CakePHP is the most powerful website development framework comes with numerous features and classes. The framework is beneficial in reducing development time and effort.Diminishing the time and effort of development it increase the flexibility and productivity on the website. Now, developers can create a robust website using some specific CakePHP development services and tools that meet all requirements for developing the website or application.

 The very latest version of CakePHP comes with the specific variety of features that can assist developers to manufacture an extensive website, CMS, and ecommerce sites etc. Here, we are discussing some popular features of CakePHP that could help you in customizing a high responsive website-

1. MVC Model

CakePHP is the most considered PHP framework for developing large scale websites and web applications because it is based on MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern. With the help of this MVC pattern, you can separate the logic of websites or web applications from its presentation. It makes simple the process of encapsulation for both design and coding of the website.

2. Content-Friendly

A website can’t be successful if it doesn’t have proper content and information. An eye-catching content and enough information related to your services and products drive more traffic to your website. CakePHP comes with these all solutions; it offers possible facility to manage contents like images, templates, and other features of the website. The framework also comprises a file manager to arrange and handle the different types of files and modules on the web application.

3. No Configuration

Using CakePHP, a developer doesn’t need dedicate time while executing the configuration task as they don’t require pointing out things anywhere in coding like location details, URL, modules or library of the web application. The one thing required is to make the connection settings of the database correctly. As an output, the developer will have sufficient time to focus on logic and other basic tasks of the website manufacturing process.

4. ORM

Whether you do not have any knowledge and information then it is really essential to understand that there are several types of databases and object-oriented programming Languages. ORM (Object Relational Mapping) is mostly used in collecting a different type of data into the single compatible type of data. It makes allow the single data to set up with different services by developing acquiescent class objects and introducing connections between tables, validation elements, and predefined resources etc. This process can merge perfectly with CakePHP development that you would need to write the entire program code even writing a single code of SQL.

5. Code Reusability

Working with CakePHP the developers will be able to develop codes that are reusable for future purpose. You can develop single code that can be used in different website development projects to save development time. Moreover, you will not have to develop another code, it results in reduction of effort otherwise it would be a hard work and more time consuming for the developers.

6. Customization& Modularity

A CakePHP development company integrates features that allow developers or users to implement distinctive functionalities in the website. A developer can take the support of custom components, behaviors, and plugins to modularize the project easily.

7. Language Compatibility

CakePHP includes a great compatibility with several languages. Most of the people might not able to work with one language so language compatibility is not an obstruction when using CakePHP. You will not have to face troubles while working on different modules for website creation. Since language customization and switching are easy, it will not create any hindrance when the task is handed over from one developer to another.

8. SEO Friendly

It is impressive for any website to be SEO-friendly with the purpose that it should be capable to get high rank in the top search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. In CakePHP, you get various SEO tools that can help in getting your website on top in SERP (search engine rank page) and make users visit your site for a while. It can improve your business performance and functionality.

9. Testing

These days, the web applications and websites come with built-in testing functionality. Through deploying the test-driven tools and functionalities you can reduce the cost and amount of development time involved in the manufacturing of website. There are two major elements of PHP website testing- Unit testing and System Integration. Both are supported by CakePHP means you can test your website without taking any testing tools from outside.

10. Security

Integrating security is the highly-focused task in any website development. In CakePHP, the security system comes with various protections like SQL injection prevention, CSRF protection, and input validation etc. With these lucrative security systems the CakePHP framework has come in huge trend and mostly each and every small or large business is considering this framework to get a wonderful presentation in the online market.


CakePHP is the most preferred framework for developers. The framework has proved to be the best option as it comes with a plentiful amount of templates, modules, tools, and latest features. Hopes, in future you will get more flexibility and functionality with CakePHP framework.

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