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Top eCommerce Web Design trends in 2018
ecommerce web designing
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IntroductionToday’s scenario, keeping oneself alive in Technology Sea is difficult; we all need to accept the new trends emerging in the online world. With elevating parameters of ecommerce websites, ecommerce development companies are trying hard to stay one step ahead of the competition. One setting a plan for website development for an online store needs to recheck all perquisites of the new ecommerce trends, 2018.M commerceM commerce has ‘become a thing’, fast pacing in online market lane. Online shopping via mobile is going to explode the ecommerce industry in next few years and according to researchers, M commerce is destined to takeover Ecommerce. Amazon, eBay, Flipkart are the top commercial websites who have been visionaries by introducing mobile apps and are all set to break sells record in 2018.Interaction of Virtual-Reality VideoWe all witnessed the transitions in website development in 2017. For this term we all are ardent on delivering services on the online businesses in a creative manner. Yet it seems for the year 2018; the technology will introduce virtual-reality to the online market where all customers experience a virtual interaction happening with ecommerce websites. Web developer and designer by accessing the virtual-reality videos can lead to major elevations in the industry in the coming year.New Grid LayoutsIn 2018, Grid layouts will lead to new makeovers of website pages; the services will make one more accessible to product searching and easy navigation. The new design theory will allow more existing pages and neutral space that will encourage customers to spend a longer time visiting on business site.  We have already seen drastic changes it has brought in the online business industry but with the introduction of new grid Layouts in 2018, we can only imagine what new chapters it would add to ecommerce development services.AI and Machine LearningIn 2018, you will continue to see the explosion of AI (Artificial Intelligence). In addition, we will experience machine learning with extra capabilities like voice search and visual search and the rest. Google’s AI is making a higher approach to the people who are planning for ecommerce business and want to develop a commercial website. We can all look forward to AI and machine learning that will enhance retailer levels rapidly.VR & ARWith the series of new technologies, online business has become more practical and comparable. The VR (Virtual Reality) technology like Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear will draw more customers with in-store experiences. In the case of AR (Augmented Reality), the ecommerce app like Sephora is already offering better experience of product viewing with AR sense. Consequently, it will be interesting to reveal undiscovered dimensions of VR & AR use to draw customer attention of in 2018.SummaryWe can make number of predictions with respect to change in technology of 2018. Many innovative technologies including AI arrangements, AR&VR etc are interacting with ecommerce web services. Moreover, information investigations and related advances will turn into a permanent part anticipating web-based shopping patterns.If you wish to hire ecommerce developer, ARKA Softwares is the end of your search. ARKA Softwares is a responsible company, providing cutting-edge website development solutions. We fulfill your demands by adding your requested features to your ecommerce website, with our expert team always shooting for stars. For more details mail us at- sales@arkasoftwares.com

