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Reasons to Choose CakePHP over Other Frameworks
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IntroductionCakePHP comes with a great number of advance features over the other PHP frameworks. It is open source platform and widely popular among leading web developers. A CakePHP development company offers fast and handy code arrangement on this framework that helps in developing complex and dynamic websites. So, there is no better choice than CakePHP for developing a robust website for any kind of businesses. Few major features are given here to make good reasons you in coming close to CakePHP-MVC pattern-Based FrameworkMVC (Model View Controller) is the major thing in CakePHP development. It makes task easy for developers to separate the logic from presentation. It can be helpful in data handling as it makes you simple for inserting, reading and changing data from the database. Besides, MVC design helps in connecting with the development command seamlessly and avoids any wrongdoing in execution.CRUD PlatformCRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) is very useful for any type website development as it makes the code management smoother and visible. You can see an even single code of application programming preliminary and check or converse it under the process of CRUD.ORMUsing ORM (object-relational mapping) technique on CakePHP you can translate data between incompatible type systems and object-oriented programming language so that you can define each relation between other classes.Open SourceCakePHP is open source framework, which makes it economic and cost-friendly. If you want to develop qualitative web applications then CakePHP is the easiest framework at a reasonable cost.Object-oriented Framework PHP provides developers an object-oriented environment for programming script and more resourceful aspects as well the CakePHP has all in-built resource and components compared to other core frameworks.Code TestingOn CakePHP, you get an easy testing method. A number of errors occur while creating a huge web application; so working on this platform you are facilitated to identify or analyze small/big errors and fix them immediately. Going through this you could simplify and create a much smoother manufacturing process.Zero Pre-InstallationFortunately, this framework doesn’t need to be  pre-installed so it allows developers to use it without  pre-configuration process. You would find most of the settings auto installed so you have to configure only database settings and the rest get installed automatically.Standardized SecurityOne of the important advantages is security and session handling. While working on this platform you would enable for data validation throughout the application so that you could work cohesively using fast and flexible security facilities.SummaryA modern CakePHP framework is providing many dominant and influential tools for web development; it is making both small and big web manufacturing simpler and faster. So, it can be utilized with higher potential to perceive a flexible CakePHP website development significantly.As we discussed above few important features of CakePHP; there several other features are available to appreciate.  at ARKA, you can  leverage the benefits of consulting CakePHP development work and gain extensive information about it. moreover, you can come to us to get a good standard of web development. To know more about our web services, please mail at – sales@arkasoftwares.com

How Mobile Applications and Websites are Useful for Real Estate Business
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IntroductionWhether it is e-commerce, medical, education or entertainment, mobile apps and websites are fast changing the world immensely. Most of the retailers prefer online business because it is easy to handle and financially affordable; consequently having a website and mobile application for Real Estate business is making users more convenient. In this manner, Real Estate dealers and also customers can take more advantages growing reliance on Real Estate website development. Here, some potent factors that why your real estate business needs to be empowered with technology.1. Faster SearchWith investing in online Real Estate business you are enabling your customers to explore the property details that are potential USP. Property details like images, price, size, and location etc can be analyzed online using personalized tools into your website or application. Customers can search for various types of services to deal according to the information provided by a property agent.2. Capturing by Audio/Video and NavigationYou can land your online property business services to foreign customers on the basis of their language, currencies, and requirements. Implementing GPS to Real Estate app/website you can convey your customer/client directly to your property site; making it much easier for your customer. Adding audio/Video communication adds the perks as your customers can inspect the property that and there. Promotions and announcements are made easy with audio or video messages.3. Online Customer SupportAmazing feature as this helps you reach your customers anytime anywhere. You can kill their queries, advice them, fill them in with important information within nick of time. It would be like offering your customers assistance anywhere anytime.4. Social Media MarketingAdvertising your brand to the online audience opens a lot of doors to opportunities. It allows property dealers to promote and introduce their brand related information on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and others using websites and mobile app. It also allows you to share the previous experience of customers with a single tap on mobile, allowing your customers to explore your work freely. Notifying of the new offers, discount and forthcoming best deals for the future scenario becomes much easier too, it expands your reach and endeavor brand recognition.5. Instant Customer FeedbackWork iteration allows you to dynamically change with the future requirements. Allow your customers to giveaway their experience