Have you heard of Google Analytics? Even the smallest of organizations are now using Google analytics to boost their business. It is one of the most popular and a reliable tool available today.

So, do you want in-depth understanding of Google Analytics? Are you also planning to use Google analytic for your business? Do you need to know how can Google Analytics help you business grow? It is very easy. With a few crucial settings and details, you can improve your Google Analytics reporting. To start with, read on the article to know some key points about Google Analytics. To incorporate it in your business development plan, hire a digital marketing agency in USA that could handle your Google analytics and offer other internet marketing services.

Before we proceed, let’s understand….

Why Google Analytics is a Necessity for Businesses Today?

If you’ve a blog or a static website of your own or your business, you need Google Analytics. Here are a few of the many questions that you can answer using Google Analytics.

  • How many visitors visit my blog/website?
  • Do I need to make my website mobile-responsive?
  • Which web pages on my website are the most visited?
  • What marketing strategies would drive the most traffic to my blog/website?
  • How many visitors by far have been converted into my leads or customers?
  • How can I enhance my website’s speed?

However there are myriads of such questions that play an important role in business successful and that Google Analytics can answer. These are the ones that are most crucial for most website owners, especially beginners.

So, to begin with, here are seven tips.

  • Keep It Simple and Short (KISS)

Google Analytics can be utter overwhelming for beginners. It is composed of powerful capabilities of which many go fallow even by the most experienced marketers. Luckily, benefitting out from Google Analytics is very easy. It doesn’t require you to use all its capabilities. However, you should keep reminding yourself that you can get plenty of insight even if you keep it simple to begin.

  • Use Segmentation

Google Analytics has a capability that you can use right away – the ability to segment users and sessions. For example, if you want to find out the geographical locations of your users, or sessions in which a conversion occurred, you can use segmentation feature of Google analytics.

  • Set Your Goals

Another capability of GA that shouldn’t go unused is its ability to set goals. Whether you’re trying to generate leads or selling products through your e-commerce website, having a specific goal is a must. This is a feature that corresponds to specific activities taking place on your website. For instance, you could set goals that are associated with pages reviewed per session, session duration, and custom events.

  • Use Alerts

Google Analytics offers support to email alerts. These alerts are activated when there are meaningful modifications in key metrics. Good part is that you can customize these alerts minutely and with specific thresholds. For example, you can set custom alerts to know if traffic from a particular geographical location, say the region of your target audience, increases by 20% or decreases by 10%. These alerts will help you plan improvement strategies and take right actions to avoid issues in future.

  • Link your AdWords Account

There are many agencies that offer link building services in USA using Adwords. For those who are doing the same, they can link their AdWords and Google Analytics accounts to get greater insight of how their campaigns are working. This way they can also use their Google Analytics data for retargeting AdWords.

  • Be Consistent

Google Analytics is a good habit to keep. So, make sure to check your Google Analytics constantly. In addition, you should also consider tracking how often you review your Google Analytics data. Make a list of all those ways that you get the most value from. Also, try to set Google Analytics alerts or notifications to get the needed information effortlessly and quickly.

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