Celebrities, Entertainers and Artists Hiring Mobile Application Development

We are living a fast and hectic life, and it is Entertainment that gives us some respite after a strenuous day at work. Entertainment not only yields “Happiness”, but it also perks anyone up by breaking the monotony of a routine lifestyle.

Fortunately, we are living in a world where we have a plethora of avenues where you can find entertainment and amplify your energy and inclination.

We are talking about online celebrities, entertainers, and artists booking mobile apps. Such mobile applications help you find and hire celebrities and artists that can offer you entertainment anytime and anywhere.


Market Size and Statistics

In the United States, the entertainment and media market was worth approximately 678 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 and is anticipated to grow to over 720 billion U.S. dollars by 2020.

According to Statista, In 2021, in the year of recovery from the effects of the global pandemic, the value of the media and entertainment market reached 2.34 trillion U.S. dollars, experiencing a growth of 10.4 percent compared to 2020. In the following years, the growth is set to slow down, but dollar figures are expected to reach 2.93 trillion by the end of 2026. 


entertainment and media market Stats
Image Credit: statista.com


How Entertainment Hiring App Works

Entertainment Hiring App works by creating a common platform that could grant the media, entertainment, creative, and arts sector apparent access to talent. It allows the recruiters to administer and artists to take part in the hiring process through the company & mobile app and web-based dashboards;

What usually took weeks and months of tiring and painstaking time can now be attained with a few clicks that too within much lesser time.

This platform also minimizes the probability of any kind of harassment. Also, the app has brought a positive change wherein talent-hiring and professional networking are remarkably well-organized.

Most sought-after Artists categories:

  • Dancers
  • Singers
  • Comedians

1. Dancers:

For entertainment that actually gets your event, to begin with, a bang would be to open the event with a professional dancer for sheer energy, visual effect, and grandiose. The dancers and dance troupes are tremendously versatile, often catering to a variety of dance styles for your event.

2. Singers:

Singers and Solo artists more often than not perform live on their own and/or perform over earlier-recorded backing numbers. A solo might also be called a soloist, vocalist, or instrumentalist.


Celebrities, Entertainers app development


1. Duos Singers:

Duos comprise two vocalists or musicians who sing and/or play the instruments. A duo may also perform over an earlier-recorded backing song.

2. Trios Singers and Musicians:

Trios include three Artists who might sing and/or play instruments. A sizable number of gifted trios are able to create an impression of a 5-6 piece band only with a much lesser number of artists.

3. Comedians:

The hay days of comedy are back and the sun is shining on the people who have dedicated their lives to bringing a smile to your face. As someone has rightly coined “A day without laughter is a day wasted”.


celebrity mobile app development


At events, you can hire the most popular names in the industry and all you need is a budget. Comedy actually breaks the ice within no time as it has been quoted as the fastest way to connect to a person of different ethnicity, language, and country. The comic actually interacts with the audience and keeps them engaged with a variety of styles and material.


entertainment mobile app development

General Features of Entertainer Hiring App


1. Update

This feature can be utilized by celebrities to give their fans a quick look into their day-to-day activities.

2. Timetable Post

It is valuable for the celebs to plan posts so that in any event, when they are on a get-away their record will in any case offer substance to their fans.

3. Declaration Alert

Whenever another update is posted by the big names, their fans are told about the equivalent by means of a pop-up message.

4. Talk

It is a serious valuable element as it permits the big names to visit with their fans now and again. This will surely satisfy them and improve the client’s commitment to the application.

5. Gathering pledges

Celebs can approach their fans to raise assets for social causes.

6. Live-Video Streaming

Again a helpful element, as this empowers the celebs to stream a live video for their fans, possibly of an occasion, or to video talk with the fans.

7. In-application recordings

App clients can come and watch the in-application recordings posted by big names, perhaps film trailers, new shows, interviews, TV appearances, and so forth.

8. Set a Calendar

This application include permits the celebs to set a schedule for the inevitable occasions they require to join in.

9. Picture Albums

Celebs can make an image collection in the application and empower their devotees to share them.

10. Online life Integration

This element permits celebs to coordinate their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles from the application.

11. Gather information 

Celebs can gather information occasionally, to accumulate data about their fans.

Administrator Responsibilities Include

  • Seeking out new talent on the platform
  • Seeking out the requirements mentioned by clients
  • Funneling down the needs of the organizers or clients
  • Identifying and contacting prospects for clients and agencies
  • Screening talent before connecting them with clients and agencies


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Integral Advanced Features which makes this platform quite accessible and user-friendly


1. Social Signup/Login:

The Artist and clients need to sign up in order to post their requirements and in order to look up for talent. The artist signs up and becomes a member so that he can post his availability and showcase his or her talent.

2. Booking Engines:

Booking Engine is a platform used on your app, where customers or clients get real-time quotes and price and then confirms the booking of the Artist for the event.

3. Push Notification:

Push notifications are small messages that can reach clients and Artists anywhere and anytime. Push messages are promptly notified to the user

4. Geo-Location Tracking:

Real-time mapping and geo-location tracking are important features of this application, It helps the users to detect and stream location data to a live-updating map to smoothly watch location updates as they change in the real world.

5. Role-Based Dashboards:

This feature is a platform wherein the clients and the artists can see the status of the ongoing Jobs, whether the job is active or not with the timeline, Roles, user profile, and app usage. It also has a variety of features that uncomplicated the process and keep the objectivity of the platform intact.


entertainer mobile app


6. CMS Integration:

Content management systems (CMS), such as Word press, work to showcase information on the app and allow for publishing, editing, and modifying content from the centralized platform. It provides blogging tools and a publishing platform to simplify the process of app development.