of their property hunt with you. Using a mobile app or website helps you collect customer responses on your services.Some Other characteristic of Mobile App/Web for Real Estate BusinessYou can connect with your client via Email services using mobile app /website Your property can be categorized according to the features Customer or client can look at current properties to buy or sell without at physical effort. Customers are able to get all detail of dealers online with them they want to deal. You can make available your Real Estate business on mobile and computer devices 24/7 via mobile app or website. Helps in closing deals faster. Property Documentation is simplifies.SummaryThere is a wide range of platforms such as Android, iOS for building a Real Estate app or website for. While looking for Real Estate web solutions or any kind of mobile app development strategy you must go for a professional developers and web designers to get a concern with them. It allows you to explore find realistic and pragmatic outlines for your Real Estate app/web manufacturing.ARKA Softwares is one of the best mobile Development Companies in the USA. We are an inspired and well-grown team in various technology fields; besides, we are also keen on Real Estate web development immensely. You can serve many other services at ARKA’s ground. To find more information about our work prospectus mail at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

How Much It Cost for Development and Maintenance of E-commerce Website
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Introduction Many e-commerce websites exist in the online market, but have you ever wondered how much cost and strategic analysis it has done during the pre-production and shaping of the website? You may have never given it a thought but they if your business is ready to add the ‘e’ to the commerce then this article is a must read. This article will help you acquire sufficient material to know answers to your each query.Determining the proper outlines, technologies and economic resource that all are required while designing an ecommerce framework are important to be taken care during the pre-production of the e-commerce platform. In this article we cover up few highlighter of cost and strategic analysis that will be helpful by all means for your future website development project or maintenance of your online business- 1. Platform design For designing the e-commerce platform like WooCommerce and Magento you need to include many extensions and modules; you may even have to pay up to $250 - $500 to buy or download those online. And that’s not it because cost highly depends on the required services and other aspects. So if you have a mindset on the basic design configuration then it can cost you around $5000. You can consult your project with experts but charges are high, not every business is ready to afford hour approx $10 to $100 individually. 2. Website Design Online retailers need customer’s attention so they can gain huge traffic on the website; therefore they spend money on making the website much attractive and interactive to attract customers or visitors. They include good quality of graphics and animation and highly usable services in their commercial website. If you want to optimize maintenance of your website functionality and interface you can pick up or download convenient themes and templates online. As it’s not a freemium service you have to pay amount of minimum $250 ranging to $1000 or more depending on the kind of development you are seeking. 3. Content development Among the ecommerce development services, an insightful content is a superlative formula to offer perceptive information on the website to the customers; additionally, you need to update a regular blog on your e-commerce site. You can hire an SEO executive to provide your site the best reach in the online market; therefore you will be charged approx $50 - $100 hourly. For the best content or blog development, you might be charged on basis of per word. It is important for the elemental SEO process so they can manage your website as per the marketing demands. 4. Website Hosting If you compare web hosting price according to the size of the website then you will encounter different costs at the SaaS platforms. For a small online store, the price of web hosting may vary from $20- $250 inclusive of the limited services in the package. Many hosting provider platforms offer various plan into their package services; thus whether you are planning for the large scalable online business or just starting out the cost is directly proportional to your needs of web hosting in accordance to your business site. Overall Cost Estimation While deducing a relevant cost figure for e-commerce website manufacturing; we got an outline to each step of development and along with this we also calculated the various mechanized charges. Here, we are revealing an overall average cost of a commercial site design and maintenance. It would be helpful for an e-commerce development company and developers to reconsider the elements of business sites with respect to the expenses -If you are favoring an open source software for your small online store or just starting out then you have to spend approx $2k to $11k overall. This cost estimation is provided on the basis of popular hosted platforms. For a medium online store, you may have to pay approx $5k to $15k for complete manufacturing of the website. The price might increase up to $30k, increasing as per the requirement of existing services. It will cost you $30k to $400k completely for the large ecommerce business site. Besides, you must know the extra expenses while preferring the large scale of commercial business.Summary An entrepreneur or a startup should never lose focus on the cost factor. One must always keeps in mind the cost estimation of a website design according to the realistic resources. It is even more mandatory for the small businesses with minimal resources. Also to through some light on the subject, if you hire ecommerce developer from India it would be much cost effective to your website development inclusive of with best services.

