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5 Reasons why Angular JS is a Preferred Framework for Web Application Development in 2018
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IntroductionAngular JS is emerging strongly in the web app development world. It is one of the only platforms that can provide complete functionality to build spectacular single page web app. Being a developer one can’t imagine developing single page application without utilizing it. Angular JS development companies are making it more indispensable through integrating advance JavaScript features and effective HTML code. It makes it much appropriate for designing right form of web application. Some important features are discussed here so that implementing those you may prefer this framework for your future projects-1. MVC PatternAngular JS is MVC-based (Model-View-Controller) platform. This framework incorporates original MVC software setup; simply we can consider it as MVVM (Model-View-View-Controller). With Angular JS developers will need to divide just application and everything is automatically taken care of the MVC components. Besides, it provides perfect solutions for front-end improvement and there is no need of various modules to create an information-driven web application. So, in this year it might be much adaptable among the web developers.2. Ease of DevelopmentAngular JS provides different key capacities and alternative solutions to the web developers to compose and analyze code separately. Likewise, the developers will be able to reuse the others code without making a deal about any combination issues. This helps the developers in attaching the application improvement procedure to a good appraisement. This function might be more beneficial in this year while choosing Angular JS for web development.3. Ready Made Client-Side SolutionsHow would this feature be beneficial in Angular JS web development? Angular JS is a great portable program work on the customer side and there are no backend changes needed so it can be easily performed for any work. Besides, it gives a secure environment for developing the front end of the web application. Moreover, you can create applications with great sifted design and a client would not need to resemble strict task structure. therefore, you can optimize that through utilizing this framework for your next project.4. Dependency Injection and HTML template What’s more in Angular JS! It comprises a dependency injection that is used for assembling data services for web app; further, using HTML template you can compose components that can be connected to Typescripts for a significant phase of the program. Thus, it is emphasized platform due to its good approach to web development. Additionally, developers can figure out which library is to use without getting the burden. So, go to the preference for choosing Angular JS for the next project in this year.5. Google Backend SupportsAngular JS has powerful Google backend support so working with it developers are mitigated to be working with a hard code. Because Angular JS is developed by genius developers of Google it has complete support for the other common JavaScript application. Thus, in 2018 this might be the major reasons for using Angular JS over other frameworks like Ember.JS and knockout.JS etc. SummaryAngular development can be valuable for speeding up the web development process due to its multifunctional services and it is the better choice to make one-page web application as per the MVC pattern. Further, it is user-friendly so developers can create easily a powerful link for it to work on. So, don't look another side than Angular JS in this year 2018, and utilize it prospectively. ARKA Softwares is the highly introduced web development company. We legitimize properly the web manufacturing on Angular JS through providing essential services. SO, make simpler your next web developing project by making concern with our experts. To know more about our best services, mail at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

5 Must-Have Features of Real Estate Websites
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IntroductionThe huge evolution of newer technologies has made the Real Estate web development more feature-rich and convenient. It is making possible the Real Estate business owners to stand apart from the crowd by creating Realty websites on their own. You can find hundreds of features that can be integrated into the website for leveraging higher benefits. But while choosing the best of those would provide a sparkle look to your Realty website. Here, we have a list of the best features that a Real Estate website must have-Social Media IntegrationIt is imperative for any Real Estate business to use social media because it is one of the most powerful tools for growing the business strategies. Several social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter provide lots of promotional toolsets to extend the messages to the users at right time. Besides, you can integrate those social media links into your Realty website pages so that you and your clients will be able to share property listings, blogs, and important objects/contents automatically.SEOIf your Real Estate website doesn’t have SEO (search engine optimization) tools, then your website will get lost amongst the millions of other websites. This service makes allow website to have proper page categories, posts and provides maintenance; an effective SEO determines the web keywordsresults, engaging more users with the website and make research in-depth. It takes patience but is worth it, making a good investment in SEO can improve your business to the upper level.CMSA good CMS (content management system) comprises many handy features like multiple editors, templates, analytics and security features. Thus, CMS is useful on Real Estate website to control, manage, regulate, share, and utilize required information by rectifying the business processes digitally. It helps in reducing the data redundancy, mitigates risks, and improves the quickness of content delivery to the visitors. In the case, if your website is critical for increasing demand and sales for your property business, using a CMS platform scale-up your