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Top 7 Push Notification Tools To Boost Mobile App Engagement

for better mobile app engagement, it is important for the app development companies to deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time.You might have heard about a term which is so much in trend these days – Push Notifications. These are one of the most effective ways of driving higher mobile app engagement to your app. With push notifications, you can easily and quickly alert your users about new updates, news, and other useful information relevant to the app.According to various researches, it is found that smartphone users who allow push notification on their apps have 88% greater engagement. With this, it is pretty clear that push notifications play a crucial role in achieving increased user engagement and helps a lot in app retention rates. Therefore, online marketers should aim at grabbing more app engagement and developing deep connection with their users than your competitors.Here are top 7 push notification tools that can serve as powerful engine to boost your mobile app engagement.Urban AirshipIt is the best tool for those who have just stepped-in to mobile app optimization. Urban Airship is a mobile app messaging platform, which combines various engagement strategies, push notification and mobile analytics techniques together. This allows app engagement and integration and is designed especially for Google Wallet and Apple Passbook. It also allows traders the flexibility to store details including loyalty cards and deals. With this, you can deliver customized, engaging in-app notification for users across various mobile platforms, geographical locations, and preferences. The intuitive web-based editor helps in scheduling updates and previews them across varied mobile operating systems.Push WooshPush Woosh is a highly scalable push notification toolkit offering value for money. Being compatible with multiple platforms, it offers an easy reporting and segmentation along the modern statistics and multi-languages support and even location-based tagging. This toolkit allows you to send push notifications to all the major mobile platforms such as Android, Windows and iOS. Plus, it also offers push scheduling, time zone, a private cloud and geo-location push.CarnivalIf you’re looking for best mobile app optimization services, Carnival is your best bet. It is a mobile- friendly mobile app engagement platform that helps you to run multiple push notifications. It assists mobile app development companies and marketing team to run push notification campaigns easily. Services like in-app messaging, rich customizable message stream for push notifications are the top features of this toolkit. The best thing about this toolkit is its auto-analytics integrations along analytics providers. Moreover, it is one of the most preferred tools for e-commerce, loyalty apps and consumer businesses for rich messaging and personalization.MixpanelThis tool helps easily monitoring of the actions that people take on your mobile apps. Rather than trailing page views, this toolkit records the events and activities allowing you to know where you need to give more attention. Targeted messages, scheduling, notifications and A/B scheduling are its main features that help you figure out the right message. With this tool you can also perform actions like instant and real-time data analysis, tracking and retroactive funnel reports.SwrveThis tool is built on scalable cloud service and is incorporated with an entire mobile marketing automation platform. It also offers principle features like mobile in-app campaigns, market automation and messaging.PushBotsIt is yet another effective mobile app engagement tool allowing you to send messages to any mobile platform straight from your dashboard. PushBots helps select your audience based on username, specific devices, send broadcasts and geographical locations. It also consists of engagement campaigns, dynamic and retargeting push notifications.Oracle’s Push.ioThis is a programming tool that helps in managing push notifications and performing audience reviews. This feature mainly targets SMS and e-mail notifications. It proffers features such as individualized customer-centric SMS campaigns, advanced analytics and auto push.