Real Estate Website Development Cost and Features
real estate web development

Real Estate market is broadly increasing in present time. Landholders are producing many directories to customize a user-friendly platform. Many techniques are available in the field that reforming the realty market and the management. As we know that the commercial market is on budding way whereas Real Estate web solutions are creating a vital role for property holders. If you are ongoing with this business, you should have a Real Estate website. It is very easy to launch and well-customized for your online property advertising and selling. Still, you are not aware of the configuration of website then we are here having a rich description for you including the key factors of Real Estate web development and costing that is below- 1.     Select & Host a domain name Building a Real Estate website initially needs a domain name or the URL that provides address link to visit your business profile. An online property dealer always should choose a domain name that is simple, easy to bear in mind and significance to your business. You can go the various extensions (.com, .info, .in etc) to find an appropriate one. You need a hard space to store the information, pages and content files on your website. The web hosting protocol provides you that space having periodic cost charges and making allow hosting on the web server. 2.     Update WordPress on website Real Estate website always needs a WordPress platform. You can prefer WordPress with many themes and plug-in services that are freely integrated with your account. It offers many low priced themes and features that are very useful to your business website. WordPress adds IDX addition, searching tools, E-mail marketing etc on your website. The platforms also more beneficial to promote your contents and blogs related to the industrial services, personal services, and others professional news.The WordPress service costs you approx 10$, 20$, 50$ /hour and above according to the kind of use. You may invest money in WordPress for an annual term that may be more reasonable to the website. 3.     Subscribe to property registration This section of website development submits the factors of your land property, housing property and other additional modules on your business page. It creates the filtered options such as property types, property site place with photos, property rate and size on the website page. You can add more description of your property listing. You will need to subscribe for registration of the property manually. Initially, it may charges you approx 40$/month. Others charges may vary according to your preferences. 4.     Website marketing Every website has needs of leading in the market. A Real Estate website should be leaded through the ways that it can draw the attention of customers. Website marketing always set an aim to get traffic of the audience. You can promote your website to various traffic stations that provide many services and tools. Some free and paid marketing subscriptions that a professional realty website should adapt to lead on various platforms and social media.In the terms, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) charges you approx $500-$2000 /month. Facebook ad words cost $0.5-$2 for average PPC (Pay per Click) and  Google Ad Words average cost range is approx $2-5$ /PPC.  Email marketing campaigns also is another option to lead your website for audiences. 5.     Website Software Coding Software coding of any website is the pricey and time expensive process. A Real Estate website adds many things such as new sheets, articles, images, videos etc. Developing a code for your website, enable you to set a business framework with a variety of functions. For this outstanding solution, you have to pay a large amount of money. For a small Real Estate project, Real Estate web developers may charge you around $500-$1500 and if you make a decision for large website design then you will we charged $3k-$20k or above by developers.  Prosperous features of a Real Estate websiteA good Real Estate website is the platform where a customer able to find the information of the concerned property. It includes user-friendly information as price, property location, design and size of the area. Also, you can contact the dealer for more details and information. Any user can visit the website via mobile, tablet. All functionality, images, video, content etc will exhibit on mobile and it provide the services as that are accessible on PC web. To make customers easy to reach on your selling properties and other services, the website contains a navigation system. It ensures proper direction to your customer s that redirects them to the link. A user facilitates to get new notifications about new property information, availability and offers via E-mail or other messaging services.Outline All business websites need a suitable management and modification. A Real Estate businessman should be attentive to all requirements while having a website. It should be customer approachable, proficiently functional and besides all that it must be flexible while dealing with a property. Whatever needs is preferable for the business class, above all that the has changed the planning of property trading.ARKA Company is the best phase where you can find much and more for your website development. The best team always performs according to your preferences and needs. ARKA team works on the way where everyone can experience the best accomplishment. To get more detail of our services  mail us -sales@arkasoftwares.com

4 Stupendous things every designer must savvy about whitespace
Web Design Services

Whitespace (or "negative space") is a void space between and around objects of a page. Components of whitespace in graphical UIs are:Margins, paddings, and the gutters Space around pictures and the graphic objects Line-spacing and letter-spacing in the text based content.Albeit a few people may consider whitespace a misuse of important screen domain, it's a basic component in an outline. Actually, whitespace is similarly as imperative as the substance. Web Design Companies helps you in developing mesmerizing websites. As Jan Tschichold stated:All great UIs fuse legitimate whitespace esteems into all page components from the top to bottom. The whitespace on a page can be just as essential as the space involved by UI components since content, buttons, logos and different items require space to move around.4 Smashing ways every designer must be aware of Whitespace:#1 Enhance text readability:Whitespace can make reading significantly less demanding by diminishing the measure of text visitors see at the same time. The absence of whitespace (fully cluttered page) wouldn't influence clients to jump at the chance to read content. Then again, legitimately utilized whitespace has been demonstrated to build content perception up to 20%, as pointed out by Dmitry Fadeyev.Two critical things to remember while improving your content substance are paragraph margins and line spacing (the space between each line in your content). The last can definitely enhance the neatness of a collection of content. By and large, the bigger the separating, the better experience the client will have while perusing.Illuminating relationships:The entire design emerges from the total of its parts and content relationships are characterized by encompassing whitespace. The Law of Proximity expresses that objects which are close to each other appear just identical. The whitespace goes about as a visual signal for this situation. Investigate the picture underneath:Nearly everybody who sees this picture sees two gatherings of circles, as opposed to just 12 circles. The circles are just identical and the main distinction between them is the measure of whitespace that isolates them.It's conceivable to aggregate things together by diminishing the space amongst them and expanding the space amongst them and different components on the page.For UIs, this implies questions in closeness will show up as one "unit." For instance, with regards to web frames, it's a smart thought to put marks near the applicable fields to make an object. At the point when marks are put nearer to the fields this makes the connection between them much clear for clients.Drawing in attention:Designers can utilize whitespace to impart what's most critical initially. There's a connection between a separation and consideration; bigger separation powers consideration. The absence of different components will just influence existing components to emerge more. It's conceivable to utilize a whitespace for your leverage—to draw meandering eyes onto certain page components. Additional cushioning around a specific portion of substance powers clients' consideration onto that territory just on the grounds that there's nothing else on the screen to draw consideration. Hence, the more whitespace around a protest, the more the eye is attracted to it. Top web design company will help you for getting the website designed as per your needs and preferences which will leave you thrilled.Make visual hierarchy:At the point when whitespace is utilized fittingly, it enables a page to make a general stream and adjust, which thusly conveys the expectation of the plan. Whitespace can bolster the general chain of importance. It creates either symmetry or asymmetry.CONCLUSIONWhitespace isn't a squandered space, it's an intense plan apparatus. It can be just as essential as the space possessed by symbolism, content or other UIs protest in light of the fact that even purge space fills a need and backings the visual honesty of a design.In spite of the fact that it appears a basic point, whitespace can be difficult to ace in light of the fact that the utilization of whitespace is both workmanship and science. Really seeing how much whitespace ought to be utilized to make a decent design requires rehearse. Well, there are various Responsive Web Design Companies which have the laudable team of developers and designers for designing attractive websites which you desire.

