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Why Magento is the Best Choice for developing e-Commerce Website
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IntroductionMagento has become one of the most customary frameworks in the world,with respect to its preeminent e-commerce solution elemental of flexibility, scalability, and other developing features it is a framework that is a global choice of eminent developers.Magento endows the e-Commerce websites with a professional demeanor and improves the overall website functionality. Lately, it is also seen that Magento web development has undergone a revamping.It’s advance features and agility in development has made it a popular choice for development of e-Commerce website. Here are some of them to prove our point-· Open SourceMagento is an open-source platform, it’s Open Source Edition offers free e-commerce customization in accordance to requirement. Whether itsgiant online business or just a startup, the Open Source Editions accentuates the ease of development in Magento.Also, it comes witha straightforward management and provides a great tool-system which allows customers to spin up an e-commerce store swiftly with minimal upheaval.It comes with theperks of Magento developer Community that is always at your disposal for resolving issues and keeping product updated.· Modular and CustomizableWe see e-Commerce businesses emerging in all shapes and sizes and of course types, but with it comes diverse enterprise needs. Thus, Magentohelps in coping with these challenges and meetsdevelopment needs of all assortments, whether a startup or corporate it takes care of everything. Magento is a highly customizable platform,with theversatility in coding it brings agility in modularization that help leverage scalability.· Fast PerformanceIt allows you to cache and load your pages fast by using Varnish-to retrieve data from huge databases in milliseconds.This feature aggravates the functionality and enhances users shopping experience.· SEO – FriendlyMagento comes with an inbuilt SEO facility which makes it much more SEO-friendly platform then others.Also, Magento shopping cart is an addition to advance functionalities and facilities in optimization process. In short, itrelinquisheshuge flexibility and simplicity to the online store and control over design, content and other.· Common Backend SystemYou can run multiple websites on the same common back-end system with Magento. Every e-commerce website can have a peculiar layout and design and still it would run seamlessly. You can even opt to have a different domain and yet control all of them in real time that to all together via a single integrated admin panel using Magento.Advance FeaturesMarketing and Promoting Tools: - It comprises new item promotional tools, product bundles and landing pages for products categories. Site Management: - Completely customizable web design by using template and CMS for informational and landing pages. Payment System: - Authorized configurationand integration with multiple payment gateways. International Support: -Supports for multiple-locations, multiple-currencies and multiple-languages and diverse tax rates. M-commerce: - Pre-integratedm-commerce for mobile users. This mobile interface uses HTML5 technology that supports multiple mobile browsers.SummaryMagneto has a huge online following and qualifies in each test. It has wonderful possibilities and helps radically in expansion of online business. Furthermore, Magento development companies implement various new technologies that has a huge impact on e-commerce web development. So, investing in the Magento framework might be beneficial for your e-commerce business and you can leverage more advanced features on your online business site.ARKA Softwares is the best Magento Development Company in the USA that offers superfluous web services whereby you can get a much feasible website.In Addition, we provide several e-commerce web solutions with proper explicitly so the customers can find a right way for their web projects. Please mail at sales@arkasoftwares.com  to know more about our web development services.

Top WordPress Prediction for 2018
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IntroductionWordpress is worldwide acknowledged as one of the most resourceful platforms for website development. According to latest trends, Wordpress is commanding more than 28% websites in present days. The CMS based platform is completely free with fully customizing allowance. But this is obvious; developers and customers both anticipate looking at new Wordpress development services to experience exceptionality with new-fangled commodities. Here are some predictions for 2018 that will revolutionize Wordpress development radically- More Usual Video HeadersVideo headers are not a new thing on Wordpress; from launched version 4.7 ‘Vaughn’ this thing is supporting Wordpress with some incredible choices. Usually, the Video Headers are deployed by few specific websites but it seems things are going to change in 2018, on Wordpress a large number of websites are opting video-header approach. So we can see a deeper Wordpress integration with live video streaming in this year.Much Significant Mobile-First ThemesYou can't abandon it! Definitely, it is an important thing to be acquainted with mobile themes; Any Wordpress Development Company and developer always need to consider mobile-centric design to make the brand much influence. As you can observe the mobile mania around the world; therefore it would be essential to assimilate cellular-centric forms and themes on Wordpress and we could see a separate and wonderful design remains to happen in 2018.Drag and Drop with High ControlWordpress is a magnificent platform for website customization. For an example it is not possible to envisage Wordpress without its full-fledge Drag and Drop tool. The year 2018 is going to witness an extra edge to be given to web development with the Drag and Drop option, allowing designers to take an advantage by adapting it. These themes may be much useful in customizing a dominant website with virtual flexibility and simplicity in this year.Security and Privacy with Many optimizationsSecurity runs on high priority for any website. Cyber safety is a considerate necessity to guard the websites against potential threats. In this year, security can be a major concern; Wordpress may update some crucial protection enabling WAP (web application firewall) and Sucuri Scanner that could help you a lot in attaining security. So in 2018, you could able to drive numbers of security on Wordpress and be sure about safeguarding.More e-commerce Services on WordpressFacts clearly reveal that this year is going to be a year of e-commerce side integrating Wordpress. The e-commerce industry is reaching out to many firms that provide multiple of services and product assortment. For which Wordpress is a platform where you can find various web customization tools for e-commerce development. Various kinds of themes and plugins are available on Wordpress which mostly surge small enterprises. In 2018, the framework may present finest e-commerce choice including a great collection of business instruments.  also read:- LARAVEL OR WORDPRESS- BETTER CHOICE FOR YOUR WEB PROJECT?SummaryMany web design frameworks are available on the internet market. Wordpress is much-implemented platform among the developers and designers. It is one of the most powerful frameworks offering wide-range of web customization. In this year, you would witness a major evolution into perform space of Wordpress.If you are willing to launch a custom-designed website in any industry you can hire Wordpress website Development Company. ARKA Softwares offers proficient and customized web development.  Also there is a full-grown management which assists your project from start to finish. If you are interested, please drop a mail at- sales@arkasoftwares.com  for further queries. 