Role of IT in healthcare industry of 2018
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Introduction Every country is spending large sum of money in improving its healthcare services to achieve easy and greater life with an efficient and economic technology to reduce the excessive health obstructions. Information technology is changing the trend providing more automatic and competent healthcare web development services. The new IT trends that will boost up the healthcare industry in 2018, are- · Cloud Technology in Healthcare Industry Cloud computing is a vital tool for any medical service and it is much accessible to both doctor and patient. In future, this technology will grow with more data storage challenges in the healthcare industry. Doctors will be able to record more patient information/data on the cloud system and will connect to the patient any time with cloud access. Some important variations of cloud system which could boost healthcare services in 2018-Cloud will provide much and better possibilities to grip big data at low cost. A big amount of data information will be analyzed cautiously without the occurrence of any error. A scientist can research the big data storage faster and can transform the information among laborites. In the case of adversity, cloud helps doctors providing necessary information and real-time guidance through the transmission system.· AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Healthcare Industry AI has revolutionized the healthcare services for the patients and doctors; besides, this technology is presenting best healthcare website design with maximum optimization so ,you can see more innovative factors of AI in 2018, some new factors of AI are below-You can collect data, store data, trace data and normalize data of medical records with Artificial Intelligence. Doctors will be able to combine data attribute of patients and make a plan for treatment. There are many mHealth (mobile health) applications that could boost the healthcare services with AI. You can see more improvement in medical/clinical documentation in the upcoming year.· Robotic Healthcare Services In the Medicare field, robotic treatment and surgery are in the high demand. The robot system provides 3-D visual effect and 10-fold magnification; the thing is very helpful in the major step of any surgical process/treatment. Some important factors are below which can advance the robotic technology for healthcare-Quicker recovery and pain reduction Improvement in robot-assistant system More magnified tools for complex surgery Enhancement in robotic instrument’s flexibility· IoT – Enabled healthcare Services In 2017, IoT applications accelerated the healthcare industry with novel approaches. At present this technology is vastly emerging the mobile app healthcare services with several changes and it is expected “The Internet of Things” will improve with much digital transformation in 2018. You can serve IoT with advance key components. Which are-This can be helpful for giving peace of mind to patients. IoT will enable patients and doctors for home monitoring with full independence. This can help doctors to remember the right medicine with a proper dose of the patient.· BlockChain Healthcare Services The blockchain is the significant future of Healthcare industry. This latest technology providing advancement in big data schedule and storage and it is also considered as a resourceful service that increases the security of medical records and information. Obviously, Blockchain will offer a more important strategic source for healthcare organizations in the next year. Outline We glimpsed much IT transformation in the healthcare industry; now we expect to see more than probabilities in the future. The evolution of IT is exploding the physical and digital world in the healthcare organization and it is entwining the digital technology with healthcare services. The connection between human and technology will produce more collective and creative thinking and better digitalization experience in healthcare services in 2018.ARKA Softwares provides effective and channelized services with healthcare website development. The developer team produces an ultimate result with any web or application development process as well our experts suggest well-scoped services with any technology work. For more details of our services, mail at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

Top Android Development Trends in 2018
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Introduction We all are much tech-conscious than ever before. We are about to enter in the year 2018, and it also, just like previous year promises a prosperous app development year. Various mobile platforms have emerged in the IT industry but what catches the eye of any mobile app development company is the hold of Android. Android has changed the mobile application development methodology in few past years and here we are again to welcome Android App Development trends 2018 - 1. AI &Machine Learning in Android Development Machine learning empowers any android app to recognize complex prototypes. In 2018, the technology will attract users to more innovative patterns with AI (Artificial Intelligence). In the coming year, we would be exploring various verticals of AI, some of which are-Deep learning Theory: It is a neural network which imitates the human brain. You are likely to see deeper neural network design in 2018. Capsule Network: It is a new form of deep neural networks; it helps to maintain the hierarchical relationships. You will be able to use the