business and digital marketing efforts to grow customers reach.Easy NavigationHaving an organized and easy-to-follow navigation for a Realty website is very useful and significant for the overall user experience.A navigable website enhance the visiting time of users or customer on your business Pages; further, it allows them to discover more information about the properties. Through strategic web navigation, a customer can go through the process of viewing and making deal on the property effortlessly. There is much more to appreciate while utilizing this service; thus, a better navigation is the must-have strategy to boost website design and page visiting. So, bear these guidelines in mind with respect to the navigation when making a plan for next Real Estate website.Mobile FriendlyOne of the best Real Estate web solutions! These days Smartphones are more popular than ever before, so a Real Estate website should be optimized for mobile compatibility. It is essential to reach the customers and in this digital age, you must make sure those customers on mobile devices could find and browse the property site. Some reasons are given here to make your Real Estate site mobile-friendly-A mobile device can be used anywhere, anytime. Google gives priorities mostly mobile-friendly websites. It is faster and cheaper way to reach customers. Your Realty business would be modern and more convenient.SummaryAll the above-listed features are not enough that makes a Realty website fully operative but utilizing these features for the property business site you will be able to make good things with better performance. Although with the changing time and situations, you would need various other features; so, creating and managing those with these major features you can modify Real Estate website utterly.At ARKA, you can get much scope in Real Estate website development; moreover, we have better approaching scopes in several services; SEO, e-commerce and healthcare etc. Besides that many others factors like quality, dedication, and persistence, we list in our concert. Get to know our services better, please mail at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

Why Magento is the Best Choice for developing e-Commerce Website
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IntroductionMagento has become one of the most customary frameworks in the world,with respect to its preeminent e-commerce solution elemental of flexibility, scalability, and other developing features it is a framework that is a global choice of eminent developers.Magento endows the e-Commerce websites with a professional demeanor and improves the overall website functionality. Lately, it is also seen that Magento web development has undergone a revamping.It’s advance features and agility in development has made it a popular choice for development of e-Commerce website. Here are some of them to prove our point-· Open SourceMagento is an open-source platform, it’s Open Source Edition offers free e-commerce customization in accordance to requirement. Whether itsgiant online business or just a startup, the Open Source Editions accentuates the ease of development in Magento.Also, it comes witha straightforward management and provides a great tool-system which allows customers to spin up an e-commerce store swiftly with minimal upheaval.It comes with theperks of Magento developer Community that is always at your disposal for resolving issues and keeping product updated.· Modular and CustomizableWe see e-Commerce businesses emerging in all shapes and sizes and of course types, but with it comes diverse enterprise needs. Thus, Magentohelps in coping with these challenges and meetsdevelopment needs of all assortments, whether a startup or corporate it takes care of everything. Magento is a highly customizable platform,with theversatility in coding it brings agility in modularization that help leverage scalability.· Fast PerformanceIt allows you to cache and load your pages fast by using Varnish-to retrieve data from huge databases in milliseconds.This feature aggravates the functionality and enhances users shopping experience.· SEO – FriendlyMagento comes with an inbuilt SEO facility which makes it much more SEO-friendly platform then others.Also, Magento shopping cart is an addition to advance functionalities and facilities in optimization process. In short, itrelinquisheshuge flexibility and simplicity to the online store and control over design, content and other.· Common Backend SystemYou can run multiple websites on the same common back-end system with Magento. Every e-commerce website can have a peculiar layout and design and still it would run seamlessly. You can even opt to have a different domain and yet control all of them in real time that to all together via a single integrated admin panel using Magento.Advance FeaturesMarketing and Promoting Tools: - It comprises new item promotional tools, product bundles and landing pages for products categories. Site Management: - Completely customizable web design by using template and CMS for informational and landing pages. Payment System: - Authorized configurationand integration with multiple payment gateways. International Support: -Supports for multiple-locations, multiple-currencies and multiple-languages and diverse tax rates. M-commerce: - Pre-integratedm-commerce for mobile users. This mobile interface uses HTML5 technology that supports multiple mobile browsers.SummaryMagneto has a huge online following and qualifies in each test. It has wonderful possibilities and helps radically in expansion of online business. Furthermore, Magento development companies implement various new technologies that has a huge impact on e-commerce web development. So, investing in the Magento framework might be beneficial for your e-commerce business and you can leverage more advanced features on your online business site.ARKA Softwares is the best Magento Development Company in the USA that offers superfluous web services whereby you can get a much feasible website.In Addition, we provide several e-commerce web solutions with proper explicitly so the customers can find a right way for their web projects. Please mail at sales@arkasoftwares.com  to know more about our web development services.

