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How Much Does VR Application Development Cost, Its Features
mobile app development

IntroductionVR application development is comparatively more costly rather than other phone application development. API integrations and app customization need more resources and time. The cost of VR application development including high quality and exclusive features can vary by orders of scale, resources requirement, and size of the project. We are describing here an appropriate study of cost estimation with its amazing features that can help you in calculating the approximate costs while you are at the first stage.Give a look below-Features of VR applicationThird-party Integration: -Number of plugins are available in VR app which allows developers to attach third-party apps in VR app development. Development Opportunity: - This comprise of various management services like project management, payment model etc. Marketing Platforms: - Multiple mobile platforms offer an almost free online market to distribute VR applications and VR games. Further, you can take profits of social media to promote the applications. Great Convenience: - VR application can save time and money to make business work more convenient. You can make an easy decision using VR app to evaluate the design. Effective Learning System: - It makes the audience's learning easier with new information about the product and service.Cost Estimation of VR App DevelopmentRate of VR application development may differ according to the different regions. You may have to pay different prices accordingly and the cost may get change as per the addition of advanced features. Make a look at the various manufacturing cost in different regions-A mobile app development company in the USA may charge you approx $ 40 - $240 per hour and it might increase along with advance feature. In Western Europe, you may be charged $40 - $180 hourly whereas in Eastern Europe you will be charged approx $25 - $70 hourly. In India, you would get a much more affordable price where you can have world class services just at $5 - $70 per hour.Some application that can be built for VR are discussed here with the estimation of their total development costs-The development cost of online shopping application in VR is approx $ 15k - $25k. The development cost of VR game application approx $5k - $8k. Development cost of 3Ds Max in VR $50k - $ 200k. Development cost of MMORPG starts form $100kThe exact price depends on development firm you hire. So, the final cost and overall time for building a VR application-3D runner app development in VR cost starts from $5k Horror game cost in VR $5k to $35k Theatre in VR cost $10k to $35k for UI and for backend $10k VR shop cost $11k to $35k for UI and $5k to $15k for backendTotal development cost is approximately around $5k to $300k and time taken can vary from 3 months to 24 months.SummaryIf you have budget and flexibility then it is better to come for VR app development. At this stage, you have to make a clear cost and time estimation for your project. For your convenience, you can divide your VR app development project into the separate dash and set price accordingly.ARKA is one of the top 10 mobile app development companies in the IT industry. Here you will find professionals that manage and motivate the customers offering them several new ideas. We make plans with better strategies and experience for customer's projects. Know our further services through dropping a mail at  sales@arkasoftwares.com

iOS 11 – A Giant Step for iPhone and iPad
Mobile app development

IntroductioniOS 11 is the latest update of iOS; the updated version comes with some of the most advanced iOS app development services. It is available for iPhone 5s, iPad mini 2 and their later versions. iOS 11 is endowed with major changes in design, for example, control panel and lock screen have undergone a complete makeover. Besides, there are many new functions integrated to iPhone/iPad which users have longed for since a while. Here is a revelation on latest features of iOS 11 in iPhone and iPad Mini -Customizable Control Center: - In this new version of iOS you can customize Control Center to swiftly change the settings for the important things. Control Center customization integrates the multi-pane system in one control location; some controls can be expanded to take up many options like music panel pops up, connectivity panel etc. New App Store for Better Searching: - An all-new App store of the beta version of iOS 11 is now available to the users. This is the most momentous update since the app store launched in 2008, now it comes with new discovery pages, new app store product pages and 3 ASO (App Store Optimization) tests etc.App Switcher: - App Switcher has undergone redesigning in this latest iOS version.This app switcher is located on iPhone/iPad where the control center is. It preserves Split View or slides over multitasking windows so that you can easily