5 Unexcelled Web Design Trends & Evolution in 2017
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The whole world is getting digital tech-savvy in different ways. With every morning’s sun-ray, we see the some technologies getting released and this helps the IT industry to be taken to the next level. Year 2017 will watch massive evolution in the web design trends. In this ever-changing and fast pacing digital world, a website needs to be a robust storefront for your brand and organization. This needs to be quite efficacious in many ways so that it turns out a platform for colossal revenue to your business with each passing day. There are myriad web design trends to check out for, and this will lead to immense success for your growing business. Web Design Companies USA helps you in getting the most enticing website developed as per your brand.Check out the 5 spiffing web design trends of 2017:#1 Parallax web design:This is one of the fastest flourishing web design trend to watch out for in 2017 for getting your thrilling website created. It is being widely used for boosting user’s online experience when the user makes use of the website. Parallax designing resorts to assorted range of elegant backdrop images and changes the whole speed of the movements for coming up with an awe-inspiring illusion at the time of web surfing. Well, you might also see some of the disadvantages for making use of the parallax website, one of the incredible tools that will keep a viewer engrossed in different ventures on the website. All the thrilling backdrop or different kinds of images which are there on the luxe website, does progress at a very different speed as compared to rest of the page, as a whole. This superior animation technique which can be put into service for assisting the user on the particular site, and even for inducing their complete curiosity and this makes the page visit to last for much time.#2 Astonishing single page web design trend:This is the contemporary design trend to watch out for in the year 2017. Single Page Application (SPA) is springing up faster in today’s date. The growing usage of Javascript frameworks such as the AngularJS, BackboneJS and various others will help you in getting magnificent page refreshers at the drop of a hat. Eventually, this will help you in swift loading of the websites and also quite riveting view experience for any of the user. SPAs are also meant to possess splendid ability for reconfiguring any of the UI which does not certainly include any recovering HTML by the server round journey. Opt for the best web design &Development Company for your web design needs and you will get amazing results.#3 Astounding AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page):As we can see there is growing usage of fascinating mobile handsets for accessing of good web content, so the websites are now also extending their reach through mobile by creating AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and this has also come like the subset of HTML. These also make use of some JavaScript elements. These are generally created by reading of the content and are wholly personalized for not causing any kind of decline in the performance. It is much different from the websites which takes too much time in loading. AMP related sites works wonders in this regard because these are highly progressed and have faster loading capability. Moreover, these lovely websites are also differentiated by the sign of lightning flash and this also come into view. As the first-rated Web Design Outsourcing Companies in USA, we have the promising team of web designers and developers who will help you in your web development project.#4 Captivating canvas animation design trend:This is also a state-of-the-art web design trend to consider by web developers around the globe. Erstwhile static kind of web content can also get animated which leads towards enhanced user interaction and just decreased bounce rate. Well, this particular dazzling design trend must not be complicated with the GIFs because this latter helps you in merging of incredible images at the web platform for making the loop style video also, not enabling any influence with other kind of web page. Even the canvas constituent which is there in HTML5 will also be used for transforming anything at a web page for animation. It is very distinctive from Flash, this is being used like the external file and canvas component is nothing but its cross-browser feature which helps in removing any requirement of extra plugins for functioning.#5 Decreased minimalism web design trend:Well, it might be much alluring to know about the stunning trends in web designing in the near future. This present year of 2017 will have the most beautiful and enthralling de-cluttered appearance to know about. This does make it much compulsory for wide and the long running web pages which have awesome lustrous font which helps users keep their eyes glued to it. For having such mesmerizing appearance of lavish website designing, you can just make use of some white empty space and also the flabbergasting colors which provides classy look and feel for your impressive website.The Verdict:The entire above mentioned are sure to get under you website visitor’s skin and they will get enthralled when they check out your tempting website. This will eventually help you in taking your business to the next level gradually with each passing day. According to the voguish trend in web design, this will help you incredibly in selecting the best as per your budget & preference.

