AngularJS is a popular frontend framework of JavaScript for developing web applications. Google released AngularJS in 2010 and since it became popular because of its built-in features and functionality for developing responsive and effective web applications.

In last few years, AngularJS has been grown extremely as it has highly developed from AngularJS to Angular 2.0 and now it has latest version 4.0. The AngularJS development company provided a great impact in previous versions AngularJS and Angular 2.0 but in comparison to AngularJS developers found some improvements and changes in version 2.0.  Here, we are comparing both previous versions in terms of design and performance-

1. Architecture

  • AngularJS architecture is based on MVC whereas Angular 2.0 architecture is based on service/controller.
  • Developers have to rewrite the complete application code to upgrade AngularJS to Angular 2.0 because there is the least possibility to upgrade AngularJS to Angular 2.0 directly.

2. Component-Based User Interface

  • You could see controller concept in AngularJS but in Angular 2.0 it was eliminated.
  • In Angular 2.0 you can see changed component-based user interface in comparison to AngularJS.
  • It helps to improve the reusability and functionality as compared to AngularJS.

3. JavaScript and TypeScript

  • Angular developers use JavaScript to develop AngularJS applications whereas the team introduced the Typescript to write the application in Angular 2.0.
  • TypeScript along with version 2.0 helps in building more robust and prearranged application rather than AngularJS.

4. Mobile Compatibility

  • AngularJS is not capable to accomplish native applications for a React native mobile platform but Angular 2.0 made it possible.
  • In comparison to AngularJS, the version 2.0 offers two layers- application layer and rendering layer. Anyone can be rendered as per the required component.

5. SEO – Friendly

  • In AngularJS development, it is major problem to insert search engine optimization service but with Angular 2.0 this bottleneck has been eliminated.
  • Now implementing AngularJS development services, you can create SEO friendly single page application by delivering the HTML code at the server side but in AngularJS it is difficult to develop single page application.

6. No $Scope in Angular 2.0

  • In AngularJS, you will not see $Scope anymore to paste view and controller so it is also a major problem when you using AngularJS for coding and you need to use Angular 2.0.
  • If any developer is coming from the Java.Net background, can use the version 2.0 for coding because the syntax is closely similar to Java. It is not possible in AngularJS.

Some other new changes and improvements in Angular version 2.0 in comparison to AngularJS-

  1. Injectors have been changed significantly from AngularJS to version 2.0 and the child injector is a novel update in Angular 2.0.
  2. In AngularJS you could have a number of directives but in Angular 2 .0 you can see only Template directive, Component, and Decorator.
  3. In Angular 2.0 JSON-supported Route configuration is easier to alter than AngularJS.


Using AngularJS, you can get more security features and scalable pathway in application development but in its upgraded version 2.0 you could get much more advanced things but you can implement the all new updates only if application demand it. Hopes, the information in this blog may help you in choosing one that really suits your requirements.

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