have access to the third-party applications without interrupting the split-screen workflow. Dock: - Now, the Dock can be used for the multitasking purpose; this is able to hold up to 13 applications along with most recently used apps, dragging a Dock icon upwards pop up a new window.Drag &Drop: - By implementing this feature you can transfer test, photos, file and more links from one app to another app without any trouble with in-app share sheet. Mostly it is used in Split View mode and multiple files can be dragged and dropped at the same time.Instant Markup: - Instant Markup is a feature that allows basically anything on the iPad to be annotated using the Apple Pencil. A similar feature has also been added for all type of files and documents through a new “Markup through PDF "; this is good option helps you to convert any file into PDF file.Quicktype Keyboard: - This feature is available for all type of iPad systems. On iOS 11 it is easy and intuitive to type symbols and numbers; because of the iPad keyboard no need to use the swift keys now. All keys are displayed with both the numbers and letters.SummaryAdditionally, there are many outward-facing changes and internal tweaks that have been built into iOS 11.The iOS updates deliver latest tools and features for developers in iOS app development to make apps better than ever before. We are one of the best iOS development companies in the USA, ARKA Softwares holds extensive knowledge and experience in development on iPhone and iPad Apps; further, our experts come along customers requirements as they have in their app development project. So, if you have any further plan for app building and want to get complete information about our services, please mail at – sales@arkasoftwares.com

The On-Demand Tutors Finding App – Development Cost and Key Features
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IntroductionOn-demand apps have made the world much more convenient and feasible for us by bringing services on to our door-steps.It is one of the trends which has caught the eye of novice as well as seasoned developers. When it comes of developing your own on demand tutor app mostly things boil down to the total expenditure an app development company will charge you as per your requirements. Here, we are discussing some key features and their manufacturing costs that can make your on-demand tutor app much more prominent in app market-Key Features of On-Demand Tutors AppSome common features of on-demand tutor app are -Using this app you can find a home teacher or you can make a request for an online teacher with advanced search. You can match your requirement and criteria with home tutor shown on the application. The admin of the application is able to track the location of the teacher, job status at just time. An in-built e-Wallet is available in On-demand tutor app that enables users to make cashless payment without accessing account details. Through using this app you can make a schedule for tutor booking; also you are able to change or edit the booking schedule accordingly.Advance Features of On-Demand Tutors AppBesides the general features, an On-demand teacher app includes many others advanced services that might be more significant to the users. Some major features are given here-Cloud System: - Cloudtechnology is greatly instrumental in app development. You can store or save your data like payment detail, user/admin detail and app service information on the cloud server and you can access all data whenever you need to utilize that. Multiple Payment Option: - This service allows users to pay via various payment options like debit/credit cards, net banking, e-wallet etc. thus, making a real-time payment you can book the tutor as per your demands. Tuition on Conference Call: -In-app conference call facilitates students and teachers for making discussion with each other. A teacher can provide a solution to the queries of any subjects during the practice time; other students also can discuss the topic through built-in messages or conference call in a transparent communication. Training on Video Call: - Tutor and learner can create communication with each other with built in video-call feature using the smartphone camera. This increases a student productivity and reduces time consumption, as practical presentation enhances the grasping power of student. Notification Alert: - Students and teachers can engage in a healthy communication via message/notification panel. The users can send push notifications to promote their activities to the accustomed users. They can also notify each other over left-overlearning and teaching sessions and payments etc.Cost and Time Estimation of On-Demand AppThe development cost of On-demand teacher app may vary according to the different regions from low to high as per the development requirements.The mobile app development companies or developers may charge you accordingly. Further, you can make estimation by reading these given statistics-In