Hello Android user out there! Here is one of the breathtaking announcements for you. Android has finally raised the curtain from the all new tempting Android Oreo. This Android 8.0 will have startling features to watch out for, by the smartphone lovers worldwide. There are various features coming up which will thrill Android users to bits.

Awe-inducing features of Android Oreo to hit the floors:

#1 It will have enthralling speed:

This new stunning version will be having 2 time faster speed which will help Android users grin from ear to ear. This will also help in drastically reducing background activity in enticing apps which you use, one of the most exciting features.

#2 Attractive Autofill features:

This smashing feature will remember your logins for getting into your best-loved apps at the wonderful speed. You can also Hire Android Developers if you desire to add more enthralling features in the app.

#3 You can view 2 lovely apps at once:

This new Android O will also help you to see 2 attractive apps at once, say for instance, having the super strength and the laser vision.

#4 Plunge into more flabbergasting apps with less taps:

All you have to do is press notification dots to check out about something trending and then swipe away, this will clear the same. Android instant apps will also help you a lot. You just have to teleport direct into the new kind of striking apps, direct from browser and no such installing required.

#5 Safeguarding of Google Play:

This will also help you to keep your data highly secured by the misbehaving apps by scanning whopping 50 billion apps in a single day, also includes the ones which you might have not installed too. Android App Development Company also helps you to get the best Android apps developed, as per your choice and preferences.

#6 Astonishing life saver:

This new version of Android will also help you in keeping your battery life marvelous and brill at the moment you are talking, streaming, playing, and you can also feel quite self-assured regarding keeping your battery life robust.

#7 Enchanting and alluring emojis:

In this new sweet version of Android, you will get to express yourself more creatively in myriad ways. It will help you to share the lovely feeling in varied redesigned emoji set and this also has the addition of 60 incredible emojis which will leave you amazed with joy.

10 Eye-popping features rolling out for your Android smartphone:

#1 Astounding adaptive icons

#2 Dazzling emojis inclusion

#3 Flabbergasting homescreen for the appealing Android TV

#4 Enticing framework of Autofill

#5 Strong and efficacious pin app shortcuts included

#6 Superb battery life feature

#7 Lovely features of system optimizations

#8 Elegant text choosing in Android Oreo

#9 Notification dots will make you feel on cloud 9

#10 Picture-in-picture modes will thrill you instantly

Summing Up:

So, it can be concluded that the above mentioned are the remarkable features of new Android Oreo and you will feel on seventh sky when you start using the same on your stylish Android handset. Are you looking forward to get most thrilling Android app created to flourish your business. If yes, you have come to the right place. We have laudable team of Android Expert who have colossal experience in developing award-winning Android apps which get huge number of downloads from Playstore.

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