6 Voguish Web Design Trends in eCommerce Website Designing
Ecommerce Web Design
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In the year 2016, eCommerce website designing had been taken to the next level and there had been lovely web design trends in coming up in this field and this will also help you in taking your business to the next level, thereby earning higher revenues and getting good customer-base. Well, you just need to know about the lovely and elegant web designing trends and these will make your visitors go awe.Here is the list of 5 lovely eCommerce web design trends which will leave you amazed with joy:#1 Mobile responsive design will be reaching new heights:There was a time when the eCommerce websites were being used to be designed, by keeping in mind about the desktop itself. Later on, these designs turned out to be highly mobile responsive because these days, people just love to make use of trendy smartphone more, as compared to the desktop. The eCommerce Web Design trends are being changing completely, from then to now. As it can be seen that customers prefer shopping from their stylish mobile handset itself, and this has led to designers thinking of mobile first design, while designing of feature-rich website.#2 Semi flat designs will rule in the year 2017:Yet another enthralling eCommerce web design trend which will be spreading wings is that of semi flat design, and this is also being loved by most of the people in world. Semi flat design helps in making design quite enticing to gaze at. Even the users will be able to get incredible experience. In the year 2017, it can be said that semi flat designing will make eCommerce flourish swiftly. With the use of this trend, website appears to be trendsetting and also up-to-the-minute. The whole of eCommerce sector is coming up with new-fashioned technologies in semi flat designs also.#3 Alluring images looks enticing:Ravishing images works wonders for the eCommerce sector to make the visitors keep their eyes glued to the websites. If research is to be believed, then more than 90% of people do feel that many of the visuals are just powerful factor which just affects the decision regarding buying. An elegant eCommerce website can easily show the attractive and amazing products. Fascinating images of products tickle someone’s fancy in the blink of an eye. This is the strong factor which will be ruling in this eCommerce segment for the visitors and customers around the globe. Hire Dedicated Web Designer for giving attractive look to your eCommerce website, instantly.#4 Marvelous material designs will also rule:Material design will also be ruling the eCommerce segment at the drop of a hat. Alluring designing matters the most in this sector, it is getting quite popular and all the rage these days. Different eCommerce companies are getting colossal success by implementing this gorgeous material designing. Multifarious killer material designing features also involves catchy card related layout, animations which are quite responsive, and also the transitions too. This kind of material design will also be trending in the near future with each passing day.#5 Hamburgers shown at the left side:These are also quite in trend these days and this does makes the website look trendy and super-thrilling. There are numerous sites which makes use of the hamburger menus. Bootstrap is one of the leading frameworks which are being commonly used in this regard, around the globe. Year 2017 will see the rapid change in this sector and we will see the luxe hamburger menus placed at left side on the wonderful website. Various giant companies have already started implementing on this stylish trend, like Google and many others.#6 tantalizing typography matters:This year of 2017 will also see the rising trend in typography, widely. This needs to be very flexible which looks great and also senses-soothing. Larger typefaces appears to be just very strong and provides feisty message for your customers and has quite massive impact on varied aspects for stunning websites that does include the mood, readability and also gives the top-graded user experience, etc. It will be helping you for creating debonair brand for your startup. It will help you augment your client-base and generate good revenues.Bottom Line:Well, these above mentioned are the trending eCommerce trends that will be spreading wings in the year 2017 for these sector entrepreneurs worldwide. This will surely make them grin from ear to ear when their business will see an upward trend with robust brand. Have you just created your startup and looking forward to find the services of leading Web Design Companies in USA, if yes, and then you have come to the right place? All you need to do is, just ping us at sales@arkasoftwares.com and we will help you in your project from soup to nuts.