Top PHP E-commerce Website Development Platforms for Your Business
php development
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IntroductionE-commerce website development is exceedingly demanded on the online marketplaces. If you are making a plan to set up an online business with a small amount and realistic capabilities then you need to elect an open source e-commerce platform. You have a brilliant choice in PHP for manufacturing such kind of platforms; it is the most popular programming language that is powering developers mind for mechanizing e-commerce websites or applications. So hire a PHP Development Company or hire a developer to provide a quality and effectiveness for your business platform. Some popular and much-accepted platforms are given below which can be deployed to boost the online business-MagentoMagento is a PHP MVC configured framework. As we can see that Magento is on zenith obviously owning its superlative functionality. The thing came in 2008 on the online market and turned all faces to its side. Magento is an open source framework means available for free of cost to install. It provides you great flexibility and wide-range of services for your online store. Look at some splendid Magento development services and features given below-Multi-store platform Flexible and modular development SEO friendly various types of payment mode Customer analyzing and reporting Social media marketing, advertising, and conversational tools The Huge Magento Community to support customersAlso Read: - Why Magento is the Best Choice for E-commerce DevelopmentOpencartOpencart is another efficient and robust platform for online store management; it’s designed by implementing PHP programming code and MySql database. Having much basic shopping functionality and a huge collection of modules that are already integrated, Opencart sets a user-friendly environment worldwide. It is also open source framework including different kind of plugins and codes can be extended freely in the accessible system. You must hire an Opencart website development company to get more particular about the kind of development you want. Some standard features of Opencart-Administration dashboard User management system Multiple store management Options and Attributes for various products Affiliates for advertising and promoting Backup and restore extensionAlso read: - Benefits of having E-commerce website with Opencart PlatformWooCommerceWooCommerce fabricated by WooThemes and launched in the year 2011. The platform is one of the best e-commerce leading solutions; it is open source and free of cost plugin that integrates all functionalities to the WordPress website. You can install WooCommerce source code on GitHub. Most important features of e-commerce are-Robust WooCommerce community to support Ultimate scaling of e-commerce website Built-in analytics system Open source and WordPress-based platform Third party integrationZencartZencart is also PHP based platform which is freely available underneath the GPL2 General public license authority. The platform holds great abilities with respect to e-commerce development. It is popularly trusted as user-friendly, multilingual and easily customizable development platform among the designers and customers. It offers various kind of payment mode so the customer could be flexible at easy payment. Some other practicable and important features are-Matchless products managing Wide-ranging superfluities Integrated with phpBB Validated to XHTML 1.0 transitional Zencart community serviceOS CommercePHP-based OS commerce is popular e-commerce framework which is executed with MySQL database; it is an open source framework and can be operated on any server. The free software is available under the GPL authority. You can build self-hosted online store portal using this framework because it provides 7000+ add-ons so you will be able to manufacture your own business site.Boundless products management system website Integrated functionalities for shipping and payment User’s shopping history Information updating with more convenience tools Compatibility with different kind of platforms Navigable administrationSummaryIt depends finally on your liking and the kind of development will satiate your enterprises utmost requirements. Besides, you can optimize an e-commerce development company to find best perquisites for your online business store.Whether you want to know more about e-commerce development, ARKA Softwares arranges an assistance service having sheer knowledge in the required field. You can drop us a message at sales@arkasoftwares.com and put your quires to find ultimate solution.

