It is really challenging for new startups to take a decision that which e-commerce platforms is suitable for them because a good number of platforms are available that come with competing for features at a competitive cost. Ultimately, you have to decide on a platform which closely suitable for your business enterprise and needs.

Here, we are about to compare two popular eCommerce platform- Bigcommerce and Shopify. Both platforms have a good range of online business services with extensive tools and plugins. In our opinion, we are discussing some important points regarding the structure, features, and affordability of both of them. So, let’s have a comparison between Bigcommerce and Shopify-

1.      Design/ Theme

Bigcommerce has a strong focus on building its design or themes. You will not find these themes when you go to look at them on Bigcommerce site. A Bigcommerce development Company offers a number of premium themes and 7 free themes. it comes with 76 themes ($145-$235).

Shopify’s comes with much-updated themes that look very professional and inviting. You will find these themes always fresh and modern because Shopify‘s independent designers keep them regularly updated. So, Shopify themes perform better than Bigcommerce as it works with a larger ecosystem of developers. This platform gives 149 premium themes and 24 free themes. The cost range of premium themes is $100-$180.

2.      eCommerce Tools

BigCommerce platform offers you the most comprehensive tools amongst all large eCommerce platforms. It gives you more set of tools than Shopify.

In Shopify ecommerce development you can integrate basic and more advanced tools to build a store. You can have the customer wish list, products reviews, and product recommendation in the app store. Moreover, you can manage money in the dashboard with Shopify payment gateways.

3.      Customer Support

Bigcommerce community is always active to provide help 24/7 via email, phone support or live chat.

Shopify also has a good team to support customers. Customers can contact supporters any time via call, email or online live chat.

4.      Apps

Bigcommerce has more e-commerce tools than Shopify but offers lesser apps. It can offer you over 250 apps, lesser than Shopify.

The other hand, Shopify offers over 1400 apps as it has a larger app store. It helps you in building your e-commerce business more efficient.

5.      Marketplace

Bigcommerce gives you the best team of skilled experts to hire. The team includes designer, developers, marketing executives, and store setups etc.

Here, Shopify provides same but it has a much large community of Shopify web developers than Bigcommerce. So, it is more popular as it works with a better team of these experts.

6.      Reliability

Bigcommerce runs over 95,000 online stores. The user’s transaction processed over $9 billion.

Shopify is more and more than Bigcommerce as it runs 500,000 or above online stores. It processed over $40 billion in the transaction. According to the Google trend, Shopify is the most searched ecommerce platform due to its better-branded services. 

7.      Pricing Plans

BigCommerce cost ranges starts from $29.95 to $249.95 monthly and there are no other charges for transaction fees. It will ask you to subscribe to a bigger plan if your eCommerce store exceeds sales price.  

Shopify cost range starts from $29 to $299/monthly. The Shopify community will charge you for transaction fees but you can have benefits if you subscribe to a big plan. You can get rid of transaction fees completely through using Shopify payments. 


  Choosing the right e-commerce platform for your online business not only means a straightforward decision, there are so many things need to consider. So, our suggestion to you, first take up trial version so that you can feel reliable when working with each one. Hopefully, the above-discussed points also might be helpful to evaluate the key factors. 

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