Capsule network widely in neural network architectures. Lean and Augmented Data learning: With the help of this technology, you can present broad problems. You can expect extra variations of this technology in the upcoming year. Hybrid Learning Model: Different neural networks such are GANs and DRL, have shown great performance with several types of data. It is expected to see deeper hybrid learning model in Android development in the next year. Automated machine learning: AutoML enables business clients to develop machine learning model for their business application without any complex programming environment. You could see more business AutoML packages and integration in Android development in next year.2. IoT in Android Development IoT (Internet of Things) is spreading all over the world and it continues to reshape the Android app development in 2018. In a very short time, technology has bound billions of mobile devices/Smartphone and we are always hunting for what new has evolved in the tech-market. 2018 is all set to bring new phenomenon in Android development in the next year-The Upcoming Business apps with IoT sensor More accessible healthcare apps using IoT New network security in Android apps Big data for Android applications3. Google’s Accelerated Mobile pages Accelerated mobile pages provide a remote search index for any android application page. It helps mobile applications to load faster and it reduces bounce rate. In 2018, AMP will be beneficial with some changes and improvements, that are-Higher CTR High page ranking Easy visitor study Mobile searching Index Less migration effort4. Android Native Apps Native apps work like websites, so in the upcoming year, Android native/instant applications can attract more customers with much convenience effects. You can take the advantages of such apps without installation. In the upcoming year, Android native apps can be useful in the following manner-You will be able to access the application easily by installing on your device. You can share the native app to another device simply. Android instant app will be compatible with the all Android version. You will get more space on your smart device with the Android native applications.5. Cloud-based Android Apps Cloud technology has become much easier and faster to access data without any burden effort; therefore, Android experts are focusing on more cloud driven apps. You can see cloud service with some new trends in 2018 while developing an Android app. The new trends are-More data security for commercial business/enterprises Online cloud apps like Dropbox, Google Drive etc will provide more data space with Android system Data streaming (Audio/Video, online gaming etc) can be more flexible on cloud driven applications Web browsing will quicker and trouble-free on Android smart devices Outline According to the statics, 75%-80% mobile app developers prefer to work for Android as opposed to any other operating system. Android system has become more and much popular platform for Smartphone and other smart devices. So in the manner, if you need to develop a mobile application, you should choose the Android framework for manufacturing.ARKA Software is the best Android app development company in the US. We specialize in Android development and our expert team always focuses on the customer’s preferences. We have smooth teamwork; therefore, we pick up the skilled and proficient developer for our team. For more details of ARKA's services, mail at – sales@arkasoftwares.com

The Upcoming big trends in Hybrid Cloud Technology
cloud computing
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Hybrid cloud technique is an integration of private computing assets. In the business realm, the technology is growing and changing the startups gradually.  It is very easy and adaptable for any business entity. Hybrid cloud development provides preservation to the business organizations with greater security and control. It is cost beneficial and much competent cloud model for a small industry.Hybrid cloud comes up with new confronts in the IT field.  Additionally, it is providing acumen with higher visibility and analytics. We all are leading the world in our form but now it is ostensible that the technology is leading us. In the manner, the hybrid cloud model has been proving the important role for a long time. New things are to be accessed in it that can change the cloud system in upcoming technology with new strategies- · Hybrid cloud with IoT In the peak age of Smartphone, all generation is going toward the innovative technologies. Cloud is one of them that transcending the development of smart devices. IoT (internet of things) increasing the assessment of Hybrid cloud in many tasks. In business development strategies Hybrid cloud with the internet of things is leading the power of IoT based devices. For any startups and business platforms, it is very important to manage their data, applications and personal documents. The combination is making the process easy so you will be assured for that compliance.A report says that around 91 percent of IT employees suppose that technology to remain for next five years. With the belief, many organization extending the workload to the cloud base IoT. · AI and ML in cloud-native things AI (Artificial Intelligence) boomed the year 2017. It has been a very loud sound in this year. Still, that thing is shaping the future of technology world. With the Hybrid cloud, AI is emphasizing the business model in a virtual way. Combination of these two things seems to create a framework where everyone can adapt