Reasons to Choose CakePHP over Other Frameworks
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IntroductionCakePHP comes with a great number of advance features over the other PHP frameworks. It is open source platform and widely popular among leading web developers. A CakePHP development company offers fast and handy code arrangement on this framework that helps in developing complex and dynamic websites. So, there is no better choice than CakePHP for developing a robust website for any kind of businesses. Few major features are given here to make good reasons you in coming close to CakePHP-MVC pattern-Based FrameworkMVC (Model View Controller) is the major thing in CakePHP development. It makes task easy for developers to separate the logic from presentation. It can be helpful in data handling as it makes you simple for inserting, reading and changing data from the database. Besides, MVC design helps in connecting with the development command seamlessly and avoids any wrongdoing in execution.CRUD PlatformCRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) is very useful for any type website development as it makes the code management smoother and visible. You can see an even single code of application programming preliminary and check or converse it under the process of CRUD.ORMUsing ORM (object-relational mapping) technique on CakePHP you can translate data between incompatible type systems and object-oriented programming language so that you can define each relation between other classes.Open SourceCakePHP is open source framework, which makes it economic and cost-friendly. If you want to develop qualitative web applications then CakePHP is the easiest framework at a reasonable cost.Object-oriented Framework PHP provides developers an object-oriented environment for programming script and more resourceful aspects as well the CakePHP has all in-built resource and components compared to other core frameworks.Code TestingOn CakePHP, you get an easy testing method. A number of errors occur while creating a huge web application; so working on this platform you are facilitated to identify or analyze small/big errors and fix them immediately. Going through this you could simplify and create a much smoother manufacturing process.Zero Pre-InstallationFortunately, this framework doesn’t need to be  pre-installed so it allows developers to use it without  pre-configuration process. You would find most of the settings auto installed so you have to configure only database settings and the rest get installed automatically.Standardized SecurityOne of the important advantages is security and session handling. While working on this platform you would enable for data validation throughout the application so that you could work cohesively using fast and flexible security facilities.SummaryA modern CakePHP framework is providing many dominant and influential tools for web development; it is making both small and big web manufacturing simpler and faster. So, it can be utilized with higher potential to perceive a flexible CakePHP website development significantly.As we discussed above few important features of CakePHP; there several other features are available to appreciate.  at ARKA, you can  leverage the benefits of consulting CakePHP development work and gain extensive information about it. moreover, you can come to us to get a good standard of web development. To know more about our web services, please mail at – sales@arkasoftwares.com

How Ruby on Rail is Beneficial for Web Developers
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IntroductionRuby on Rails often called ROR or Rails is one of the best PHP web development frameworks which created using Ruby programming language. It is open source and object-oriented framework that provides influential website development with its affluent functionality. ROR is based on MVC- pattern (Model-View-Controller) and it became popular among web developers on account of its CoC (Convention over Configuration) viewpoint. Hence, how Ruby on Rails development firms are giving a rapid web solution to the web developers, to know that you can come by its great outputs in website manufacturing by looking at few most important features, given below-Ruby on Rails is PragmaticROR with its pragmatic nature has a capacity to generate elegant solutions for encouraging the Ruby on Rails experts or community. Besides, it makes free the programming code from the superfluous complexities; therefore, the web developers easily connect the modular things in the web manufacturing.ROR CommunitySince we find ROR as an open source framework, it belongs to an open-source community also. With the help of this community of experts, you can impel major and complex projects utilizing new libraries and bug blocking ability. How this community helps in web development, have a look at these points-Great control of web development process Fast manufacturing through the power of swift tools Quick response time to user’s review Much affordable and convenient with fixed increase in ROIFit for CMSCMS is the way of hosting multiple dynamic websites; hence an ideal CMS (Content Management System) comprises features like easy navigation, intuitive and smooth interface and images and templates etc. Look at some important CMS, support ROR-“Refinery “is the most popular CMS on Ruby on Rails containing almost all necessary features. Another one is Camaleon which is advanced dynamic CMS. You can adapt it for any kind of web development project. Locomotive in multi-site supported CMS. It is very easy to