Steps to follow to make an effective and appealing website
Steps to follow to make an effective and appealing website
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Everyone nowadays seems to have a website of their own. When the internet is flooded with so many different websites, it becomes increasingly hard to stand out and get people interested in yours. The trick to get people to notice your website is to make it appealing and effective. All you need to know are a few tips that will give your website a whole professional and attractive make over. Providers of software development services in USA have claimed that an effective website is the first step to gaining online brand loyalty and a firm must give their time and attention to their websites.Importance of websites for the firms:As per the providers of web application development services,websites are important for a firm because:It is the showcase of your firm in the digital world It is the first impression that you make on your online visitors It is the digital platform where you can make sales and gain more customers It is the showcase of the firm’s work culture, their prime clients, their achievements and their professionalismSteps to make an effective and appealing website:Before you sit down in front of your computer to make your website, contemplate its purpose. Why do you want to build the website, and which is your target audience. Define your websites goals and purpose. Go on a website tour. Visit websites that are related to your field of idea, and visit even those websites that might not be related to your field. The purpose to gain as much knowledge as possible and view the other websites with both an admiring and a critical eye, so that you know what works and what doesn't. Or what else you should add to make your website more appealing. Create a blueprint of your website. Which link will connect where, the sub links, make a detailed map. It will make your website more organized and an organized website is so much more appealing. Add pictures as and where you think is necessary, but make sure that your website is balanced, that is, it doesn't tip or favour one side over another. You don't have to rely on symmetry to balance your website, asymmetrical balance looks as, if not more attractive, though they are harder to pull off. Finalize the layout of your website. The layout should be crisp and define your website to a certain extent. Once you are done with that then you can some decorative touches to your website. Don't go overboard with the decoration. When it comes to websites, simplicity is the key. It makes the website more appealing to the user and is easier to browse through. Try not to make a pallet out of your website. Add colours that go well with each other and flow together. Use lighter and darker shades as and when necessary, but don't make the colours so loud that they overwhelm everything else. Once you make your website visually appealing with the right colours and right spaces, make it more effective by adding certain interactive features to it. The easiest way to do that will be to add a live chat window on your website. It gives the user a more comfortable space to interact with you or your team. You can include a video in your website too. Make the video about the website, what it does, its purpose, what you do or who are you. This will make your website more prominent and draw in users. Nowadays everyone carries a smartphone. So, it is important that you make your website mobile friendly. Making it mobile friendly will help you grasp the attention of a wider audience as most people rely on their phones or tablets to access websites on the go. So, making websites using responsive web designing is a must for attaining proper scaling of your site.

Microsoft .NET Now Supports XAMARIN!
Cross platform mobile developmental companies

Xamarin is a software that needs no introduction. It is a name that has changed the face of cross-platform development today.Cross platform mobile developmental companies are well aware about Xamarin, its usage and benefits in app development. Still, for those who have just stepped into this developmental aspect, here’s a brief about this amazing software.Xamarin is a Microsoft-owned software that simplifies the development of mobile applications using cross platform mobile app development. It allows mobile app development companies to write native iOS, Android and Windows apps with a C#-shared codebase. By using Xamarin tools, mobile app developers can also share their native code across multiple platforms.Today, over 1 million app developers in more than 120 countries around the world use Xamarin's products to develop their mobile apps.And… what’s more!Earlier this month, Microsoft released support for .NET Standard Libraries for all Xamarin application, which means that this amazing software can now be used to work with .NET Standard Libraries too. While this includes developing and using local .NET Standard Libraries, this also includes adding .NET Standard Libraries from NuGet directly to the Xamarin apps. Moreover, it’s now convenient to share code across all .NET platforms, which also include the recently launched ASP.NET Core and .NET Core and platforms.Let us know about .Net libraries.What is .NET Standard Library?It is a “proper specification of .NET APIs intended to be available on all .NET runtimes”. It can be thought of as a simplified, but extended Portable Class Library.In other words, .NET Standard Library is single library with a standardized API for all the .NET Platforms, which includes .NET Core. Simply create just one .NET Standard Library and use it from any supporting .NET Standard Platform.According to Microsoft, .NET Standard Library enables the following:Defines a standard set of BCL APIs for various .NET platforms to process, irrespective of the workload.Allows developers to generate portable libraries that can be used across all .NET platforms, using this same set of APIs. Minimizes and avoids conditional compilation of shared source because of the .NET APIs, just for OS APIs.This new functionality can be used in the Xamarin Studio IDE and in Visual Studio 2015. However, the latter should possess Update 3 and is updated to include Xamarin 4.1.2.Benefits of Using Xamarin Cross DevelopmentUndoubtedly, Xamarin is worth paying attention. Here are reasons why cross platform app development companies prefer using Xamarin fo their OS and Android cross-platform app development.Fewer Learning – With Xamarin, developers just need not to learn, C#, and no other language. This is because one core set of classes in C# is effective on both the platforms. Limitless – Xamarin embraces the features of each platform it uses and doesn't try to force commonality unnecessarily. This combination of two different platforms offers an endless range of features for the developers to use from. Quicker reach to market – With Xamarin, developers can code application logic only once and share it across both the platforms. This in turn helps the developers to focus entirely on app building and shipping. This saves us a lot of their time resulting in faster app delivery to the market. Less bugs – Since Xamarin offers faster time to market and requires less code writing, chances of bugs are also fewer, because the less code you write, the fewer are the errors. Thus, to conclude, it can be said that Xamarin is gaining more attention with each passing day and with good reason. It is like a tool set that enables development in multiple platforms with least chance of work duplication.

