Xamarin is based on Microsoft’s technology stack. It is comparatively new technology but has come out as one of the popular mobile app development technologies. As it has a big community of more than 1.4 million developers from all around the world, every developer prefers Xamarin nowadays. Xamarin is an API which is used for Android, iOS, and Window application development. It helps developers in writing programming code for multiple frameworks so that all can be brought to one space. Here, we are discussing some imperative advantages of Xamarin app development while working on this framework-           

1. One Technology for All Platforms

Using Xamarin you will get a code which is based on C# and native libraries enfolded in the dot net layer. According to the best mobile app experts, around 90%-95% code can be reused for developing a mobile app on other platforms means you can use one code for multiple platforms. There is no need to switch to most parts of the application when manufacturing the app for different platforms.

2. Native App Development

The application which is developed using Xamarin code can be categorized as a native application. The code which created with Java, Objective-C, and Swift is fully considered in the performance metrics of Xamarin. The Xamarin community is regularly increasing the effectiveness of the platform to match with the standard of native app development frameworks. It is offering the ultimate solution for testing and tracking the functionality and performance of an app. It comprises the Test Cloud which is paired with the Test Recorder tool that allows developers for running automated UI tests and identifying performance concerns before launching the application.

3. Native User Experience

Using Xamarin technology for app building sounds good in terms of user experience because it is really easy to craft the application for Android, iOS, and Window OS using Xamarin technology. You will get lots of tools that can convert the code components of UI into the platform-specific UI elements. So, Xamarin is a great way for getting a native experience for business-oriented projects.  

4. Hardware Support

When you are manufacturing an application using Xamarin you will get native-level support of device hardware to eliminate all hardware capabilities issues. You will get several plugins and APIs that help developers to develop an application which performs perfectly across multiple platforms with common device functionalities. Also, it will allow you to link with native libraries to better customization of the application. 

5. Visual Studio Features

Integration with Visual Studio is allowing developers for publishing native apps for Android and iOS with C# or F#. In this scenario, there is no limit as regards the apps actual size. So, adding features of Visual Studio is definitely an outstanding term for Xamarin.

6. Error-Free App

As the less code is written in Xamarin while creating an app, there are fewer possibilities of bugs and errors in the application. Developers can test the application by writing the most reliable and single testing code without wasting time writing huge test codes.

7. Time-Efficiency

Working with Xamarin will ensure you for saving your time while creating an application. There is no need to search SDK, native coding environment for application development when you are expert by own side and have all capabilities for customizing the app in the shortest time limit.


Xamarin is an all-in-one solution for the mobile app development these days. You can allow your application to perform for a variety of platforms with complete monitoring the functionality. There are many other advantages in customizing your app using Xamarin as you can build, distribute, and analyze the application across the multiple platforms.

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