As the number of people playing the game is increasing on a daily basis, abruptly the demand for game developers and designers has also increased in the last few years. The technology of gaming industry is evolving rapidly. Nowadays, companies hire a game designer to make the game look more realistic.

The trends of gaming are changing. Here we picked a few of the latest gaming trends. Well basically, the following reading list will put some highlights on the game design and player interaction.

“Level design and player interaction”

Mostly game has three types of interaction, the first type is the game can react to the player actions. This only works in a commanding computer that can respond to the player in a customized way. Tabletop games mostly respond to player’s action, but the responses must be appropriate enough that players can convey their message to another gamer without feeling awkward. For some game, this type of game conversation is essential.

The second type of conversation is when a gamer interacts with each other while playing the game. Different pieces of the game work together in fascinating ways, and rules can earn unexpected results. This might not sound very interactive, but discovering these types of interactions can be a great source of communication. 

The third type is gamer-gamer interactions. Nowadays, the most game has frameworks in which a player can easily converse with each other.  This type of gaming conversation is in trends and brings a different kind of fun to the players. The gamer’s communication is not that much important, but it is one of the greatest advantages because of that interactive games are above over digital games.    

 The Right Amount of Interaction

In general, communicative games are still one of the interesting things for the gamer. Gamer love to talk to their partner while playing. If the game developing companies include too much of communications into the game, then the game can easily feel disordered. There are many specific games, in which player interaction is the very limited amount. If players are interacting with each other in several ways in your game, consider reducing some of them, especially if some of those forms of interaction only come up sometimes.

ReactionsReactions are highly interactive as they give the chance to the player to intervene with the opponent gamer. While I know there are a few games, where the reaction is appropriate.  I feel they’re overused and their downsides are not respected by most designers. Many designers justify the use of reactions by saying that the game is interactive. I hope this blog post shows there are many replacements to make a game interactive.

Communication Many games have communication gaming feature as the form of interaction. Besides, many parts of the game are all about communication with the limitations. Along with that, there are many competitors that have some hidden feature of interaction and communication.


In the end, I will definitely say that interaction between gamers creates the strongest memories while playing mission games. For many people, games are the preferred way to share the social experience with other gamers. Though each game has a limited amount of interaction, if your game helps your players get to know each other or become friends, it will become a happy memory even when it’s not being played. 

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