Apparently, Ruby on Rails is one of the top trending frameworks for web development. So, there is no exaggeration Ruby on Rails development trend is hot these days. If we talk to new startups or businesses about ROR they can explain it because this platform has been associated strongly with different size of startups. The time-efficient platform comes with many useful plugins and modules that help in reducing effort and consuming time. Besides, there are many features of this platform. Some of those explained here –

1. Less Code

When you create a web application you need to write code but it is not an easy task. You may face many complexities in writing an arranged and user-friendly code. But with Ruby on Rails, you won’t have to face such kind of things. This framework includes many plugins, modules, and tools that make easy you to write less programming code so you can save your valuable time. According to the different surveys, the results show that ROR is the highly-used platform to make development faster than other languages.

2. Scalability

To attract more and more users you need to make your website fully reachable to the big audience. Because attaining scalability is such a critical task. ROR comes with great scalability and prosperous things that make it approachable to the audience in any corner. More in scalability is ROR makes coding conventions easy and adjustable so developers can work on a project at any step of web development. Besides, the platform lets you modify, integrate and create new features in the website what maintain code to make clean and structured.

3. Cost-Effective

Cost-effectiveness of Ruby on Rails is attracting a large number of startups every day. This platform works under the MIT license so it is free to use. It is open source platform and allows you to include more features without creating them. Means you can save your time and money. ROR provides Gems that can be downloaded for any objective.  You can find Gems without any cost on GitHub. You only have to pay developers for website customization. So, ROR is also preferable due to its cost-effectiveness.

4. Perfect Security

ROR is highly active to provide greater security features in order to create outstanding services. The platform contains some built-in security features and others can be added as per your needs. So, it proves if you are working with ROR means you are performing in complex safekeeping process.

5. Third-Party Libraries

The platform adds lots of libraries that make third-party services integration easy. The libraries include many sources for developers so they can implement different features in the website. The platform covers almost all modules that help in adding third-party libraries for customizing web app at an advanced level. Thus, ROR can exist across the world as it has a large community of Ruby on Rails experts in order to support in any phase of writing programming code.

6. Error-Free Development

Ruby on Rails includes a number of error-detecting tools. With the help of these tools, a developer can analyze code and detect bugs and error. The platform follows TDD and BDD patterns (Test-Driven Development and Behavior-Driven-Development). These patterns add different testing traits like mocking, syntax, and benchmarking etc.

7. Support Best Practices

ROR can be a better solution to develop an impressive website at a single place. This platform includes many practices such are unit testing, handling, less coding, MVC pattern and many other built-in features; means you can get all necessitated aspects at one place. Thus, you can handle all features as industrial practice from one point.


Ruby on Rails has its own stock of magnificent features so it doesn’t need to depend on others. The features this platform contains are enough to attract visitors on a website. As this platform is evolving with up-to-date technologies it could be more technical and impressive. So, we can see ROR is potential and time-saving platform to build web app without using much programming code.

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