add custom content types at this CMS. The new CMS on ROR, Spina, it is multilingual and extendable CMS. The Storytime is blogging engine with multi-site support and built-in search and many other features. Easy to UnderstandIt is excessively explicable to any developer; irrespective of their experience. It is almost like the English language with the rare use of DSL. As ROR creates balance with DSL it provides a sensible programming code to programmers demonstrating self-control.so, you could be on good Rails code where you don't need to recall complicated methods.Automated Code TestingThe ROR community sets great aspects of the unit testing; so, it is good to be incorporated because of its code self-testing functionality. It is obviousness that each part of manufacturing process needs to be trialed before making open it for customers as well it needs to make sure that we can take it further for building without any annoyance.SummaryAll things that discussed above might be a gist of ROR; you can find more features through browsing relevant sites so you would be able to set a better plan for web development and increase the performance, project valve implementing Rails community.As it is one of the best ROR companies in the USA, At ARKA Softwares, you can implement your project mind with our professionals. If making a plan for next web development project then come with us and further your prosperity with good results. To know our most significant services, please mail at- sale@arkasoftwares.com 

How to choose the best theme for Real Estate Website Development
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IntroductionThe real estate industry is highly dynamic and to continually excel in the industry one is needed to deploy advance tools and technology into its business. Therefore, a large number of Real Estate web development resources are available online; one of them is Wordpress themes gives bedazzling and premium real estate web design to the clients. Here are a few specifications that can be minded while choosing Wordpress themes that can be useful in utilizing the features to trigger your new Realty web manufacturing-Ø  HouzezHouzez is a much admirable Wordpress theme which offers different listings, property templates and visual Composer modules etc. it was optimized to attain more customers call, schedules and earning much. So, whether you are setting your mind for Real Estate web mechanizing you could believe Houzez as it is the best theme with ultimate solutions; some more excellent new features of this theme what you ought to implement in web building-Dashboard design with new look and highly functional services Google map API with much accessible navigation Option to play gallery automatically New property filtering option by making more easy search Powerful admin portal and parallax background WPML ( Wordpress Multilingual ) supportØ  Real Place“Real Place” is the premium class Wordpress theme that offers lots of web design variations with simple customization and more flexibility. If you are looking further for setting-up a full-blown real estate website you should opt this theme, where you would render elegant and modish web development to your Realty business. Some extra much appreciable features of Real place, you should learn-Various property templates WPML supports Google map with property indicator and navigation Property search with much customizing and advancement Lots of layouts to show the properties Simplicity in utilizing Meta-BoxesØ  WP Pro Real Estate 7WP Pro Real Estate 7 comprises many customization choices; whereby it is an inclusive Wordpress theme. Specifically, this theme made for web designing to such types of categories like real estate brokers, land property manager, residential and business developers and other realty professionals. You can use custom property form on Real Estate site. More recognizable features are-Drag & Drop service to manage the property searches using backend admin Co-listing facility Facility to integrate users and agents with social media sites Tracking service to analyze the customer activity Ability to assign multiple agents Content can be managed through the front-end supportØ  MyHomeMyHome is a complete Wordpress theme includes lots of features that can help you in website designing for your Realty business. Using it you will be able to create different types of real estate websites; thus MyHome should be considered for multiple purposes exploiting its countless features. Here few important features are given to bear in mind-Quick setup and easy to utilize The easiest dynamic searching for fast results Based on IDX integration No coding is required in building website Faster SEO speed WPML compatibility and completely internationalØ  Real HomesThis theme is one of the best Wordpress development services and much popular among the website developers. Real Home contains complete services and features that provide a good standard and pleasant appearance the Real Estate website. Some very gorgeous features of Real Homes are-Easy and fully customizable searching Google map to display property search results Provide rich set of meta-boxes on property pages Security using Google reCAPTCHA Frond-end profile editing and property submission template WPML compatible and RTL or LTR ( Right-to-Left or Left-to-Right) language supported Read More:-Real Estate Website Development Cost and Features SummaryWith these specifications you can easily browse through best Wordpress theme that suits your Real Estate web development. There are many other Wordpress themes available that you can go for, besides, you can consult with web experts for finalizing best one.ARKA Softwares offers great Real Estate web solutions to the clients at any approach. Furthermore, at this place, we stimulate customers through making their requirements fulfilled. However, we work having a great conspiracy to achieve the motives that's why we are enduring over many years. If you want to know more about ARKA, please mail at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

