Working with Ruby on Rails framework can help you in reducing time and effort required to develop a website or web application. It is a great framework provides quick prototyping and develop the application logic as per changing requirements. But the main concern is a consignment on the Ruby on Rails experts and requisite knowledge of the framework. To sort out this problem we are explaining some best tips of the best practices for Ruby on Rails application development-

1. Code Technique

This is a most important practice for Ruby on Rails application. Code technique is the practice we write programming code. When a developer creates a Rails application he/she pursues a set of code conventions. This process helps in making the code more clear for others to comprehend and contribute to the code. The RoR community offers a set of code technique (Ruby-style-guide and Rubocop gems) that makes sure your code will remain to the defined conventions.

2. Code Testing

Writing programming code is also a vital step so you can analyze the performance of the used logic. In simple words, we can say coding is a motive to test the implemented logic and refractor the execution to be insightful and customizable. The cost of writing code of a maintainable web application goes high due to more complexity in applications. So, a test coverage tool comes up used to test out the code which is enclosed by the test cases. The tool also offers a healthy indicator of the coding as far as automated confirmation is concerned.

For example, Simplecov is a coverage library that indicates the percent of your ruby code. The user can search into the coverage testing file to recognize the correct lines that are not covered yet.

3. Execute Tests

A highly test-driven web application can build up a large number of tests ultimately. But the main point, the efficiency and performance of developers should not affect the execution process of tests. Usual and fast execution helps to result in immediate feedback to web developers as the changes are being done. For example, parallel testing is more beneficial over sequential testing as parallel execution farms out the effort for quick execution.

4. Remove Unused Routes

Routes are known as the entrance to the website. When you need to make some changes or make size large you keep taking actions for adding or removing a controller but mostly you forget to delete the relevant route when required. It can be beneficial to set a better security system. The Traceroute gem is a good tool helps in ensuring that you do not have any unexploited routes in the RoR application. It also sets the controller action that is not accessible by the routes.

5. Prepare Error Alert

A proper and good error testing practice helps you to uncover many bugs but it might be not enough. We still have to be prepared to come across for user encountering bug and error on the running website. The step in such condition can minimize the negative experience the users facing. The ideal thing, you need to get a notification as error alert so you that can be fixed immediately. The Exception Notification gem is a tool in the RoR development services can notify you about the error in Ruby on Rails application via email, slack or mostly used communication channels.

6. Website Profiling

Website profiling is a step that tests out space and time used by the web application for various processes. Usually, profiling is utilized to study parts of code flows that are consuming more time to implement for further optimization. A rack-mini-profiler gem is a tool helps in measuring information such as the time each part is consuming to load and the inquiries that were implemented. So, analyzing the code implementations that have a tendency to be the restricted access to the application will notify you the throughputs you can attain.

7. Security Liability

No one would like to have a security weakness for the RoR application. The brakeman gem is a very powerful tool that practices identifying common security vulnerabilities or attacks. This tool comes with the capability to inform you about the weak security and other issues for the Rails application and suggests required updates to the website. The brakeman can prevent the following common security threats- 

  • Command Injection– Here the attacker tends to use the commands on the operating system by performing the app holes. 
  • Denial of service (DoS)– Attacker ruins the server with requests to the system get crashed and unable to give legal traffic. 
  • SQL Injection– Here the attacker uses nasty SQL statements most of them normally accepted through forms.
  • Mass assignment – The attacker makes benefits of Active Record and updates secret fields as user id and password, etc.


Following the above-discussed practice guidelines, developers can transform their work into an easy practice. The aforementioned theory was created by experienced people and these steps still driving them to a best practice in RoR web application. If you are a RoR developer then you are lucky you have great support of such experienced people of the community. Hopes, these practices also will take you a great opportunity.

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