India, the development can cost you approx $25 to $200 per hour for the app development.In the United State of America and European region, the development cost can vary from approx $200 to $550 per hour. Some Eastern countries of Europe may charge you differently as per the range of app manufacturing might be $200 - $600 hourly. Thus, it would cost you approximately $7k to $30k for a single platform (Android or iOS); besides, if you are bending for advance featureslikeusing a native platform then the cost may reach high to $45k. when we go to higher end of cost determination, $70k is the upper limit and it sufficient enough to get you a robust application competing well in business space.SummaryOn-demand teaching apps are surely a boom in the education industry; it leverages unparalleled flexibility and convenience to education. While planning an on-demand tutor app you can refer the points mentioned above and can take a close analysis of features that you want your app to be embellished with and how much the development would cost you. ARKA is one of the top apps Development Company in the USA; it has versatility in its development work, resources, tools and a very efficient development process that is taken as a guideline to build robust and feature-rich web applications. We are a full-grown team of expert developers; our expertise can guide you through one end to another while seeking for an app development of various genre and platforms. To know more about our service and our previous work, please mail at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

Development Cost and Features of a Mobile Wallet Application
mobile app development

IntroductionUndoubtedly, mobile wallets have become the best way to pay for any kind of purchases. According to surveys held by top 10 app development companies in USA approx 50%, users make payments the digitally via e-Wallet. Furthermore, if you are looking forward to create your own mobile wallet app then here are some clues of cost and features. There are tons of applications available that can help you analyze and explore to make your perquisites. With the studies mentioned below you can chalk-out various aspects of cost and features of that of e-Wallet applications.Key Features of Mobile Wallet ApplicationAn e-wallet application offers lots of services with a virtual mobile-based wallet like storing money, transfer money, online/offline payment etc. It makes your online payments effortless with the myriad of benefits. Some usual key features are given here-You can store/add money to mobile wallet app You can add multiple bank accounts, credit/debit cards in mobile wallet app You are able to transfer money from your e-wallet to other accounts You can pay online your utility bills POS/Kiosk integration Tracker tools are available to track your everyday expenditureAdvance Features of Mobile App DevelopmentAdding following features can help you extend your e-wallet app significance substantially. The application can go high among the customers with great popularity and visibility. Make a look at these features-Data Synchronization: - Through this features, you can link e-wallet app with your registered social account and mobile number whereby you could get a high level of security and privacy. Cloud System: - This feature can help users in faster money transaction in the reliable and safest mode. With the utilization of the cloud technique, you can access the data powerfully and drag the attention of more and more users. GPS &Navigation: - Using GPS on mobile wallet app you will be able to track your nearby users so you can do payment by tapping on the individual’s name. Furthermore, it saves time and gives you speed, also you don't need to access extra account information of the user to accomplish the process. Wearable Device Integration: - Connecting your e-wallet app with wearables, enables you to conduct various kind of transactions. The feature makes good approach to the users providing them a great convenience. Virtual Card Integration: - It is one of the best attributes of the mobile wallet apps, this is a great advancement in e-wallet technology which allows you to make a virtual card like debit/credit card.Cost & Time Estimation for e-Wallet App DevelopmentThere different costs come up in different regions in the world; so you have to pay accordingly. If making plan for an e-Wallet app development, you can estimate the total cost through the given expenditure in different countries-In the United State, you will be charged approx $150 per hour. In the European region, you will be charged approx $130 per hour. In Australia, you will be charged approx $190 per hour. It is said that India is the most reasonable place where you need to pay approx $25 - $80 per hour.Concluding the complete manufacturing price of a mobile wallet app you may have to pay around $25k to $50k and if you need to add various extensive services in the application then you have to invest total $100 k to $150 k.SummaryHundred of e-wallet app are available on multiple platforms; you can go for them and analyze their developing cost accordingly .while developing your own e-Wallet app you must make an outline for manufacturing by making the good sense of affordability and feasibility you can come by the great e-Wallet app development.ARKA Softwares is one of the top 10 mobile app development companies around the globe. Here you will find apps/web development of high quality standard; we have the tools, resources, and expertise that can guide your enterprise to higher end of your business domain. For exploring more about our services contact us by mailing at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