Top PHP Web Development Frameworks in 2018
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IntroductionPHP is the topmost server-side programming language that supports several web developing frameworks, giving a rise to emergence of new PHP web development frameworks. These frameworks come with different type of hosting capabilities, tools, developing process and timeline, huge management. Here, are some of the well-known and major frameworks taken in account for their specialties and services. Make a look at those platforms- 1. LaravelLaravel is the most popularly used PHP framework includes lots of exhaustive features and web developing tools. Following the MVC (Model- View – Controller) design pattern Laravel application development offers a robust web application experience to the customers. The most appreciable thing, it is an open source framework integrating various modular packages that create a vivid path for Laravel developers. Here, some major magnificent specialties of Laravel explained below-It is MVC- based framework that provides speedy web manufacturing services. It offers strong encryption tools and package used for the web security management. Laravel execute various dynamic processes to create the overloading potentials. Laravel development includes HHVM (Hip Hop Virtual Machine) which make rapid unit- testing. Best documentation process and high level of abstraction.Also Read: Why Laravel is still Top Trending Framework of PHP2. SymfonySymfony is an MVC-based web development framework. Since it is an open source platform Symfony is excessively free of cost to the web developers. Besides, this framework is much utilized by developers as well by businesses for their commercial purpose.Its development process comprises Symfony components that are used to build a different kind of PHP web applications; additionally, it includes PHPBB, Drupal etc. Some much likable features are-It is too much cost-effective and time-saving whereby it is considered as much convenient. Symfony2 provides more influential, extensible tools or aspects. In Symfony2 you would get an automated task functionality tools so you will be able to reduce the testing process to analyze the quality of the website. Fully integrated with ORM (object-relational mapping)3. CakePHPThe CakePHP is unique and ideal framework having MVC support and scaffolding capacity to pace the web manufacturing. There is no need to configure XML, and the security features are more protective to take care of much general functionality. Moreover, it is persists in maintaining the consistency and customization of business websites with 100% acquiescence using W3C web standards. Some much recognizable features of CakePHP are-Security features add much ability to prevent SQL injection, CSRF and XSS aspects from validation. It uses pre-written code which saves lots of time in web manufacturing process. Provides inbuilt validation features. Supports ORM and object-oriented programming codes.4. CodeigniterBasically, it is used to create dynamic websites with PHP programming. While Codeigniter is an open source and user-friendly framework; A Codeigniter development company facilitates the web developers simplifying the PHP code-syntax with much rapidity, easiness and accessible. Functionalities of Codeigniter can be different at some points but all have a optimistic usability. Some superior features are given below-It has migration facility so a developer can execute the database updates all over the website. Using MVC model it provides straightforward management ability. Provides better documentation and LTS (long-term support).5. ZendZend is the high professional and much extensive Framework; it is commonly used for enterprise web development. Therefore, it comprises lots of customization services, feeds, and components whereby any web developer may perform with much easiness and convenience. Some core fundamentals of Zend are given below-It is an object-oriented platform. On Zend implementation, you can choose own web design and architecture. Easy Debugging with Z-Ray on the Zend server. PHP page caching on Zend server is used to improve the PHP website or application. Also Read: Top PHP E-commerce Website Development Platforms for Your BusinessSummaryAcquiring vital information of various PHP platforms you can justify a particular one but the above discussed study is not about the number of services and features a platform has; it is a complete discussion about the best abilities, functionalities and much authentic service provided by the framework. Thus, at finalizing this, we anticipate that you can go your best prosperities in your next web development project by utilizing the above-described frameworks superiority.ARKA is where you could find the best of mobile and web application development. We are a full-grown team that always put the customer’s requisites into practice; hence, at ARKA Softwares Company hiring a PHP developer you can accomplish everything through leveraging our paramount services. To know more specifications about our strategies, please drop a mail at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