5 Breathtaking Medical Website Design Trends 2017 to Thrill Medical Professionals
Medical Website Design

In this digital tech world, every professional desire to spread the wings by getting more clients for business. This is the reason why people are making optimum use of the web, to achieve great success. Coming to the medical profession, in this case also doctors desire to gain good advantage of web world for getting huge success. Everyone is using the internet for enhancing their search about anything. In this regard, a stunning Medical Website Design plays a major role for the medical professional, and also for the patients. A good medical website design must be created by using amazing design trends. It must be updated regularly, by using the recent technologies which comes in the market. Patients check out for the reviews of every doctor, over the internet. People also make well-versed research about any hospital or the practicing doctor, on the internet.To get a website developed is the foremost thing, but the next part is to understand the requirements which the website must include. Technology keeps on changing in the blink of an eye. There are various website designing trends to consider for the purpose of developing and designing lovely medical website.A feature-rich medical website must be such that, it helps in connecting with the patients and interact with their brand. The perfect blend of knowledge will just enable your medical site as the professional site, which uses the recent technology trends. So, which are the thrilling medical website design trends of 2017 for the medical professionals? You will read in this post further.5 Fantastic Medical Website Trends in 2017:Here is the compilation of thrilling medical website design trends to watch out for in 2017:#1 Responsive web design:This website design trend is all the rage these days, the reason being, users desires to get the same experience of website viewing, on all the multifarious screen sizes and also the resolutions. A patient wants to have the same kind of website visit without any hassle on the handset, laptop, computers or any other relevant gadgets. As it can be seen in the current scenario, smartphones are the trending way to get any kind of medical information, right from the palms of your hands, in just a click away. This has led to the development of websites which provides good quality user experience on the electronic gadgets which provides information. To know if your function-rich Healthcare Website is highly responsive, you just need to test the same on various platforms. In this way, you will be able to know that your patients are able to get good experience by your website visit.#2 Easy navigation feature in the website:Yet another incredible feature to be included in healthcare website designing is that, it must be navigated easily and this helps to expand search of any patient, easily. You must include different sections for knowing about information such as doctors, services, etc. Searching functionality on a website will helps the user to find any medical information, from soup to nuts. The navigation bar of the medical website must be simple in usage for the patients around the globe. Normally, the websites have the best navigation bar which stay at the top of your web page and patients and check any of the information in plain sailing way. Inclusion of the navigation bar in your website follows the user in whole of the experience.#3 Elegant flat designing of your website:This can be done in simple way and creating the quality oriented user interface by including the major elements of the healthcare website for the optimum user experience. You must opt for the simple and elegant appearance of the flat design and this will enable your site for focusing on usable consumer content easily. Simplicity will also enable your entire website for telling amazing story regarding your practice. Flat design also has the wonderful minimalistic design which makes use of the crisp typography and also the larger backgrounds too, and this has the good visual appeal for your information to tell your patients. By making use of flat design, you can also make good use of the whitespace do exclude the unwanted items and provide it the business feeling too. The complete blend of all these elements provides captivating and appealing look to your website and gives the whole professional look.#4 Regarding the tock images, less is always more:If you make the perfect usage, then the stock photos turn out to be interesting and also quite captivating content for your entire website. These are quite lower costly option for the photos which are just shot in the professional manner, and it can also be a last minute option, if you need something faster. We are also seeing the decrease in usage of the stock photos through the medical websites. But now-a-days, it is the trend of using the authentic and genuine photos regarding your practice, apart from any of the generic image too. Your website must also be for the achievement of a purpose. You can also opt for adding the photo of yours and also of your team.#5 Your homepage must also be long:It can also be seen that, today is the trend of websites of long scrolling. This might be because of the success of famous social media websites like the Facebook, and this also enables us for scrolling up to longer time and also persistently watching new content. People are also opting for this particular style trend in medical website design.Parting Thoughts:So, if you are also a medical professional and looking forward to help your patients search you, then you must note the above listed significant features to be included in the Medical Website Design and this will help your patients to get good information from your website. This will help you greatly.

