly realistic experience to the users. AR/VR is not for just gaming applications anymore. But it is greatly using in social media campaigns and targeting potential customers through mobile apps. For instance, Snapchat and Instagram have already launched AR filters that actually turn a human face into different digital funny characters. The technologies further helping businesses grow faster and introducing their product to users in a better way through mobile apps. AR and VR technology trends we can see in every sector including marketing, advertising, manufacturing and healthcare.

Chatbots Applications

Chatbots easier things by performing all the tedious and repetitive tasks with personalized responses to the users in real time. They are more like a powerful self-service framework which gives answers to users problems in real time. Earlier, the wide use of bots we had seen in messaging apps such as Facebook, Skype etc. Now, with the advancements in AI, it became possible for businesses to incorporate chatbots with the native mobile apps and mobile app development solutions.

AI plays a major role now in mobile apps innovation. It is already and continues to be a leading technology with amazing results. Artificial intelligence technology has already been implemented along with the machine learning applications, however, still, it has numerous aspects to be explored. When it comes to analyzing huge data and providing insights, it has already shown outstanding results to the businesses.
AI and machine learning together can create innovative and smart mobile apps that can benefits businesses in many ways and deliver a great personalized experience to the users.

The Emergence of Instant Apps

In simple words, instant apps are smaller in size and there is no need to download and install to use them. They are simple and convenient to use and share. Instant apps basically include the basic functionalities and do not consume your mobile device’s memory. Initially, Google introduced an instant app in 2016, and after that, they are getting popular.


Wearable devices are getting popular and there is a rise seen in their sale. Nowadays, wearable devices are a big hit as they help people maintain a healthy lifestyle and track their health plans like updating about calories burnt, blood pressure, and heart rate. Moreover, they also update you about your sleep pattern and help you remind to intake enough water. It is also true that some of us keep the wearable devices for status only. Wearable devices need an app to function, so with the increasing demand for wearable devices, we can see the rise in the healthcare apps as well.


This a huge change that taken place in recent years is the payment mode from cash to cards and mobile payments like Paytm and Google Pay. With the growth in m-commerce, an increase in mobile payment apps is certain to grow. If you want to get an app for mobile payment for your business you can get in touch with a mobile app development company in USA.

Blockchain Technology

The blockchain is also a speedily growing technology which offers a great level of security and transparency in all your digital transactions. Many industries like financial services, healthcare, supply chain have adopted and working towards leveraging blockchain technology in creating mobile apps.

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