Why Laravel is Still Top Trending Framework of PHP
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IntroductionLaravel is highly recognized platform of PHP, known for its integrated technology and performance. Laravel application development is much more genuine and resourceful as it adds latest web techniques and technology aspects to the development work. This ‘first-choice’ framework is a technical myriad for developers and still we feel there is much more to be explored of this amazing framework. The amazing functionality and features of this development platform opens a wide door to explore and experiment in development.1. Supports Object-Oriented LibrariesLaravel is much operable because it supports OOPs language libraries; you will find approx 20 pre-installed libraries only in Laravel. Besides which, it also gives you freedom to add new as per your choice. It also comes with advance features such as password reset, CSRF (cross-site request forgery) security, and encryption etc.2. Higher Authorization ProcessLaravel is PHP-based framework; it comes with more built-in functionalities. Furthermore, a website owner could access for organizing own logic of web development using Laravel. So, the approach of authorization is quite simple and it has two major ways of authorization process- gates and policies. Gates make simple and closure authorizing approach where Policies make group around an individual source.Also Read:- Why Laravel is the Pick of the Bunch for Web Development3. Artisan AspectsReally the great built-in console to Laravel framework! Artisan, which comes with Laravel including the command-line e  nvironment, helps developers to implement an easy mannered and monotonous programming work, so you could avoid manual process using Artisan. Additionally, you will be able to create your own custom commands; though, you can make own storage location without any hitches.4. Cache ConfigurationLaravel developers make a combined APIs for caching backend; also, it includes many caching configurations that are recognized within the file. The whole process could impart higher advantages to you providing an easy caching task as objects or files storing in the database. Likewise, you are able to configure the web platform with caching system simultaneously, enabling you to access your website performance through cache integration.5. Unit-Testing and SecurityThe integral Unit-Testing in Laravel would help you in evaluating the performance neatly. It is built-in testing on the basis of PHP unit; whereby, this framework comes with much convenient testing technique to analyze the web application meaningfully.Laravel is much persistent in terms of security for a website. It arranges Bcrypt hashing algorithm to generate an encrypted password. Few security services Laravel provides are-Password Storing Route protection HTTP basic authentication Encryption User authenticationAlso Read:- Laravel or Wordpress- Better Choice for Your Web Project?SummaryIn this year Laravel development might incorporate advanced features. There is plenty to tell and plenty to explore in Laravel. It comes with a bunch of inclusive attributes that help in enhancing customization of the website as per the customer needs. What’s more, it has an extensive community which helps through providing definitive outsource and solution for the major projects time to time.At ARKA Softwares, we disseminate an amazing website customization service; our web design and app development always meet the client’s expectations that land higher opportunities. To know our services in brief, kindly mail us at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

Top Advantages of using Opencart for Your e-Commerce Store
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IntroductionThere are many frameworks available to create an e-commerce platform that leverages high functionalities to the online store-fronts. Opencart is one of them; it is a remarkable framework due to its usability for both customer and seller. With purpose to customize Opencart , most of the Opencart website development companies integrates an assortment of basic shopping services and various modules/ plug-in which are free to install. Here, are some more facts to support our trust in using Opencart for developing an e-Commerce storefront -1. Easy Installation ProcessOne of the primary reasons that makes it favorite of developers, it is not much resources demanding. It works best if you are hatching a plan for startup. You must give preference to Opencart because of its easy and well-suited installation process. When compared to other CMS platforms, you can download Opencart without experts. Also, it’s a PHP -based system which means you won’t face difficulties in getting the support for customizing your e-commerce website.2. Robust and Fast PerformancePeople prefer Opencart for their online business because it enhances the speed and functionalities of their business site. Using AJAX in Opencart ecommerce development evokes its efficiency to speed up the website performance by reducing the site load time. It is a SEO friendly platform; it efficiently amplifies your online store presence and builds a loyal customer base for your business. 