Top 10 Prototyping Tools for UI and UX Designers
UI/UX Designer

SummaryTrying your hands in UI/UX designing for the first time? Are you an experienced UI/UX designer who begins with prototyping?  No matter whether you’re a beginner or run a top website designing company, you must know several useful prototyping tools to envisage your end product.IntroductionIf you’ve decided to build your career as a UI/UX designer, you must consider understanding the importance of prototyping in your industry. Prototyping is a crucial aspect of making a website work. To remind you, prototyping is a mock-up or demo of a website or an application that gives an idea of how it’d look as final product.Creating and enhancing products based on prototypes is increasingly being adapted by mobile UI/UX designers. And to make the task of prototyping quick and convenient, many prototyping tools are available out there to the designers. However, the availability of a slew of UI/UX prototyping tool, it often becomes difficult for the designers to choose the best that can bring twice efficiency with half the effort.To make it convenient for you, we’ve listed top prototyping tools that are being used by best website designing companies in USA and globally.FlintoFlinto allows designers to create interactive prototype for desktop as well as mobile applications. The tool functions on the drag-and-drop methodology. The best part of this powerful tool is that mobile users can test their prototype as an app in their mobile devices on the go. Modifications can too be seen simultaneously.AxureThis powerful tool simplifies the prototyping process by allowing designers to build simple, effective prototypes. You do not have to write a single piece of code.  The tool is an ideal means for creating simple click-through diagrams, sitemaps along dynamic content, user flows, animations, math functions and data-driven interaction.MarvelMarvel helps develop prototypes of websites, mobile, and web applications by building screens directly in the tool. You can also add image files either from Photoshop or Sketch. The tool allows the using gestures, animations, and transitions to convert your static web designs into interactive prototypes.FormCreate and tailor native prototypes on modern devices on the go with the Form tool. Incorporate latest web design components like material design, touch ripples, flat design, and take your design prototypes to the higher level. This unique tool helps you execute designs on the device at 60 FPS saving your time and efforts.InVisionA superlative prototyping platform, InVision is also a collaboration platform that comes with a user-friendly interface allowing designers to upload web design files, integrate gestures, animations and 3D effects to generate clickable and highly-interactive prototypes. You can also receive instant feedback for your prototypes.Proto.ioAn ideal tool for developing interactive, beautiful, and high-fidelity web and mobile prototypes. Proto.io offers a whole slew of built-in templates and UI elements to the designers that can help them develop mock-ups that look and work exactly like your final project should.OrigamiThis promising tool lets designers design new-age interfaces, top-notch prototypes and animations for websites and mobile apps. You can create wireframes from the scratch that further helps you play with them to develop the best website or app. In addition, you and your clients can also preview the designs on their device on the fly. It is also possible to design prototypes with layers.JustinmindWith the help of Justinmind tool, designers can create influential, feature-rich prototype of websites, and mobile apps quickly and efficiently. You can collaborate, share, test your ideas on real devices immediately.UXPin                      UXPin is a popular tool among top UI/UX designing companies for wireframing, prototyping and even testing websites for generating better user experience. It is shipped with over 1000 of in-built elements that designers can utilize to experiment with their designs and layouts. You can use an editor to build static and interactive designs right away. It also allows importing files from Sketch and Photoshop to get the things done on the go.Adobe Experience DesignAllows you to accelerate your prototyping progression! It is a cross-platform tool, which helps you both design as well as prototype websites and mobile apps.  You don’t have to do any coding. It is an ideal tool to re-use, create and remix web design and vectors from start to design wireframes, prototypes right away.MoqupsCreating websites and mobile apps mock-ups become super easy with Moqups. It comes packed with 31 built-in components like buttons, icons, figures, graphs, and even iPhone mockup. Moreover, design can also convert their images into interactive prototypes within a few minutes.ForeUIForeUI is a user-friendly prototyping tool, which lets UI/UX designers to create mockup and prototypes in easier and quickly. You can also create intuitive flowcharts to describe your prototypes. FireUI makes reviewing design concepts, sharing of ideas, and testing usability very easy.Missed out something? Helps us know your picks! 