What’s New in WordPress 4.6?
website design and development
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Wordpress 4.6 is here! Upgrade now...Yes, you heard that right!Mid of August offered us the release of WordPress 4.6.  Indeed, a great news for the website design and development industry. It is being considered as the second major release of 2016.The release of this new version brings some exciting new improvements for the website developers and also fixes several bugs. The beta version is already out and people have started trying it.SO, let’s explore more to find out the new features in wordpress 4.6. Native System FontsSince beginning, WordPress has been using Open Sans font from Google Fonts project, as its default font. This helps in making the admin interface look similar on various platforms and devices. Unfortunately, this affected the speed and relying on a third party project.To improve these shortcomings, the native System font feature is incorporated in 4.6 that can be used for the admin area. With this, your WordPress will load faster and make you feel like your native device and platform. This updation will only be reflected in the user interface elements inside WordPress admin area and won’t affect content areas including post editor which makes use of your theme’s editor style sheet for fonts. Editor EnhancementsWordpress has been a powerful and efficient website design and development tool because it offers myriads of opportunities to develop a website. Also, every time it releases a new version, it offers amazing new features and brings improvements to the post editor.And this time, WordPress 4.6 brings in some cool new improvements to the edit screen.At times, users end up adding an improper URL or broken link in a post that goes live when you publish the post. This no more would be a problem in Wordpress 4.6. This is because 4.6 will now attempt to check for broken or improper links in the Visual Editor. If it finds a broken link, it will highlight it with red dots, displaying the link URL in red. Ehanced Look of the Import ScreenWith this new version, it is super easy to import content from platform like Blogger, Tumblr, etc. using the Importer plugins. You can find this plugin on Import Page under the Tools menu option. Further, the import screen is easy to find and more readable.It makes use of shiny updates for installing importer plugins in the backdrop. This ensures the end to unwanted pop-ups asking for installing importer plugin. Updates for Plugins & ThemesThe new Wordpress version ensures increased page loading speed. Previously, when you installed a plugin or theme, it showed you a progress screen. This is no more a feature in the new version. WordPress 4.6 makes it faster to install and update your WordPress themes and plugins without the need to leave the page. Better Auto-Save and RecoveryWordPress 4.6 comes with an enhanced disaster recovery mode for the auto-save feature in the post editor. Previously, when users disabled revisions, it affected restoring drafts from browser cache and autosave feature.This issue is now fixed and users will be able to easily restore posts from browser backups and autosave. Miscellaneous ImprovementsWordPress 4.6 also brings lots of new improvements for developers. Here are some of those under the hood improvements.Resource Hints - Resource hints is a new W3C specification, which allows browser to connect and prefetch resources to improve performance. Persistent Comment Cache - WordPress 4.6 allows comments to be cached as a persistent object type. This means comment cache is properly validated and updated when there are changes. WP_Post_Type Class - WordPress 4.6 introduces the new WP_Post_Type class. It changes $wp_post_types to an array of WP_Post_Type objects. This provides methods to handle post type supports, rewrite rules, meta boxes, hooks, and taxonomies. 