the virtual tactics and strategies.Machine learning is also manipulating the cloud-based devices. IT organizers and developers are using ML in cloud-native application development with a higher approach in business fields. Seeming in the future, we can observe the formative years with these new trends. · Hybrid cloud in holistic management On the business platforms we all face the complexity and the other hand we are also finding the way with cloud system to make the things simple across the multiple platforms. With this solution, we will able to control the consistency of multiple cloud interfaces. A business management system can tackle the dashboard distributing workload on hybrid cloud platforms. · Security solutions on hybrid platform A good business platform always needs a strong security layer for the datacenter and data structure. IT specialists are working for the advancement of security layers with cloud security. Hybrid cloud services establishing the new standard of cloud security and preparing the robust things for upcoming technologies. We all are looking into next time how the hybrid cloud surges the IT trends. Outline Hybrid cloud has changed the era of any business system. As a huge result, the thing is providing management tools and solutions in software and application development. Furthermore, many native-cloud apps are manifesting the IT world in an automated method. In the upcoming trends, business organizations will expect for the new services of cloud technology with multi-faced intelligence and highly distributed hybrid environment.ARKA software is impacting the information technology from last 7 years. The team is providing various designing and development services and whereas ARKA is best proficient company. Any customer can visit us. For more information of our services mail on – sales@arkasoftwares.com

Interesting Things to know about Snapchat Spectacles
Snapchat Spectacles

November 2016 marked a historical month for the popular image messaging and multimedia mobile app, Snapchat as it suddenly launched its new sunglasses – Snapchat Spectacles.  The new product has already created a buzz around and people are keen to know more about it. With this new product, Snapchat has entirely changed the definition of Sunglasses. With many unique features like sunglasses-turned-video-camera that allows you to capture quick 10-second scenes has made these sunglasses the top choice of the customers today.So, here’s all you must know about this amazing pair of “Smart” Sunglassess.Camera glasses and not the Google GlassEarlier, it was speculated that these glasses might be somewhat similar to the Google sunglasses. However, these $130 pairs of glasses comes with a camera inside that takes snaps without the need to remove them from your face. Unlike other smartglasses that look like oddball things, which any a normal person wouldn't wear for long, these glasses just have a camera and no display.Smartglasses with a Connected Camera InsideThe smart glasses are capable of recording 10-second video clips. These videos can further be uploaded on Snapchat via Android or iPhone paired through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It is also expected that the company can develop android/iOS mobile app to facilitate the same, in future. Even if the company doesn’t come up with anything of this sort, we are sure top mobile app development companies would surely launch a set of some amazing apps for the same.Buy them from a Vending Machine. While the smartglasses have already been in so much demand since launch, they are not being sold in the stores yet. Even nobody was sent any piece for review. Instead, pop-up dispensers are currently the only way from where a pair can be grabbed for trial. Wearable glasses aren’t new, companies like Pivothead made them many years ago. Later, Google Glass came up with similar concept (it could record video clips and photos). So, it can be said that while this technology has been there for years now, Snapchat Glasses are trying to take the next step with more advanced features and quality.Bright and weird-creepyThe Spectacles have bright, Elton John-esque designs. There's a circular ring of LEDs that glow when video is being shot. These are different from those Pivothead making the black sunglasses look nearly normal. This approach hides the camera in the bridge of the glasses.Selfie-challenged Smart GlassesOne unique thing about these glasses is that they are outward-facing camera-glasses.  These can be used for capturing action shots and snapping others.Records video of 10 seconds at a timeThis might act as a loophole for these spectacles. Users can only record a small video for about 10 seconds, which is muck like what Snapchat already does.Spectacles Case cum ChargerThe spectacles come with a bright, colorful packaging case. However, the case seems to be clever enough as it can be used to charge up the glasses when not in use.Capable of shooting circular video that can be viewed in portrait and landscapeThe spectacles have 115-degree wide-angle camera that captures video in a circle. Users can view these videos in the Snapchat app, both in horizontal or vertical mode. You can also continue to spin your smartphone around in any orientation as the video is reframed as needed. This prevents the user from repositioning their phones for certain videos.Designed to sync into SnapchatSnapchat Sunglasses welcome you to the world of connected wearable app-cessories. These are like a new generation of IoT. These are a one-purpose gadget, which syncs into Snapchat right away.

