CakePHP is a PHP-based open source framework which is known as a foundational structure for developing web applications. This framework can help you in building web applications faster and flexible by minimizing the requirements of developing your web application. We can define CakePHP as-

“CakePHP is the framework that makes websites manufacturing simpler and faster requiring minimal code. The latest PHP version comes with a flexible database access layer and a powerful system for customizing both small and complex applications simple, fast, and tastier with CakePHP “.

“Why Should Use CakePHP?”

CakePHP comprises more and more things which make it mostly preferred PHP web building framework for developers. If you are one of them and still can’t decide why should go with CakePHP web development, we are discussing some top features of CakePHP that can render you to choose it-

1. MVC-Based Architecture

The software design pattern of CakePHP is based on MVC (Model-View-Controller) which divides the application into three major parts. Each part is used to handle different features –

Model is created to support all data related logic. Using Model class you can add, update, and delete the data from the database. 

The view is utilized for data rendering on the screen.

The controller is used to react and take actions to modify data before it interacts with Model. Generally, the Controller performs as an interface between Model and View parts.

This MVC pattern makes it easy to split logic for large applications and websites.

2. Configuration

This is one of the most significant reasons to choose CakePHP as the web framework. Using this framework you will just need to manage the database settings. There you will not see any component of configuration for that you have to show the location of the library or the URL of the Site. These all functions are integrated into CakePHP so you can make your task faster and easier to a large level.

3. Object Relational Mapping

Object Relational Mapping (ORM) is known as a programming technique to offer data conversion service between incompatible systems in OOPs language and database. The pre-integrated ORM of CakePHP has a specialty in relational databases. The ORM can be widened further to maintain substitute data sources. The main aim of CakePHP development is creating a hybrid accomplishment to build a swift and easy to use ORM.

4. Various Extensions

Using CakePHP you can make broad your web development project adding various components, behaviors, and plug-ins. By utilizing these all aspects you can make a part of the reusable code that can be used for different projects. Additionally, you can build a comprehensive library instead of the core library. The comprehensive library can be used among different models, controllers, and views and could be used also in other different projects. In addition, you can have lots of plugins available for CakePHP so you do not have to write all things from scratch.

5. Testing

It is also the most important feature for a developer that can make you choose CakePHP over the other frameworks. The PHP framework comes with a higher ability to analyze and test the web application. There are two types of testing process you can utilize- core and custom. Both are easy to build and after that can be implemented for analyzing large web applications where you may face any component to be critical.

In addition to the above-discussed features, there are several features of CakePHP that all can set you to prefer CakePHP, such are-

  1. It has compatibility with various versions of PHP.
  2. It is integrated with CRUD for database interaction.
  3. It adds flexible ACL and caching.
  4. Active and user-friendly CakePHP community
  5. It comes with request dispatcher with clear and clean URLs


CakePHP is definitely considered as one of the most popular frameworks for PHP website development. It helps in reducing the manufacturing costs to a large level and can swiftly develop applications using code generation and other scaffolding features. You can seek out more reasons online why CakePHP works as an effective community.

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