There are millions of Android phone users in the world. It is one of the best mobile operating systems across all OSs. An android runs on multiple smart devices includes smartwatches, tablets, and televisions. In the world, mobile tech giant companies launch their smartphones on a specifically Android operating system.

Data Analysis is the process to extract the required information from available data to use for an android application update. This process helps the developer to understand market trends. Moreover, data analysis consists of big data analytics, statistical analysis and or other processes.

Android Development

Android applications are developed in Java, and kotlin programming languages. To create an Android application, most developers start to use the Android Studio. Android studio runs mostly on the operating system – Linux, windows and OS X. besides this application IDE is developed by Google.

Android is an open source network that is widely used by developer across the globe.  There are some system service features such are security, process management, memory management and network stack. For software development, Android provides a software development kit (Android SDK).

Android applications are mostly made up of one or two application components (activities, broadcast receiver and content provider). Each component behaves differently and performed an altered role.

Android Latest Version is Pie.

The below-given list is it features-

  1. Indoor Positioning with Wi-Fi RTT
  2. Display Cut-out support
  3. Notification -Enhanced message experience, Channel setting, broadcast and do not disturb.
  4. Multiple camera support and updates
  5. An image decoder for draw bells and bitmap.
  6. Hardware security module

Data Analysis – As it is mentioned above about data analysis, data analysis is the process to extract the important information from your collective data. There are some major process stages like establishing the data set, preparing the data for processing, identifying and creating reports. 

The motive of a data analyst for android development is to point out the error of the previous app and to find how they can improve for future then put that data into actionable sight. It involves so many things like business analytics, statistical analysis, and data mining & big data analytics.

Data Analysis for Android Development”

The beginner data analyst needs to learn about tools like Microsoft Excel, Python, SQL and R.  Microsoft Excel is the most powerful and considered exceptionally good for data analysis. On the other hand, Python is one of the essential programming languages for a data analyst.

Data analyst plays an important role in Android app development services. The work of a data analyst is to form strategies and take up some important decision. Along with that, they need to keep themselves updated about their competitor. There are some data analysis libraries for java language that helps in Android application development like Weka, Rapid miner, Environment for developing KDD application supported by index structure, Massive online analysis, Java ML, RankLib. You can choose the one according to your requirement.  


Thousands of Android developers are available on the market. You need to hire the best Android expert to make your business reach globally. The above mention information is very helpful especially for those who want to make their career as an android application developer and for a data analyst.

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