How Mobile Applications can boost Your Business
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IntroductionThere are hundreds of mobile apps emerging for various platforms like Android, iOS, Window OS with their commercial usability. Infact, mobile app development is now part of the most powerful strategies for the businesses and enterprises markets to capture and encase larger profits and gains. According to various surveys, in large numbers mobile customers are consistently encouraging the usage of mobile apps to becoming a potential target for business to achieve. Consequently, mobiles apps are becoming ‘must have’ for all kind of businesses with Smartphones and mobile apps dubbed as synonyms of IT industry. Here are some top mobile app tactics which could enhance your business environment-1. Mobile marketing & SEOThe most recognizable thing, about 60% of all online searches are done through the smartphones; therefore, a proper mobile marketing is very important for advertising your business website whereas mobile SEO (search engine optimization) can make your commercial site much responsive by indexing the keywords so you will be able to generate a huge people crowd for your site.2. Anytime Customer VisitingAccording to the different researches on mobile app development companies, it has been observed that the amount of time a person usually spends of smartphones is more than two hours averagely. This is bespoke of great opportunities for you to make your customers attract to your enterprise web and mobile applications anywhere/anytime. Just by adding mobile inventories can improve your customer engagement leveraging long term customer loyalty ultimately opening revenue generation.3. Stand Clear of CompetitorsJust by offering opportunities to your customers to reach your storefronts by mobile phones  make your enterprise makes you stand apart from your competitors because most of the startups come with lack of understanding in the business mobile application; whereby you may become first one through facilitating mobile app to reach your trade in the end.4. Make Brand AppreciationUsually, most of the mobile users have accounts on social apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc; those mobile compatible applications can boost your brand value by promoting your enterprise on social media sphere. By integrating your business platform with social media application you can expand company’s visibility to add to the new customer base and brand followers.5. Mobile In-App AdsMobile In-App advertisements can grow customers reach onto your business platform. You can add several categories to show your site in searching results to targeted huge numbers of active users. Therefore, you could add mobile video/audio, banners, In-App content and much more; these ads can open your trade to millions of active mobile users. SummaryThese techniques can be used for business enrichment and higher profits. A well strategized plan to launch your startup or optimizing services of your full grown business helps you in connecting to larger audience. There is no doubt mobile apps have become a much utilizable component of any commercial industry.At ARKA, as we have resources, knowledge and tools to build up the superlative web and mobile app creation, we have proven a global standard through producing better-quality of app development services implementing the modern frameworks. So, whenever you need to kick start your mind for a startup you could come at ARKA to fulfill your needs. Please mail at- sales@arkasoftwares.com to know our more excellent services.

Cost to Develop On-Demand Food Delivery App for Android and iOS
