Microsoft Asp.Net site is an open-source server-side framework that is built for website development. It comprises lots of tools which are helpful in building a robust and more effective web application. So, if you are an Asp.Net developer you will have all the amazing web development tools that can facilitate you to create a beautiful website. These tools help you make your task easier in finding and optimizing ASP.Net product performance related issues. High-end Dot Net Company offers several tools and functionalities that fulfill your requirements. In this blog we are discussing the list of those tools and their functionalities, have a look below-

1. Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

IDE is considered as one of the most efficient tools that are utilized by developers. Visual Studio is the default IDE for official site developers includes a preeminent feature to create, analyze, and debug the web applications. With the help of Visual Studio, you can focus and stay in the IDE as well as you can easily write code rather than performing with multiple applications.

2. Asp.Net Profilers

These days, the web developers have a good approach to free and economical profiling tools in Asp.Net development. These tools support to find and fix common problems in web application and since these tools are the necessary parts in website developer’s toolkit. You can analyze the entire performance of Asp.Net web application without using code profiling and this solution helps you to understand some details about the functionality of the website.

3. Window Performance Counter

Microsoft offers a lot of built-in metrics connected to the Asp.Net, CLR, IIS app pools and many others. Few of them are related to garbage collection, request queuing, memory usage, HTTP error rate, CPU usage when it comes to tracking performance.

4. Browser Development Tools

Many browsers such are Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome etc. have their own tools for developing websites. So, there you need to choose one of those browsers and get knowledge and deep information of it inside and out. You get an option to analyze every element of a web page based CSS, DOM, JavaScript etc. using browser development tools. Moreover, you will be able to change the CSS and other parts.

5. Web Server (IIS)

Using IIS log files in Asp.Net website development you can track the load time of a request particularly and also aggregate, parse, and query all of them to categorize the top user requests, slowest requests etc. You can also distribute all of your logs to a third party log management tool that is considered to help you in searching and visualizing all of your logs.

There are many other important tools that can be used in different type of Asp.Net app development. Some of them are-

  1. ReSharper is a productivity tool that improves the application quality and eliminates errors.
  2. WIX Toolset is used for building Window installation package.
  3. Web Essential improve productivity and helps in writing JavaScript, CSS, and HTML etc.
  4. PowerShell Tool helps in developing and debugging Script of PowerShell and modules in Visual Studio.


It depends on what you are going to accomplish because there are a lot of Asp.Net monitoring tools available for building a web application and it is important to choose the tools which are really helpful in developing an Asp.Net web application. Meanwhile, every application has different issues and possibly a dot net developer utilize all tools or choose only those that are helpful in the development process.

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