List of Mobile wallet apps that can save you from cash crunch
hire Android app developers

India is today the second largest country across the globe to adopt digital mode of payment for day-to-day transactions. A majority of smartphones users have mobile app installed to enable e-wallets and use them for various purposes like mobile recharge, booking tickets and hotels, bill payment and online shopping. This is a clear indication that there is still a room for faster, secure, and reliable online payment methods. These amazing financial apps apps prove that there are alternative solutions available to help during this cash-less time. At ARKA, we offer organizations the facility to hire app developers to develop such mobile apps for the users to simplify their financial moves and routine jobs. 

Mistakes you should avoid while writing CSS for WordPress Theme
Common CSS Mistakes for WordPress Themes

WordPress Themes rule the internet. Almost one third of the websites are developed using WordPress templates and in order to survive in the competitive digital world, one has to learn the tricks of WordPress. However, working around WordPress is not a simple task and one has to toil hard in order to become an expert. So, for helping those who are trying to get things right, we have compiled a list of the common mistakes made by developers while creating CSS for WordPress themes and how they can avoid these errors.Common CSS Mistakes for WordPress Themes:Prior to creating this list, we took suggestions from a well-known Website Development Company and also from a WordPress Development Company .Their inputs helped us refine the results and present to you only the top 5 mistakes that are commonly made by the developers.Adding extra codes: The most common mistake made by developers is the addition of repetitive or redundant codes in their CSS. This mistake leads to slower loading and makes the theme look quite messy. One needs to understand that there are better and concise ways to do things in WordPress and the developers must seek veteran help while doing their initial projects in order to avoid these mistakes. Syntax Errors in CSS: Despite being well versed with CSS<, there are times when developers forget to imply the basic rules pertaining to CSS and due to this, there is a huge effect in the final outcome. These issues are largely due to carelessness and to avoid such issues, a developer can use CSS validators for finding out the errors. Selecting Wrong Template: Since there are files with common names like comments.php and comments-popup.php, one needs to be quite careful. Many a times, a developer selects the incorrect template and makes changes in that template. Such actions do more harm than good and can even mess up the entire theme. Always keep a backup file of every file that you are editing in order to make sure that if you go wrong, you can restore your work just as fast, says a prominent developer from a Website Designing Company . Placing files in the Wrong Place: This mistake is generally made by the newbies. All codes and files are placed in specific locations and you must adhere to these rules in order to develop a theme. For instance, the HTML codes are placed in the index.php files and all the PHP files are stored in the themes folder. Also, CSS files are always located inside the style.css file which is found in the theme folder. So, go through a proper module in order to understand the basics so that you do not make these mistakes. Multiple Choices for the Developers: Since there are a lot of choices available to the developers, they tend to mix up things. The most common blunder is to assign multiple references to a single selector file. In such cases, there is data processing conflict as all selectors start loading at once and cause issues. So, keep an eye while you’re using selectors and make sure that you take help from a veteran in your first project so that you can continue to work properly in future.So, avoid these 5 common mistakes made in WordPress by the developers and ensure proper WordPress theme development for your website.

Top Virtual Transactions Mobile Apps for Currency Ban Crisis
Top 10 Android app development companies 