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IntroductionMany On-demand food applications like food panda, Swiggy etc are becoming popular immensely among the generations. According to the current statistics of the top 10 app development companies in the United States, about 20% of people are using food delivery apps to render convenience of better speed, efficiency and affordability. While driving through various platforms as Android, iOS or Window; you should choose the one that provides modules/plug-ins and tools for facilitating in-app creating. Some of those aspects are free but somewhere you need to pay in the whole process of development. Let’s dig deeper into what may cost heavier on your project-Cost Estimation of App DevelopmentBelow are some of the basic app development expenses; that are allocated as per the individual services for platforms, Android and iOS. So, take a look at the given cost factors for On-demand food delivery app manufacturing-Development Cost of Customer-Side App: - Customer side of food ordering app includes several features to build like Account editing, real-time tracking and payment services etc. Optimizing together all features you can get a quick valuation of development separately for both Android and iOS. It may charge you around $8500 - $8600 total and consume 286 hours for the complete Android development process. It may charge you around $8500 - $8600 total for iOS and take 285 hours for the process. If you add backend process then you have to pay around $4000 and 134 hours approx entirely.Thus, the total cost of customer-side food delivery app might reach $ 15000 approximately for Android and backend as well the same cost for iOS and backend.Development Cost of Vendor-Side App: - Vendor-side includes fewer services than customer-side so it may cost you a little less for both Android and iOS. It may charge you $5100 - $5200 for Android app development whereas it will take approx 170 hours. For iOS development, it will charge you $5200 - $5500 and consume approx 175 hours. For the backend, you have to pay around $ 2200 and it takes around 75 hours.So, the total cost is $ 9200 - $9500 approximately for Android and backend where $ 9800 - $10000 for iOS and backend.Development Cost of Both Side (Customer - Vendor):- There are few common features in food delivery application for both customer and vendor; thus, the cost estimation for developing these common features on Android and iOS- For Android development, it may cost you $ 2000 for 65 hours of development. For iOS, you have to pay $2300 - $2500 and recruit around 80 hours entirely. For backend process, it will charge you $700 - $800 and take approx 25 hours.Total cost for Android including backend is approx $2800 and for iOS, totals cost is approx $3000 - $3200 adding backend.Development Cost of Restaurant App: - If you are likely to tend towards restaurant app development then it is a cheaper option; since there you do not need to build iOS or Android app but it is a web application. Therefore, the approximate cost of manufacturing is $ 2200 - $2300 and it takes around 75 hours for the entire process.Cost Estimation in Different RegionsIn the well-developed regions such as the United States and Europe, mobile app development firms and developers may start their cost range from a large amount of money. If we compare Eastern Europe with these regions, you could leverage cheaper cost in Eastern region. Look at the specific prices of On-demand food app development in different regions, given below-Development cost In United States of America: $100 - $250/hourly Development cost in Europe: $100 - $250/hourly Development cost in Eastern Europe: $50 - $100/hourly Development cost in India: $10 - $80/hourlyIt is complicated relative to estimating the cost of Android and iOS separately. Consequently, if you need to figure out the total cost while planning for the food ordering app development then you can optimize stats shown above. It might charge you large numbers of dollars (approx $17k to $25k) entirely. This range of cost may vary for both iOS and Android.Time Estimation of different ProcessesCost highly depends on the number of hours you deploy onto your project. It would be helpful to developers in managing the outline according to the time consumption in whole development. Some major time taking manufacturing processes are-Business management takes approx 240 hours UX/UI development takes approx 160 hours Admin dashboard takes approx 160 hours High-level design takes approx 60 hours App quality assurance process takes approx 100 hoursThere are various development processes of an on-demand food application. Each one consumes a number of hours to complete. Whether approximating entire time, it will take 7-8 weeks for the development. Wrapping UpThe money that goes into developing an On-demand food app mostly depends on the working hours; besides, it may vary as per the needs of services which you want to add to your application or website. Further, going to the iOS or Android experts can help you finalize the pertinent and affordable app development.At ARKA, we are one of the leading mobile app development companies. We excel at gripping all requirements what customers want; moreover, we deliver custom and enterprises mobile app solutions across various frameworks. If you are planning for getting a food delivery app development, you can leverage our excellent services. To know the best strategies of ARKA, you can contact us by dropping a mail here- sales@arkasoftwares.com 

Java vs. Kotlin: Which is the Better Choice for Android App Development?
