Microsoft’s dot Net is one of the popular frameworks for developing web applications in different ways. It is high-performance, an open-source framework which used in building modern, internet connected, and cloud-based web application using various tools and services. A dot net developer can’t expect to create a business level web application unless he/she has the exact tools and performance by their manner. There are multiple options to make a dot net application that all are supported by Microsoft’s technologies. So, we are providing a theory of aspects by adjoining tools and technologies that can be utilized by developers to craft a robust dot net application-


Every application development requires different tools so that you can fabricate full-bodied software. Some significant tools are discussed here using them you can build a dot net application-

Visual Studio

Visual Studio has been a core piece of website development for few last years. Most of the web developers are using it on daily basis to obtain a robust web application. Visual Studio adds almost all required features to develop, analyze and debug applications. Moreover, we are discussing here some important extension of Visual Studio-

  • NuGet Package Manager: – It is an open-source management system for dot net platform works on making easy the procedure of integrating the third –party libraries into a dot net website while developing.
  • Web Essentials: – It can be merged into the latest version of Visual Studio and absolutely it is an essential plug-in for Visual Studio. It is known as a productivity enhancer and makes allow you to write less CSS and HTML code.
  • Resharper:- It is the best productivity enhancer plugin of Visual Studio helps in code refactoring. It also can increase your complete productivity in your coding pattern and highlights mistakes so you can save your time and efforts.

Version Control System

Version control is a management system provides a facility to track all changes as were made, and also it reverses changes when required. Version tools are not only essential for keeping a history of a project; they are also the base for a dot net company to cooperate.


1. Asp.Net MVC

An Asp.Net framework is open-source means it is a free web application framework. This framework based on MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern help in creating a web application that differentiates all aspects (Business logic, input logic, and UI logic) of the application while generating a loose coupling between MVC elements.

2. Asp.Net API

Asp.Net web API is superior software for creating flexible web applications in.Net framework. It helps in building HTTP services that approach a huge range of customers, embracing various browsers and mobile devices.

3. Entity Framework

It is known as an object-relational mapper helps web developers to perform with relational data utilizing domain-specific objects. It reduces the requirement for data-access code a dot net developer has to write.

4. Asp.Net SignalR

It is a novel library that allows developers for creating real-time functionality simple. SignalR comes with APIs for grouping connections, and authorization. It makes communication between server and client and supports falls back and web sockets to different older browsers.

5. AngularJS

It is an open-source JavaScript framework and managed by Google. The main motto of this is to expand the browser-based web applications with MVC pattern to make development, testing, and debugging easy.


Having the appropriate tools and technologies of dot net can provide you with a crucial way to building a business-based web application successfully. That’s why you should choose the correct and fitting aspects at the beginning of the project could help you to make a great deal in dot net web application manufacturing.

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