There are many e-commerce web design platforms that provide high-level business solutions and benefits with respect to modern online trends. Magento is the best platform across those all offers an engagement model including best solutions with good standard and quality. Since the Magento is an open-source platform, developers are using it and boosting their startups and businesses on it as well. We are discussing some important features of Magento that may help you to understand it for ecommerce development. Have a look at following features-

1. Catalog Management

Catalog management is the key components for any e-commerce business. Magento offers a comprehensive catalog system which contains numerous extensive features-

  • Catalog management in Magento supports virtual products.
  • It allows you to download digital products like music, videos, etc.
  • You can edit and delete product reviews easily.
  • Get complete inventory management in Magento
  • You can import and export products offline for a batch update.
  • Attribute sets for swift product formation of different item assortments.
  • RSS Feeds and lots of more services.

2. SEO-Friendly

SEO is a very important part of any e-commerce website because optimizing the website you can create a huge marketing environment on your e-commerce website. Magento comes with the top- level of SEO tools and features that are given here-

  • It provides Sitemap tools so you can generate Google Sitemaps.
  • The platform sorts popular searches and modifies them automatically.
  • It supports Search Engine friendly URLs and links.
  • Magento gives an easiness to create Meta-tag products and information.
  • Offers faster loading options such as less usage of minimizes .css and .js files.

3. Mobile Compatibility

One of the smart features of Magento; it allows customers to browse full site store products using mobile devices.

  • Magento offers Mobile HTML5 technology for making a mobile-friendly online store.
  • Fully compatible with iPhone, Android, and different mobile browsers.
  • Arranges clear and user-friendly product pictures on display.
  • Easy swipe, zoom, and multi-touch on the mobile screen.
  • Drag and drop functionality on the mobile-oriented website.

4. Advertising and Marketing Tools

Using Magento you get options for promoting, marketing, advertising, and conversion. It comes with several services and tools such are-

  • It offers Cross-sell products system.
  • Suggests multiple options to distribute coupon codes across email, newsletter and offline.
  • It manages newsletters and polls.
  • It provides free shipping service and advertises new products catalog.
  • Suggests price variation based on products quantity and collection.
  • Magento comes with landing page tools for PPC, new product advertising tools, URL tools, and much more.

5. Complete Website Management

Magento understands the importance of site management so it provides lots of tools that help you to control multiple websites within the single installation and you don’t need to hire ecommerce developer to manage your website-

  • Magento provides an admin panel that controls sites and shares only required information.
  • Magento offers lots of templates with a fully customizable design.
  • It comprises multiple language and currencies options.
  • It can create integration between Magento and third-party websites.
  • Includes Tax rates based on location, product type, and group.

6. Globally Customer Support

Magento is great in providing back-end tools and expert’s community to support customers.

  • Customers can submit their query by filling the contact us form.
  • Magento service supports local and international currencies and tax rates.
  • Magento offers updating features for order tracking, history, and emails.
  • It provides multiple choices for International site registration, shipping destination, and payment.

7. Tracking and Analytics Service

Magento comes with a number of features of tracking and analyzing services.

  • Offers Google Analytics services and tools.
  • Provides Sales and tax reports.
  • Abandoned shopping cart and low stock report.
  • Products sales and refunded invoice options.
  • Product review and feedback report option.


Designing an e-commerce site is really a mammoth task and scratching top features and tools makes it more complex. Magento is the best solution which provides all pre-incorporated tools and features necessitated to any online store. It is differentiated by ultimate customization; hosting and scalable capabilities and we hope the above-discussed features also help you to differentiate Magento from others.

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