3. Multi-Store PlatformThis feature of Opencart is a striking help to store owners; the multi-store service enormously manages the administration of the portal by building a central panel to control the multiple stores. Thus by implementing this feature, you will be able to attend multiple online store bases. Additionally, you can manage assortment of products, customer preferences and other documented page layouts in one administration go for each store.4. Inclusive ExtensionIts extensions make Opencart authentic and well-equipped over the ecommerce market. It offers you more than 7000 add-on extensions helpful in expansion of on your online store front. For a seller, it is a great help as it enables him to add lot of software taxations modules, plugins such as shipping and payment etc. It also channelizes your customers by providing approximately 25 payment gateway solutions.5. Online Support PortalOnline supports to sort out problems and troubleshoot are easily available all the time. You can leverage support available on online portal service to your Opencart ecommerce site, available 24/7. Furthermore, you can watch expert videos and read guidelines on the portal that will help you in communicating with the management system.Also Read:- Benefits of Magento Development for Online E-commerce StoresSummaryWe hope above mentioned points must have helped you in closely looking into various advantages of using Opencart platform for creating an online-storefront. From these points you can critically analyze usability of various functions of Opencart that will enhance your e-Commerce work efficiency. When asked to us, Opencart is an astounding platform with exceptional customization functionalities, great flexibility and helpful modules and tools that helps building of a full-fledged e-commerce platform.At ARKA Softwares, you will find the solutions for your ultimate e-commerce development needs and requirements. At Arka you get the perks of having a full-grown team at your assistance for developing an online store. While hiring an ecommerce developer from ARKA you can rest assure of your project being in expert hands. So, let’s bring your enterprise online, mail us at- sales@arkasoftwares.com and know more about our services.

How to check efficiency of an ASP.NET Developer for your project
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IntroductionASP.NET is a well-known language among most of the web and mobile app developers. It provides Microsoft development environment which supports various languages. You can always hire an ASP.NET developer who lives up to your expectations to get desired and most suitable development. Here some important factors while you hiring an efficient ASP.NET developer-MCSD CertificationMCSD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer) certification should be sought out primarily while hiring an ASP.NET developer. In fact, it should be high on your list as it is an assurance of a much experienced developer. MCSD certifies their work quality in web designing, app developing and others customized development works. It also testifies their experience on working with various Microsoft development tools and technologies. We can say that someone with MCSD certification is a technical expert in ASP.NET application development and can be a lot of technical help to your projects.ASP.NET MVC ProficiencyA must have the proficiency in MVC (Model View Controller); is an ability to manufacture attractive, fast, secure and much handy web application. Besides, it is a very popular hiring method that is fast spreading over the web developing market. In meantime it has become a necessity for a developer to support its ASP.NET development.Microsoft MVP CertificationMicrosoft MVP (Most Valued Certification) proves quality and proficiency of a developer. It helps in adding scalability of your project work. While looking forward at hiring a developer for your ASP.NET web project you look forward for an MVP certification.Knowledge of Client-Side Technology ASP.NET developers should be trained in client-side technologies like HTML, CSS, and jQuery and JavaScript etc. It is necessary for them to show sheer dedication in creating highly resourceful, catchy and interactive website. Also, they should be familiar with OOPs concepts like multithreading, inheritance, encapsulation, and classes etc. It helps in integrating higher scalability and functionality to your website with java code services.Good ExperienceYou must consider the experience level of developers when need to hire them for your project. It is equally significant to find out best qualities in them. A good ASP.NET developer is the one with technical experience that enables him to customize websites as per your expectations. Additionally, he must have an insight to provide ultimate solutions administering extra ASP.NET development services that includes modular strategies and plug-in.SummaryMentioned above are various points that specify the qualities of a good and efficient ASP.NET developer that will help you in deploying a resourceful developer onto your web project. In need of ASP.NET project expansion you should outline your enterprise needs and then audit and apt developer that execute genuine solutions for the requirement.Arka Web and Mobile Development Solution Company is a standalone provider of all your ASP.NET development requirements. We have a large resource of high-skilled and experienced developers that are well-acquaint with each stage of ASP.NET development. Team at Arka are expert advisors, they strategize high-resulting development solutions that are coherent to your enterprises utmost needs. To get an effective and scalable .NET development mail us at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

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