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IntroductionWhile planning any new Android Application you need to choose what can make your application much beautiful and attractive. Developers go through a selection procedure of language to be used for coding of application. Amongst which majorly preferred languages are Java and Kotlin. Java, the traditional language, is used mostly by the Android developers and Kotlin, is proclaimed official language for Android by Google. For making a decision here are some important pointers that can help you select the appropriate one from the Java and Kotlin-Java vs. KotlinWhy is Java?As we have mentioned above that Java is the traditional language to manufacture Android apps. If you investigate at top 10 mobile app development companies you still find Java is the best programming language because developers have been using it since before the Android mobiles came to use. Furthermore, it is also much appropriate having immense open source tools/aspects and libraries to provide a congruous support the developers. Besides, Java community gives online support whether a developer needs anywhere, anytime.For beginners, Java is the subject that offers lots of opportunities in Android development field that can make their knowledge job laborious. Some important factors about Java that might be adaptable-It provides integrated codes available online. It can be updated frequently. Android system supports Java language code which is too much than you expect. For Java development, Android system connects all libraries with it. For freelancers, Java provides many app development tasks to master their expertise and knowledge.Why is Kotlin? Kotlin, since is the official language for Android development, is gaining rapid popularity among mobile app development companies in the US. Google publicized it as an official language because Android market in the US is smaller comparatively, so the development companies might show an interest in Kotlin rather than Java. Second thing is, people are showing much interest in Kotlin and preferring it, reasons its syntax is so easy to understand and you do not need to adopt upper-level programming terminologies to learn it. Even beginners can learn this language without any extra hitches.Having a look at given factors you can find more reasons for choosing Kotlin as per your preference-Android IDE has all libraries and functionalities that are required when running the Kotlin code. You can find online approx 2000 Android GitHub projects built in Kotlin; means you have more projects rather than Java. The interoperable thing between Java and Kotlin is, developers are able to perform both at the same instance. Using a plugin allows you to convert Java codes into Kotlin; so it is much appreciable for any Android developer. It is useful in removal of the garbage collection.Read also: KOTLIN: NEW PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE FOR ANDROIDWhich One Should You Prefer?Both languages are highly efficient but you need to select one.According to the top 10 app development companies, Java is much flexible for enterprise app development whereas Kotlin personal favorite of beginners and small businesses and startups. The other point is that Java has its active market around it so, still it is much favorable among developers but Kotlin is a new thing so the new developers can adopt this language and likewise it is going to be peerless hugely among professionals also. Java is defiantly much practiced language but we all have previous experiences that the new thing always presents much stuff with new taste; so you should just try Kotlin for your next project if not, Java has its position by now.SummaryWhile selecting the accurate language for your new project, it is necessary to optimize best strategies top to bottom because choosing better one from both languages is complicated when you are already proficient in particular one. Moreover, seek consult of experts and professionals to implement your outlines straightforwardly.ARKA Softwares is full-fledged mobile app Development Company; we concentrate on each inclination of customers what they needs or for what they are willing. We specialize in Android development, .Net development and several technology services. You can deal with us whether you are planning for your new project. To know more about our services, mail at – sales@arkasoftwares.com

Reasons Why You Should Develop Apps for Android rather than iOS
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Introduction Nowadays we use different type of the operating systems which are running our mobile devices; simultaneously a mobile app development company always has a preference for the platform that offers more resources, easy compatibility, and great career possibilities. So, in that case, the mobile companies are favoring mostly Android rather than iOS development. But not only career possibilities are to blamed about the preference given to android, considering the following points- · Android Studio vs. iOS Tools If you are planning to develop a mobile app then what operating system you will prefer? Give it a thought for a sec; obviously, you would like to go with the platform which provides mature and easy to employ development tools. Without a doubt, Android Studio has become a synonym for it lately. You can bear in mind the given objects of both frameworks to know how Android Studio is better than iOS-Android Studio is an official IDE that supplies faster and more efficient tools for Android development services. A developer can easily set up a new project for different types of applications. Some important features of Android Studio are-Live layout editor with immediate layout rendering Gradle-based build system Supports app development for other devices like wearable device, TV and the rest. A layout preview on multiple display configurationiOS provides the Xcode IDE for app development. It is an amazing platform for many specific tools and attributes. Features of iOS are-iPhone, Mac OSX, iWatch apps can be manufactured only on the Xcode. It has a newer swift programming language that makes the training process easy. It provides personal managing directories’ hierarchy to the developers.Read more:- ABOUT ASTONISHING iPhone 8 UPDATE: RUMORS & TRUTH · Hardware Compatibility Android Studio is also friendly with many other operating systems like Window, Linux, and Mac book; likewise, an Android developer is always flexible while