Top 7 Push Notification Tools To Boost Mobile App Engagement

for better mobile app engagement, it is important for the app development companies to deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time.You might have heard about a term which is so much in trend these days – Push Notifications. These are one of the most effective ways of driving higher mobile app engagement to your app. With push notifications, you can easily and quickly alert your users about new updates, news, and other useful information relevant to the app.According to various researches, it is found that smartphone users who allow push notification on their apps have 88% greater engagement. With this, it is pretty clear that push notifications play a crucial role in achieving increased user engagement and helps a lot in app retention rates. Therefore, online marketers should aim at grabbing more app engagement and developing deep connection with their users than your competitors.Here are top 7 push notification tools that can serve as powerful engine to boost your mobile app engagement.Urban AirshipIt is the best tool for those who have just stepped-in to mobile app optimization. Urban Airship is a mobile app messaging platform, which combines various engagement strategies, push notification and mobile analytics techniques together. This allows app engagement and integration and is designed especially for Google Wallet and Apple Passbook. It also allows traders the flexibility to store details including loyalty cards and deals. With this, you can deliver customized, engaging in-app notification for users across various mobile platforms, geographical locations, and preferences. The intuitive web-based editor helps in scheduling updates and previews them across varied mobile operating systems.Push WooshPush Woosh is a highly scalable push notification toolkit offering value for money. Being compatible with multiple platforms, it offers an easy reporting and segmentation along the modern statistics and multi-languages support and even location-based tagging. This toolkit allows you to send push notifications to all the major mobile platforms such as Android, Windows and iOS. Plus, it also offers push scheduling, time zone, a private cloud and geo-location push.CarnivalIf you’re looking for best mobile app optimization services, Carnival is your best bet. It is a mobile- friendly mobile app engagement platform that helps you to run multiple push notifications. It assists mobile app development companies and marketing team to run push notification campaigns easily. Services like in-app messaging, rich customizable message stream for push notifications are the top features of this toolkit. The best thing about this toolkit is its auto-analytics integrations along analytics providers. Moreover, it is one of the most preferred tools for e-commerce, loyalty apps and consumer businesses for rich messaging and personalization.MixpanelThis tool helps easily monitoring of the actions that people take on your mobile apps. Rather than trailing page views, this toolkit records the events and activities allowing you to know where you need to give more attention. Targeted messages, scheduling, notifications and A/B scheduling are its main features that help you figure out the right message. With this tool you can also perform actions like instant and real-time data analysis, tracking and retroactive funnel reports.SwrveThis tool is built on scalable cloud service and is incorporated with an entire mobile marketing automation platform. It also offers principle features like mobile in-app campaigns, market automation and messaging.PushBotsIt is yet another effective mobile app engagement tool allowing you to send messages to any mobile platform straight from your dashboard. PushBots helps select your audience based on username, specific devices, send broadcasts and geographical locations. It also consists of engagement campaigns, dynamic and retargeting push notifications.Oracle’s Push.ioThis is a programming tool that helps in managing push notifications and performing audience reviews. This feature mainly targets SMS and e-mail notifications. It proffers features such as individualized customer-centric SMS campaigns, advanced analytics and auto push.

