Google has recently released the first developer’s preview of Android P with many promising features. For now, the Android 9.0 features are only available on Pixel devices, market is still divided with their views on Google releasing the Android P that early. The denomination of P in ‘Android P’ is still a mystery to the world, some of the guesses such as Popsicle, Pudding, Pineapple Upside down Cake and many more.

However, we the article is ultimately dedicated to reveal the changes that Android P has brought in its design and functioning.  Here are some of the upcoming changes and new features in next Android’s version 9.0 that will bring lots of new interesting updates and now definitely you are curious to know about the changes and features. So, give a glance at the highlighted points-

1. Replacement of Clock

In the Android P preview, you can notice that Google has made a replacement of the clock for making space for the indentation or ‘cutout display support’. Google has changed the clock position from right to the left corner of the status bar. Now, you will see notifications at right next to the time. So, it can be a really major change in Android’s new updates.

2. Changes in Setting Menu

Ongoing its habits of changing in the setting menu, Google put some wonderful effects in Android preview. Google offers more colorful themes to setting; moreover, it set new icons to setting options like Network, display, and connected devices. The real layout of setting has hardly changed, but the grayscale icons from Oreo are replaced by colorful circles. Thus, users will get a different look at setting menu as ever.

3. The New Dock Look

Android P dock has a beautiful change this time. The Google search bar and many applications come with a cloudy background so that it will help to stand out from everything on the home display. You will also get a microphone icon inside the search bar at the right position comes with faster one-tap access to voice search and Google assistant.

4. The Volume Slider to the Right of Screen

As Google set the power options in the Android Oreo, now it is to be same with volume slider bar. The Google engineers rearranged the volume icon; the volume slider has been placed at the right side of the display; whenever you want to control between ring, silent ringer and vibration mode you have to tap the bell button.

5. Take Screen Shot with Power Menu

The power off/on pop up on the Pixel is coming with a feature beneath it. Now, the on/off pop up will allow you take the screenshot; you need to hold down the power button, tap the screenshot button and you will capture what’s on the screen. 

“Few Other Major Changes in Android P”

  1. The Google’s play store will call for Oreo API 26 from November this year.
  2. Background apps will not have the capability to access the sensor’s features like microphone, camera to make ensure the security for users.
  3. Now, an Android expert will be able to stream from two-three cameras simultaneously.
  4. Now, you can take more benefits of HDR content from the applications YouTube and play movies.
  5. A replacement of Bitmap factory with image decor also comes that improves support for animated images.


The above-discussed changes and features are worthy, and there are many other features that Google is yet to release. With Android P, you may come with many updates, new features, and functionality but right now it is enough to know the preview of Android P as a best Android development Company always go through the overview while concentrating on the app manufacturing.

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