Ruby on Rails is dynamic and object-oriented programming language which is very powerful and easy to understand and used for multipurpose, but it seems most people deny it; reason might be a matter of time. RoR is hugely helpful for developing web applications but sometimes it is time-consuming when manufacturing and maintenance. To get rid of this problem Ruby on Rails experts are incessantly looking for the best RoR frameworks that may help them to make their task easy and efficient. So, we are discussing some best popular RoR frameworks that could help you in simplifying the workflow-

1. Ruby on Rails Framework

“Rails” is written in Ruby programming language used for developing web applications. The framework provides lots of easier features by making a supposition about what a developer requires to get started. Using this framework you do not need to write huge code or hire RoR developer while working with more than other frameworks and languages.

2. Sinatra Framework

Sinatra is a free and open source framework written in Ruby language. Sinatra is known as domain-specific language and web application library. It is a good substitute for other RoR frameworks. Sinatra is based on the Rack web server interface.

3. Padrino Framework

This framework developed upon the Sinatra web library. Sinatra is a DSL which is used for building simple web applications using Ruby programming language with very less effort. Padrino makes easy as possible to code more advanced websites.

4. Hanami framework

Hanami is a full-stack framework based on Ruby language and made up of smaller and single-purpose libraries. The main goal of Hanami is to build lightweight apps which use lesser memory than other frameworks. Using this framework you can develop many web applications under one app.

5. Celluloid Framework

Celluloid framework offers an easy and natural pattern to create fault-tolerant concurrent web applications in Ruby. Using Celluloid you can develop a system out of concurrent objects so just you can easily build sequential systems out of standard objects. This framework is highly recommended for experts also novices as it can help in building multi-threaded programs.

6. Cuba Framework

Cuba is a micro-framework for RoR web application development. It is undersized but very powerful mapper for applications. It is lightweight but faster than others integrates a number of templates via Tilt and testing via Cutest and Capybara.

7. Praxis Framework

Praxis is a mostly used framework for designing and implementing APIs. The significant element of Praxis is geared towards the design characteristic of building an API. This functionality allows developers to plan every last aspect of their API, resulting in a complete, web-browsable documentation, which includes automatic generation of examples for resources, parameters, headers, etc. as well as requests and responses for the supported encodings.

8. Goliath Framework

Goliath is an open source and lightweight web server framework of RoR which created to meet the following requirements-

  • Bare metal performance
  • Rack API and middleware support
  • Simple configuration
  • Fully asynchronous processing
  • Readable and maintainable code

Another major benefit Goliath has over the other RoR frameworks is that it can disentangle the intricate callback-based code into a system you will be definitely familiar with by availing Ruby fibers powered in Ruby 1.9+.

9. Ruby Grape Framework

Ruby Grape is REST-like framework created to execute as a rack engine such as Rails and Sinatra by offering a DSL for building Restful APIs. Ruby Grape comes with pre-integrated support for multiple formats, content negotiation, and common conventions etc.

10. Pakyow web Framework 

This framework includes features like auto-updating while you are taking up traditional concepts. It is developed to be as flexible as possible. The framework can support you to make faster momentum and maintain it helps you quickly create momentum and keep up it during a project.


The above-given frameworks are probably most utilized by web developers as those provide almost complete RoR solutions. So, if you want to create a web application using Ruby programming language you could select one from the above-discussed. Hopes, the information as regards these frameworks may provide you a better experience in further projects.

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