An Ultimate Guide to A/B Testing with WordPress
A/B Testing
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We all know that we can make changes to a WordPress website by exhausting some good web development skills to improve the aesthetics of the website and optimize the visitor journeys to improve the conversions. But what should you do if your business is not receiving the anticipated number of phone calls, emails or orders? What wrong are we doing by creating a fancy new website with a blog, while the previous simple website had been bringing in more conversions than the new one? Let’s read on!A/B TestingA/B testing is basically about comparing two versions of a web page to see which one performs better. You can display two variants of your website to the visitors at the same time, and the one that fetches more pertinent conversions can then be capped as the winner!Most of the websites on the web have a similar goal- to attract relevant visitors who can then be reformed into leads.There are numerous approaches to conduct A/B testing:Split Testing: It is the simplest way to conduct an A/B testing exercise. Just pick a single element on a page, modify it and then create two versions of the page to show to the users and test the difference in the responses between them.Multivariate Testing: If you have conducted the basic split tests and are looking for the most intricate elements to pair that can bring the best conversions, thenyou need to try multivariate testing. This allows you to test various permutations of different elements on a page.Experimental Testing: Under this test, every element of a webpage is put under the testing lens to see which one has the most substantial impact on the users. Usually experimental testing is performed after conducting split and multivariate testing.Why Conduct A/B Tests?A/B testing allows you to get the most on your digital investments. The price for improving your conversions using A/B tests is negligible as paralleled to the costs of procuring paid traffic. For instance, a basic payment to an A/B test plan costs around $40-50 a month, which equals to the cost of about 10 clicks on a typical Google AdWords campaign; but the rate of return on your A/B test is much complex in long term.When to Conduct an A/B Test?Once you have installed a WordPress website, keep in mind that there are factors that cannot be assessed in an A/B test. Regardless of how many tests you conduct, the performances of your website will stay unchanged unless you use the right tools to solve the right issues. Thus, an A/B test can be vindicated in one of the below scenarios:Website re-launches: It is always suggested to commence a split test after designing a new website in preference to waiting to see how it shall perform with your audience. Inspect the test results and arrange your elements according to their performances.Product Launches: Whenever you are launching a product, try conducting A/B tests. It allows you to act immediately if there is something wrong with the way the product is displayed on a page.Improved Conversions: An increased conversion is a happy moment but is also a good reason to carry out A/B testing to understand what it is that your visitors like and use of your website.Reduced Conversions: If your website suddenly notices a major downfall in conversions, then it is time to carry out A/B testing, provided that you have checked that there are no server side issues.What Can Be Tested?Further down is a cessation of elements that can be tested via A/B testing:HeadlinesSub- headlinesParagraph textContent near the foldPricing structuresSocial proofCall to action textCall to action buttonsLinksImagesTestimonialsAwards and badgesMedia mentionsSale promotionsNavigation and UX experiencesFree trial durationsFree or paid deliverySteps for Conducting A/B TestingAs stated by Seasia Infotech, a web development company in India, the following steps can be trailed for conducting A/B testing:Test Your Website DataAsk yourself why you need A/B tests. What in your website is not performing healthy?Now conduct some preliminary researches to find the probable traces on why your web conversions are stumpy. Dig into the traffic analytics to see any niggling exit pages where the user interaction is low and analyze the paths your visitors use to reach your website.You can also use heat maps to identify what your visitors’ are looking for the most on your page.Lastly, conduct interviews, share online surveys and call for feedbacks to see what your onlookersare expecting to see (and do) on your website.Establish a GoalOnce you have identified the problem areas on your website, you need to have anobjective: What is the result you want to get when your team updates the page another time?Build a HypothesisConstruct a supposition based on the insights from the visitor behavior analysis tools for increasing conversions. For case: Which element needs to be updated? Is there a need to increase the size of theCTA button? Will adding up a registration button/ social login help in reducing drop offs? Does that form need to befragmented into small segments? And most significantly - if your