Past two days, honorable Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi made a historical announcement to break the grip of black money and corruption in the nation. He took an unprecedented step by declaring a ban against currency notes of value Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 from the midnight of November 8th, 2016. He also confirmed that the new notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000 will be available November 10th, 2016.The announcement also declared that all the banks as well as their respective ATMs across the entire nation will remain closed to public for two days, i.e. from 9th - 10th November 2016. In addition, the government also fixed a withdrawal limit on every transaction from ATMs to Rs. 2000.While it was a smart and significant move by Modi towards abolishing corruption and back money, it is also definite that it is impacting people of middle class and those from the villages and rural areas. Since, the banks and ATMs were planned to be closed, it is affecting people’s daily regime by leaving them cash-less. Small businesses that run their business on cash and working class, who exchange their services for cash every day are facing hardships for some days. It is expected to continue for the next 10-15 days more.Mobile Wallet – Perfect Solution to Cash CrisisWith the technological revolution, smartphones have really made our lives easy. The best part is that smartphones aren’t any away from the reach of even a common man. Moreover, having myriads of amazing apps on your smartphone is like icing in the cake. If you’ve a smartphone with good apps, no crisis can hinder your life, not even this currency ban crisis. Thanks to the app development companies that have offered us some virtual transaction apps, commonly known as the “mobile wallets”. With these apps, you can ensure that you can make all your transactions, without the need to have any cash.PayTMPayTM needs no introduction. It is one of the oldest and the most reliable platforms facilitating online transactions. PayTM was launched in 2010. The app is based on a semi-closed model allowing the users to withdraw money directly from the bank and make payments to the clients tied up with the company. PayTm allows customers to perform e-commerce transactions and make bill payments including electricity bills. Not only this, PayTm also allows users to transfer money and benefit from services like travel, entertainment and retail industry. Recently, they also collaborated with top educational institutions in India for cashless payments of fees and other expenses. With PayTm, you no more need to carry cash or card everywhere. PayTm is also the top choice for app development companies to develop new apps based on similar plots.MobikwikMobikwik is another online transaction service provider that connects 25 million users to nearly 50 thousand retailers globally through its mobile network. With this app, users can add money through credit, debit, net banking, and even doorstep cash collection. Mobiwik has a user-friendly interface, and can be used to recharge, pay your bills and even transfer money from one wallet to another.PayUMoneyPay you money was launched by one of the top android app development companies situated in Gurgaon. They also launched their wallet service last year. Using this app, users can store their money in the wallet for numerous transactions.To stay at the top of the competition, this app offers a variety of amazing benefits to the users such as like one-touch check out service, amazing discounts and cashback offers on each transaction they make via the app. In addition, users also get instant refunds on cancellation of transactions and keep their transactions safe.State Bank BuddyThis is an app developed by the State Bank of India that allows users to transfer money to other accounts and users. State Bank Buddy facilitates bill payments, recharge, book tickets for movies, book hotels, shopping as well as travelling tickets.LIMEThe brain child of Axis Bank, LIME aims to offer a reliable mobile wallet for making payments, banking and shopping to its account and non-account holders via their credit and debit cards. Not only this, it also allow users to share their wallets with their family and loved ones for various purposes.Citi MasterPassThis is an app for the Citi Bank account holders to shop at more than 250,000 e-commerce merchants. The app has a faster and secure checkout system. It can also store all your credit and debit details, loyalty cards, prepaid recharging preference, and shipping details all in one place.ICICI PocketsThis app uses the bank account to offer a mobile wallet to its customers. All the transactions performed on this app are safe and reliable. It can transfer money, keep a log of all the transactions, pay bills, and moreover send gifts and split bills with your friends. ICICI Pockets employs a virtual Visa card to carry out all the transactions.HDFC ChillrAn instant money transfer app launched by HDFC bank for its account holders, it allows them to transfer money to anyone in their contact list. This app can also be used to send money, split bills, recharge and even request funds from others in their contact list.ConclusionIndia is today the second largest country across the globe to adopt digital mode of payment for day-to-day transactions. A majority of smartphones users have mobile app installed to enable e-wallets and use them for various purposes like mobile recharge, booking tickets and hotels, bill payment and online shopping. This is a clear indication that there is still a room for faster, secure, and reliable online payment methods. These amazing financial apps apps prove that there are alternative solutions available to help during this cash-less time.At ARKA, we offer organizations the facility to hire Android app developers to develop such mobile app solutions for the users to simplify their financial moves and routine jobs.

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