Why makes WordPress CMS still efficacious for Web Development
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For all the web developers out there! Are you looking forward to know the trending web development technology in today’s date? Well, still in today’s date, web developers plump for WordPress for developing stunning websites for different sector organizations around the globe. You are as of now mindful of the way that entrepreneurs require a virtual nearness to make their mark in present time. An expert and pro-like website designing can help expand your odds of progress essentially. You most likely have even known about numerous web designers through which you can get your website designed for your business. You may even need a site for posting informative and engrossing blog posts, for wooing visitors.WordPress Development Services is all the rage these days, in this regard.Know about Wonderful WordPress platform:Have you known about WordPress? WordPress is an open source content administration framework. On the off chance that you don't know about CMS (Content Management System), it implies that this framework is open to use for all. Many people are occupied with this product to make it more hassle-free and simple to use. Therefore, open source content management systems are outrageously simple for resorting to. You simply wind up making a site in the blink of an eye! Regardless of the possibility that you are lost and don't recognize what to do, you will discover assorted kind of tutorials on the web with regards to making your own particular site WordPress. Besides, WordPress is continually getting refreshes which additionally pushes it towards being the best CMS accessible in the current date.It doesn't make any difference as to what kind of marvel site you need to make. You can make everything without exception with WordPress. With the perfect assistance of apt WordPress web designer modules; you can make the site, as you dreamt of. There are no such types of confinements. You can make one of the elegant website, for your business. You can make for the purpose of blogging. You can simply make a site devoted to your family! It fits to a wide range of needs! Hire WordPress CMS Developer who is laudable in skills and will help you for your requirements.#1 WordPress is the CMS which is skyrocketingOn the off chance that you as of now don't agree that WordPress is the best CMS then in the wake of perusing this article you will. You will admit to it once you have gone through all the reasons.#2 WordPress platform can be beneficial for everyone:In the event that you don't definitely know, WordPress is not only for bloggers; it is for everybody. From independent startup companies to bigger business, anybody can make utilization of this online webpage developer. You may be befuddled about WordPress and www.wordpress.com. WordPress is an open source programming which you can easily get from www.wordpress.org. Then again, www.wordpress.com is an administration which enables you to make individual sites or sites. The primary contrast between these two is the wellspring of facilitating. With the WordPress programming, you get the chance to have your own site. On the off chance that you've had any questions about it sometime recently, this ought to illuminate them.Since with WordPress you get the opportunity to have your own site, you can control everything. You are a definitive chief. You can make and deal with the greater part of your impressive content. You can outline it the way you need. There is no conclusion to what you can do with this product. You can incorporate oodles of modules. A portion of the modules offered by WordPress are free. This implies cherry-picking WordPress is a decent choice, as you get the chance to spare cash.Each individual has an alternate decision. You don't vital need to settle on one of the prior topics. You can just single out as per your will and vision. Previous subjects can be utilized as perspectives on the off chance that you are an amateur.Many individuals simply know WordPress as a CMS for independent startup or sites which post blogs. You will be flabbergasted to hear this however organizations like CNN and Vogue are making use of this enthralling software! Indeed, WordPress is efficient and robust software. It can go up against anything.#3 WordPress is just free for putting into service:The icing on the cake is that this platform is absolutely free to make use of. It will not cost you a single penny for utilizing. You have whole flexibility to utilize this software for your needs. You can adjust it as per your needs. You can expand upon the product and utilize it in any capacity you like. Obviously, there are a few components for which you need to make a dent in your pocket, say for instance, CSS alteration. For extra robust components, you have to certain a little measure of cash. As the top-rated WordPress development company, we have promising developers who will assist you from soup-to-nuts.Wrapping Up:WordPress is simple and you don't need to be a tech nerd to utilize it. Since there are thousand previous topics to work with, you can pass by without enlisting any engineer or developer. In the event that you require extra help, you can pick a WordPress master. Without any doubt, Wordpress is one of the ever-growing CMS for web development. One of the pre-eminent to choose this is that, it is highly secured platform and this makes web developers grin from ear to ear.