change succeeds, will it be attuned with your long-term strategies?Test the HypothesisMake a variation to your hypothesis and implement a test against the original page. Observe the data for a set duration of the tests with respect to the existing conversion rate, the number of monthly visitors and the anticipated change in the conversion rate.Analyze the Test Data and Draw ConclusionsOnce you have gained a concrete dataset to work with, it is time to test it and surface with the subsequent steps. Analyze the results and perceive which variation performs better and brings a higher conversion rate. If a specific variation outclasses the other, it is clearly a winner and you can go forward with its execution.P.S: If there is no noteworthy difference in the two variations, modify the hypothesis or test something new.Report Results to All the Concerned MembersAt times the results of an A/B test are astonishing. Share them with the other teams and let them know the outcome to decidetogether on the next steps.Tools to Conduct A/B TestingListed underneathare tools you can use to start with:UnbounceOptimizelyAdobe TargetNelioVisual Website OptimizerYou can also choose from some plugins fromWordPress like WordPress Landing Pages, Google Content Experiments and WordPress Call to Action.Once through with all these points, you can pursue the A/B testing process.

Steps to follow to make an effective and appealing website
Steps to follow to make an effective and appealing website

Everyone nowadays seems to have a website of their own. When the internet is flooded with so many different websites, it becomes increasingly hard to stand out and get people interested in yours. The trick to get people to notice your website is to make it appealing and effective. All you need to know are a few tips that will give your website a whole professional and attractive make over. Providers of software development services in USA have claimed that an effective website is the first step to gaining online brand loyalty and a firm must give their time and attention to their websites.Importance of websites for the firms:As per the providers of web application development services,websites are important for a firm because:It is the showcase of your firm in the digital world It is the first impression that you make on your online visitors It is the digital platform where you can make sales and gain more customers It is the showcase of the firm’s work culture, their prime clients, their achievements and their professionalismSteps to make an effective and appealing website:Before you sit down in front of your computer to make your website, contemplate its purpose. Why do you want to build the website, and which is your target audience. Define your websites goals and purpose. Go on a website tour. Visit websites that are related to your field of idea, and visit even those websites that might not be related to your field. The purpose to gain as much knowledge as possible and view the other websites with both an admiring and a critical eye, so that you know what works and what doesn't. Or what else you should add to make your website more appealing. Create a blueprint of your website. Which link will connect where, the sub links, make a detailed map. It will make your website more organized and an organized website is so much more appealing. Add pictures as and where you think is necessary, but make sure that your website is balanced, that is, it doesn't tip or favour one side over another. You don't have to rely on symmetry to balance your website, asymmetrical balance looks as, if not more attractive, though they are harder to pull off. Finalize the layout of your website. The layout should be crisp and define your website to a certain extent. Once you are done with that then you can some decorative touches to your website. Don't go overboard with the decoration. When it comes to websites, simplicity is the key. It makes the website more appealing to the user and is easier to browse through. Try not to make a pallet out of your website. Add colours that go well with each other and flow together. Use lighter and darker shades as and when necessary, but don't make the colours so loud that they overwhelm everything else. Once you make your website visually appealing with the right colours and right spaces, make it more effective by adding certain interactive features to it. The easiest way to do that will be to add a live chat window on your website. It gives the user a more comfortable space to interact with you or your team. You can include a video in your website too. Make the video about the website, what it does, its purpose, what you do or who are you. This will make your website more prominent and draw in users. Nowadays everyone carries a smartphone. So, it is important that you make your website mobile friendly. Making it mobile friendly will help you grasp the attention of a wider audience as most people rely on their phones or tablets to access websites on the go. So, making websites using responsive web designing is a must for attaining proper scaling of your site.

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