7. CRM integration:

CRM management allows the application to manage business relationships and the details and valuable information associated with the clients and customers.

8. In-App Chat

In-App chat is a quite important feature in order to resolve the queries and confusions of the customer in real-time. It plays a very vital role as far as customer service and satisfaction are concerned.

9. Reviews & Feedback

Reviews are very important in order to better our services, plans, and customer service. Constructive criticism lets us know the areas of opportunity and it is the most undiluted way to know how good our services are faring in real-time.

10. Multi-Lingual and Currency Support

In order to attract maximum eyeballs and to extend our services to different markets the multilingual language and currency support work magically as it allows the clients with language barriers to be a part of our business by using the multi-lingual language and currency feature.


Celebrity mobile app development


Event type


1. Corporate Events

These applications help you manage online events easily. It let your customers register tickets while it let you create custom registration forms, and manage email invitations and cancellations in one place.

2. Private Parties

Such social networking app allows you to register event participants for private parties, create customized agendas, scheduled one-to-one meetings, spread vital information, and connect with exhibitors and sponsors.

3. Wedding Events

Such an app can act as a perfect event companion for all your wedding event needs. It allows you to book the venue, hire photographers, makeup artists, bridal wear, mehndi artists, catering professionals, etc.


Some Popular Online Artists Hiring Apps & Websites

Here we have some popular mobile applications people use to hire online celebrities, performers, and artists.

1. BookArtisto




It is a popular online Artist Booking App, that has transformed the dynamics of booking artists for your events. It lets you explore its massive artist bank which includes dancers, singers, instrumentalists, DJs, comedians, anchors, actors, sketch artists, photographers, videographers, live bands, speakers, magicians, and other celebrities in your city.

2. Starclinch 

It is an online solution that acts as a one-stop platform to explore and book performers and entertainers as per your requirements. It serves as a tool to discover the best of the talents for your gathering. It offers an extensive listing of singers, live bands, dance troupes, instrumentalists, photographers, and many other performers.

3. BookMyArtist

It is a pan-India artist booking and management platform which offers services of the finest of the talents from the entertainment industry. This app offers a blend of top-tier artists and leading covering singers, performers, musicians, and Bollywood celebrities for all kinds of entertainment events and wedding functions.

4. Jilmore

It is an online marketplace for all sorts of celebrities and performing artists. It lets you book performers for any personal event, corporate event, family functions, Marriage, Ceremony, and various other events. It is a free application that is available to download from both Google Play Store and Apple App Store platforms.

5. SpecialGuest 

SpecialGuest is among the most popular mobile app that allows you to book entertainers and celebrities. It offers a wide variety of entertainers and makes it easy for you to hire entertainers for live, virtual, and in-person events.




It has started offering entertainers and celebrities for virtual events, that can transform the experience of your virtual birthday party, corporate event, and happy hours.


Monetization Opportunities

Featured listing

In the event that any seller or merchant needs their services to be accessible over the hunt then that can be made conceivable by highlighted posting. Here the listing is done in a way that grabs the eye of the clients.


If any third-party service which is listed on the platform is purchased by the users then on that retail certain commission amount is charged.

Advertise management

Advertisement is truly an outstanding and most famous method for profiting from the application. Pertinent commercials, for example, comedy shows, events in the city, and so on.


Required Application Development Team

So as to build up a powerful and intuitive Celebrities, Entertainers and Artists Hiring Mobile App. it is required to have a group of gifted experts who can carry your musings or creative mind to the real world. The group structure that you may require is as per the following:


foo delivery app development team


  1. Business Analysis Team
  2. Project Manager
  3. Android and iOS Developers
  4. Front-End Developers
  5. Backend Developers
  6. QA Professionals

Don’t Ignore the Web Application

Both web and mobile applications have their own significance. In this innovation time, the business stream can be accessible both from sites and applications. There are numerous individuals in the public eye who are not technically knowledgeable and don’t utilize cell phones, so they can’t be disregarded. Such a purchaser base can be caught by websites.

UX-UI is Important

An easy-to-use UI/UX configuration is the primary attribute of fabulous intuitive celebrities, entertainers, and artists hiring mobile applications. The versatile application engineers must focus on the beneath referenced focuses:

  • Use of generally perceived symbols.
  • Straightforward mobile navigation menu.
  • Select the colors that suit the cell phone.
  • Human variables like fat fingers, palm size, sounds, activity, and so on.


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How much does it cost to develop a Celebrities Hiring Application?

The expense of building up artists, entertainers, and celebrities hiring mobile applications relies upon the multifaceted nature and size of the application. Likewise, the area of the engineers and the number of hours put resources into the improvement of the application assume a significant job in choosing the advancement cost.

  • US-based developers: – $100 to $250 per hour.
  • Eastern-Europe-based developers: – $80 to $180 per hour.
  • India-based developers: – $25 to $50 per hour.

Moreover, a feature-rich celebrity hiring application can cost around $20000 to $35000 for a single platform.



Entertainment has become a basic need for us and combining it with the availability of high-speed internet has led to the evolution of online Celebrities, Entertainers, and Artists booking mobile applications.

These apps are getting massive traction among the users and more organizations are venturing into this space to tap the unprecedented potential of the entertainment domain. If you are planning to develop such an application for your enterprise, then you can connect with us for the development of such media and an entertainment application.

Arka Softwares is a renowned mobile application development organization, with more than a decade-long experience in developing entertainment and booking applications. We have the adequate capabilities to turn your unique idea into a successful mobile app.

Rahul Mathur

Rahul Mathur is the founder and managing director of ARKA Softwares, a company renowned for its outstanding mobile app development and web development solutions. Delivering high-end modern solutions all over the globe, Rahul takes pleasure in sharing his experiences and views on the latest technological trends.

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