Why WordPress is the World’s Most Popular CMS?
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What makes Wordpress enjoy over 60% of international CMS market share? The fact that WordPress is powering 26% of the global websites makes it pretty much clear that it is the today the top choice of a majority of top CMS development companies.  It is also one of the most preferred ways to publish content.So, what are the reasons that WordPress generates more interest than any other platform?Open-Source SoftwareWordPress is an open-source Content Management System, which means that a private company cannot delete your content on its own, irrespective of reason. Hence, it is impossible for the companies to lose their content once they publish it using WordPress. This makes wordpress a reliable and secure CMS too.Being open source software, WordPress is the most viable option in terms of cost offering you complete possession over your content.Multilingual WordPressAccording to WordPress.org, it is possible to develop Wordpress websites in more than 60 languages. To put it simply, WordPress has been entirely translated into over 60 languages and currently more than 70% of WordPress websites are in English language. Wordpress has made it possible to democratise publishing a real possibility as blogs and websites can be developed in multiple languages making the platform relevant to a truly global audience.Easily CustomizableSo far, WordPress has been used as a content management system or a blogging platform. However it has also been used to create different types of websites. This has been possible because WordPress is a fully customizable platform. Also, being an Open Source software, it welcomes contributions including plugins and themes helping website development companies to develop different wordpress websites. The showcase section of WordPress.org proves the effectiveness of WordPress to be used for various purposes along being a good blogging platform.WordPress Plugins & ThemesWordpress offers a multitude of themes to help enhance the design and functionality of a WordPress website. These offer different templates. In addition, for every template, there are many plugins, which further help in customizing these templates to add more functionality. Because internet is flooded with wordpress themes and plugins, wordpress is the most preferred website development platform today for small and even top website development companies. The increasing interest in WordPress and growing repository of plugins and themes has also motivated many third-party companies to produce premium themes and plugins professionally.Social MediaThe power of social media platforms is huge. The numbers of likes and comments on your social media channel determines your brand popularity and success, particularly for large businesses.  There are over a billion active users on Facebook alone. Combining this number with the growing importance of Twitter as a promotional platform for businesses can help you realise why the ability to integrate these posts in your WordPress is important.It is very significant for businesses to offer an experience to their users to engage with authoritative long form content & share it instantly with their connections to start a conversation on a single platform. Wordpress is a platform that offers its users complete control over their content. In addition, it also understands that the real power of content is improved through connections. This is what social media platforms are meant for. Embedded social media plugins in WordPress include Twitter, Youtube, Photobucket, Flickr, Slideshare, Dailymotion, Google Maps.Conclusion        All the above discussed points make it clear that WordPress is the best and here to stay. Also, it will grow bigger in the coming years. If you stay informed and exercise basic best practices in place, you will be safe with your WordPress website and happy as well.

What Features make Joomla Popular Amongst Developers?
Joomla Development

Joomla is a reliable name in the CMS and website development industry. It is one of the most popular software packages in the world that is used to develop, organize, manage and publish content for blogs, websites, Intranets and mobile applications. Because of its scalable MVC architecture, Joomla is also a great base to platform for web applications. Top CMS development companies globally greatly prefer Joomla for their content related business.Currently, over 3% of the Web is running on Joomla. It also rules the CMS market share of over 9%. These percentages are evidence that Joomla powers the web presence of hundreds of thousands of businesses, non-profits and large organizations, governments, worldwide. Joomla is as an award winning CMS led by an international community of over a half million contributors that help even the most in-experienced user to develop their websites and turn their digital visions into reality.Here are some of the Joomla features that have made it the top choice of developers.MultilingualOne of the distinctive features of Joomla is that it is widely supported open source multilingual CMS platform. It offers language support for over 65 international languages. Content creators and webmasters can develop their websites to be accessible in multiple languages, regardless of the need to step out of the options available in the Joomla core software. With this multi-language support, developers can develop websites that are much more accessible that reach out to a much larger audience.User ManagementJoomla employs a registration system allowing users to configure personal options. There are nine out of the box user groups with different types of user permissions based on how users are allowed to access, edit, publish and administer. Authentication is a crucial aspect of user management and fortunately Joomla supports multiple protocols, such as LDAP, OpenID, and Gmail. With this, users are allowed to use their existing account information to streamline their registration process. Moreover, all these steps can be unified onto with extensions that give complete control over what users can access and their authentication on your website.PHP 7 SupportSince the launch of Joomla 3.5.0, it supports the most recent release of Zend’s PHP: PHP 7 offering a significant performance boost to your website. This support is a real aid to the PHP development companies as users can enjoy the benefits of performance improvement. However, Joomla still offers legacy PHP support to PHP version 5.3.10 for web servers that  aren’t yet upgraded.System FeaturesDevelopment in Joomla facilitates speedy page loads with page caching, GZIP page compression, and granular-level module caching features. To help the system administrator in troubleshooting some issue, Joomla offers an error reporting and extended debugging mode to resolve the issue. The FTP Layer allows file operations, such as installing Extensions, which do not require developers to make all the folders and files writable. It makes the website administrator's life easier and increases the security of your website. In addition, it also allows administrators communicate efficiently and quickly with users one-on-one through private messaging or all website users through the mass mailing system.Microdata library implementationJoomla Development companies are able to integrate microdata more easily into their websites extensions and. From generating the detailed markup for directories to automating the Author tag in articles, the microdata library canl significantly enhance how developers can optimize SEO with Joomla.Powerful ExtensibilityWhile Joomla’s core version is just the beginning, its real power lies in the way developers can customize it. It offers more than 7,500 extensions to extend the website and broaden its functionality. To see thousands of extensions to enhance Joomla, simply visit the Joomla! Extensions Directory or use the Joomla extension finder built into it.

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