using Android Studio on window OS X, Linux or Mac book.If we consider iOS then the Xcode operating system is flexible only with Mac system/machines. You need to arrange Mac computer or device to develop iOS apps because you cannot manufacture iOS apps on others operating system. · Code Understanding Android Studio gives more freedom to developers so they can find various different solutions for custom or native coding. Many other things like Intents, broadcast receiver and back service etc helps Android experts to recognize the deep coding of development.iOS provides off limited flexibility; so for the iOS developers, they have to follow the standard rules such as specific short key execution, drag and drop screen interface and so on. · Membership Subscription Android system charges an affordable cost to subscribe for membership. It will charge you approx $25 to publish an Android application.In another side, iOS will charge you more dollars to subscribe Apple's membership. You may have to pay around $100 a year that could be expensive for freelancer or startups.  Outline In a nutshell, Android system has an upper hand over iOS because of much provided handiness to mobile app developers. Android system might take more time to master in developing but the intricacy helps you to be perfect and confident in coding. As a result of this, you should choose the well-approached framework that easily fits  your preference.ARKA Softwares is the best Android app development company in the US. ARKA offers much preferable development services to the client/customers and the company always reaches the requirements for what the customers are dealing with. If you need to manufacture a mobile app, you can get more details of our services. Mail us at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

‘Doctor on Demand’ Mobile App Development: Cost and Features
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Introduction There are many healthcare mobile applications leveraging the best of the medical services. Thousands of patients have been served with reliable healthcare/medical services via their Smartphone instantly. The applications not only cut out the long waiting line to see a doctor , but these also help you read and deliver reviews on their medical services. Apps like ‘doctor on-demand’ are a modest effort to simplify medical care. Consequently, healthcare web development companies are also conceiving new ideas for these apps upgrading them with utilitarian and desirable features. Features of Doctor on-Demand App Built for doctor and patient both; the app features are separated here considering the utility of the app for both users with features for admin panel particularly. Let’s have a glance at few significant features of this application-Patient Section FeaturesAppointment:The patients can book the appointment date and time by operating application, they are able to search the preferable doctor near their location at suitable time; furthermore, patients get a calendar service, so they ensure the doctor’s availability date to date. It also facilitates the patients to track the doctor according to the immediacy.Cloud Based Medical record:Patients get an e-Medical record service that will be useful to share health integrated documents with the doctor; It could be helpful for further treatment and others official process. The section also provides accurate maintenance and security of the documents.Better Interaction:A patient can personally be in touch with the medical specialist through chat-box service; moreover, she/he can discuss with the doctor making a call through the application. It makes it easy for the paitent to find out the information, reports and new updates quickly. A live video session also helpful when the patients want to express their health issues to the doctor.E-Billing:Patients will be able to have bill through in-app payment service. It is faster, secure and easy to process; thus they can experience the flawless payment gateway.Doctor Section FeaturesDoctor SpecificationsThis field adds the complete detail of the doctor like name, address, contact number, photograph and specialization in the field. If any customer/patient needs to know more about her/him, they can ask via this portal.Better work managementDoctors can check their patient appointment and confirm appointment accordingly; they are also able to cancel a particular appointment in the case of unavailability.Online PrescriptionA doctor can prescript online to treat common disease like cold, fever etc.; in the major condition, the doctor can go to the live video consulting with patients seeing more serious problems. Admin SectionMedical recordsIt includes complete detail of patients, their medical history, and other medical reports. It makes it simple for doctor to see a medical history of a person before examining him/her.ManagingProvides a complete list of doctors in patient’s zip location or in other location; besides, adds the category of experts according to the expertise field, so the customer can find the preferred physician easily.Store patient’s reports, medical treatment history and also generates the information of patients whenever required. Manage the details of doctors and can publicize that additionally. Consists of marketing tools like SEO tools, loyalty system. Coupon Codes etc.Manufacturing costs of a doctor on-demand app The expenditure of doctor on-demand app development completely depends on the kind of functionality and services what you need to add in your app. However you can estimate the manufacturing charges for the best healthcare website design or app development going to the approximates values in various domains-Developers/Designers in the US may charge you $50 - $250 hourly. Developers of Europe will charge you approx $30-$150 per hour. India based developers may give you some afford; they may charge you $10 - $80 per hour.Other technical charges with limited features on Android platform across the world-Technical documentation- $1k - $2k for 40 hours Front - end, back – end development- $10k - $20k for 400 hours MVP testing- $2k - $4k for 80 hoursSummary Doctor-on-demand app is a great application which seems to provide seamless solutions to the patients and doctors. The manufacture of this service is approaching healthcare website development too ahead; patients/doctors can experience the thing on doctor on-demand website. In the challenging time of the healthcare industry, this app/website may be a boon.