Web Design Trends you can expect to see in 2017
Web Designing Company

SummaryOver the last few years, we have seen plenty of new trends and ideas changing the face of web designing market. Let’s see what does the upcoming year brings for us in web designing.IntroductionWith the world quickly moving towards the end of 2016, and technology transforming rapidly, top website designing companies have began to drift their thoughts in the direction of next set of emerging web design trends in 2017. So, here are a few trends that are expected to help web designers enhance their creativity and portfolios.Increased Mobile-first ApproachWhile designing mobile-responsive websites has already been adopted by top web designing companies, 2017 would be the year of Mobile-first wherein websites will be designed for the mobile devices first and then the bigger devices. More and more companies would emphasize on designing content that fits on mobile and smaller screened devices first, instead of designing them for the desktop.Enhanced Hero ImagesUsers are incredibly visual beings. In 2017, hero images will be strong with websites displaying high resolution, brand curated images to invoke audience interest. While images will play an important role, typography will also become more vital next year.While video will continue to dominate, web designers are tinkering with it differently. Motion graphics and background videos will get attention if used correctly. In addition, the success of animation would greatly depend on simplicity and subtle gentle movements.However, yea 207 would be less convincing for stock photography as users will get fed up of its overuse. While stock photography will still be a part of blogs and on social media, using it in website will be sloppy.Responsive Design at a Wider ImplementationWhile responsive design is something that has been around for a few years, website designing and development companies expect to see it as an even bigger uptake by big and small brands in the coming years.One of the major advantages of responsive design is that it lets businesses to pay for only one website build that effectively delivers content on smartphones and tablets and even on the desktops. Apart from its cost-effectiveness, another reason for increasing popularity is because of the Google’s ranking algorithm dropped in April last year. According to this Google update, the sites with optimized content for mobiles will get a boost in their rankings. Any website which isn’t optimized for mobile will see a major downfall in its search engine ranking.UI Patterns and FrameworkThe increasing popularity of WordPress and pre-designed templates has had a noticeable impact on the looks and functionality of many current website. It is expected to see increased emergence of both UI and UX patterns across the web wherein many sites would look and function in similar ways.In the increasing competition today, brands can’t afford to take risks in their user’s experience. As such, it makes sense to use these UI patterns and principles to enhance their website.As these existing UI and UX patterns develop, it is expected to see more and more brand’s implementing them to offer more unified and consistent online surfing experience. Brand’s top priority in 2017 would be to keep their users happy by implementing a streamlined UX and do away with design gimmicks to compete in an ever-increasingly competitive market.Extensive utilization of rapid prototyping toolsRapid prototyping tools are undoubtedly one of the most useful advancement to hit the web-design industry over the last year. These are, thus, a must-have tool for any web, UI and UX designing company. With the availability of tons of rapid prototyping tools, it is quite evident how successful they are and that brands are greatly benefitting with them. It is anticipate that in 2017, even more brands and designers would jump on the band-wagon to streamline their workflows and increase work efficiency.