Cost and Time Evaluation for Developing Bitcoin Mobile App
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Introduction The evolution of the financial business has opened doors for various new digital technologies; Cryptocurrency is one of them. The virtual currency regulating the economic trend at present and seems to run for long time in the future. Bitcoin, the very trendy example of digital currency. You can experience this technology customizing a Bitcoin mobile application, but a mobile app development company need to know the proper strategies and time while developing a Bitcoin mobile app. What technical needs and how much cost and time the developing process consume; you can figure out through the given study- 1. Blockchain Technical needsThis is a mobile app that provides Bitcoin wallet available for Android and iOS. You can download it from Google play store easily, even though the application works on Window, Mac, and Linux. It is also called hybrid app because it stores Bitcoins online. It is also moderately hard to make payment. To manufacture of this app, developers require mostly Java to create backend service but sometimes they prefer Clojure and Node for backend design whereas AngularJS is used for frontend part. For designing Blockchain website, designers need AngularJS, NPM, BitcoinJS, and Bootstrap etc. APIs for various languages code Python, Java, PHP, Ruby and.Net and so on.Cost and Time EstimationDevelopment cost for Android - $27 500 Development cost for iOS - $25 000 Website designing cost - $5000 Designing cost - $7500 Backend development - $10 000 The total cost including other operating expenses- $79k approximately. It may consume approx 550 hours of Android-based working whereas it will consume approx 500 hours for iOS development.2.     Coinbase Technical needsThe second most popular Bitcoin app which is leading mobile app development services over the entire world. It is available for Android and iOS and you can access it through web browsers too. For the Coinbase - based services, developers are using several technologies and language code; they are combining Ruby, MongoDB, Node.JS, Swift (iOS) and Java (Android) etc. For APIs and SDK you need to use some important elements like user and story management, Blockchain notification; therefore you can use some basic tools Google API, EDS, AWS, and others.Cost and Time EstimationDevelopment cost for Android - $35 000 Development cost for iOS – $30 000 Website designing cost - $5000 Backend development - $10 000 Designing cost - $7500 The total cost including other operating expenses- $91k - $92k approximately. For Android-based app manufacturing, it will take approx 700 hours for complete task whereas for iOS it may consume 600 hours.3.     BitcoinJBitcoinJ is available only for Android system, still has the strong position in the market. In the manner, this application downloaded by 1million users on Google play store. This app provides open source services, so anyone can use it for their business purpose. In some case, it is little different from other Bitcoin wallet apps. If you want to develop wallet app, you need to pick up BitcoinJ API and REST API. It is performed in java but developers can use others JVM friendly code language implementing other like C++, javascript, Ruby, and python etc.Cost and Time EstimationDevelopment cost for Android - $27 000 Development cost for iOS – $22 500 Website designing cost - $5000 Backend development - $10 000 Designing cost - $7500 The total cost including other operating expenses- $76k approximately. For BitcoinJ Cryptocurrency, Android-based app development takes approx 550 hours whereas for iOS it may consume 450 hours.Summary This completely depends on your choice what services and tools you want to add in your Bitcoin application; picking your preferences you have to pay the much and more dollars how much it needs for developing the app. You can see the total estimation from the above study; approx $76k to $100k dollars will be charged if you are planning on a Bitcoin app development. Therefore you need to discuss the experts or developers to find the better outlines and mobile app solutions. Hopes, the case study would be helpful to get accurate and unique ideas.

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