Why Every Business Needs a LOGO?
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IntroductionJust like every individual is identified by their name and looks, every business can be recognized by its business logo.Logo designing has been a traditional marketing practice, which is often overlooked these days by businesses. Marketing experts believe that a good logo is important for a successful business. It is a simple way your customers remember you, even if they do not know your business name. Ask any top web designing company who have been designing unique and meaningful logos and they will tell you what all it takes to create a logo that serves your business purpose as well as looks attractive.The bottom line is that if you have consistent marketing materials along with having an outstanding corporate identity, you can actually make a huge difference in your business, by increasing sales and ROI.Below are discussed five surefire ways an outstanding logo will help your organization succeed.First Impression is the Last too. Even before you begin with all your marketing practices, be it traditionally or internet-based, an attractive logo can create deep impacts on your customer’s mind. Wayne Stuetz, founder of The Sodfather Landscaping in White Plains, New York shares how the first impression of their logo gives them an edge. “People are always asking for a t-shirt with my logo on it. My logo is very memorable, and once a person has seen it, it’s hard to forget.” Your logo gives a better understanding of your business to your customers. Hence, your logo is a powerful way to develop a positive impression on your customer. Use this opportunity!Get you More Potential CustomersThere are a few things associated with having a business logo:It is your unique identity. It can be a great way for people to recognize or remember you. It tells your customers who you are.They say, “Never judge a book by its cover”.  However, the fact remains that customers still judge products based on looks. Customers look for companies that have the right look to it which often acts as the criteria to decide whether to buy the product or not. Even some people may feel wowed by the professional looking logo of the company to the point that it impresses them into buying.Enables you to stand Out from Others Logo designing is nothing new and is existing since ages. Hence, there are myriads of logos around but you’ll notice that very few logos stand out from the crowd. It is a great achievement if your customers are able to differentiate you from your rivals and is critical in winning the battle for customers. Choose a logo that fits your business niche, is attractive and descent but at the same time looks professional too. To get a better idea on your logo, hire a logo designer to help you in the same. Original uses of colors, shapes, words, and fonts can set your logo apart from others.4. Boost your Credibility and IntegrityA good-looking logo can give your business an impression of being professional and experienced.  Plus, it can also aid in making your business appear more credible. By establishing this type of credibility, you can present yourself as an expert in your field boldly.Earn Trust with a Flavor of Professionalism Professionalism of the business is one thing that convinces customers to choose an established landscaping business over a few kids with lawnmowers. A logo means that your company is in the market from years which builds a sense of trust and reliability in them. If companies are able to convey their messages of professionalism through their logo, a lot of their work is already done in terms of branding.Still thinking? Find a good logo designing company in USA and get your professional looking logo designed today!

Importance of Responsive Web Designing
Responsive web design

With so much happening in the digital markets over the past few years, it has become nearly impossible to track the changes that have occurred. The industry has shaped up quite well and the growth is being registered at double digits. Because of increasing competition in the digital sphere, innovation has become very important and one of the most recent innovations that has helped in shaping the industry further is the introduction of responsive web designs.What exactly is a responsive web design?When asked from a prominent Professional Web Design Company, a Responsive Web Design is the one that can adapt to the different browsers, different screen sizes and different operating systems without having to change the code or having to develop an entirely new page.They further stated that such designing has become possible due to the new age framework like HTML5, CSS3 and so on. The new innovations allow the web designers to optimize a single website to run smoothly across a desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet. Furthermore, the designer also makes sure that the layout of the site is apt as per the screen size and the website is able to detect the source gadget in order to display the correct version.Some of the advantages offered by responsive web designing as quoted by some prominent Web Designing Services:Responsive web design removes the need for developing special WAP sites for mobile. Responsive web design ensures that the website is displayed in accordance with the screen size and gives the best performance to the visitor. Responsive web design is designed to work smoothly across all devices and react accordingly to touch, clicks or other input devices. Responsive web design is a one stop solution for a website and is quite advantageous to the e-commerce firms as they help in boosting conversion rates.How does responsive web design help you in reaching more people?A responsive design is preferred by the people. A site viewing smoothly and working perfectly inside a mobile device is more likely to be used by the concerned people. RWD is also becoming more relevant as mobile traffic to websites is increasing with each passing year and people are accessing the internet on various devices that they own. This calls for support for smaller screen sizes, touch based inputs and other design changes which will make the site work perfectly on a smaller screen.Moreover, Google ranks the pages which are developed using RWD technology higher as the content is more readily accessible to the people. If you’re targeting audience that uses internet on their mobile devices, then the chances of getting discovered in Google search increases if your website is built on responsive technology. As per a report by one of the biggest Web Designing Company, responsive design increases the web traffic to a particular website by a factor of multiples.So, if your site is developed by a Web Designing Company emerging market of the world,then you must always insist on building it using RWD technology. It will be quite beneficial to your firm as more and more people will be able to successfully access your website and interact with you. You might also consider building a mobile app for your services but all that shall come after you’ve established a good user base with your website.

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