Estimating the cost of real estate website development is really a tough task because there are many options that very expensive or cheap sometimes. It always makes difficult to find an exact price to build a real estate site. A quality and high-performance site contains lots of features and advanced tools and you have to manage your budget accordingly. 

There are several key factors that affect the cost of the real estate site. If we consider all aspects to get a perfect site the price may go too high. If you have a new business then the cost depends on basic features but for a large business, you need to take the entire technologies and development processes.

A website development depends on some important key factors. So, a real estate business site also requires all imperative features to include. Some major factor is given here that leave the huge effect on real estate website development-

1. Project Management

Making a proper strategy to create a real estate site is an essential step and the entire lifecycle of a project is managed by the project manager. The project expert is responsible to analyze all requirements, outlines, and all creative assets. She/he is also accountable to manage the cost having the coordination with real estate website builder, designer, developers, and other resources. 

2. Content Management

Each website should be populated with enough content. A real estate website comes with a different format to set content appropriately. The website has sections in order to get populated with professional photographs, branding attributes, and the information relates to property building etc. So, you must have the capability to manage the required content. You also can look for outsources to get help in managing content initially.

3. Design

The design includes essential components that all are responsible to make website responsive and user-friendly. You can get the estimation for each by dictating the price for a single page. A real estate website includes the given components to get a well-structured site-

  • Focusing on visual design
  • Graphical elements like icons, buttons, scroll screen etc.
  • Choosing different colors
  • Creating a content layout for web pages 

4. Website Prototyping

After completing the design process it just needs to create a prototype of web development. You will require fully responsive and functional components to convert the site into a web development model. Considering each component you may be able to set the amount for the developing phases. Consider the given components-

  • Site management tools integration
  • Filtration for property search
  • Pages with complete detail and information of property
  • Customer support portals
  • third-party tools integration and compatibility
  • blogs/Articles format


5. CMS Platform

There are many CMS platforms that are offering a complete solution to customize and edit content on your website. For a real estate site, CMS is one of the most productive tools that provide a complete consistency to make update the website in real-time. The most popular CMS is WordPress which offers a number of custom plugins and modules to manage the website. So, CMS also can be a major factor that leaves an effect on the budget.

6. Website Hosting

It is necessary to make sure your website is working smoothly and ready to host on the server. Website hosting service includes some specific components are also play role in managing real estate manufacturing cost. Have a look these components->

  • Security features and updates
  • CMS customization with new updates
  • backend and technical support
  • data recovery
  • Real-time performance report

Cost Estimation

So, considering the aforementioned factors you could set a budget for overall development process including each feature. Still, we are discussing estimated cost of real estate site development as per the complexity. 

1. Simple Website Cost

If you have a basic real estate startup and want to create a simple and small website to handle your business then create an informational site not including more custom interactive features. The overall cost will be $5000 – $8000 and it might go high whether you want to add more features.

2. Mid-Size Website Cost

To create a medium size of website you need to add some major features like CMS, filter, property information pages, and other interactive features. The cost may vary $9000 – $15000.

3. Large Website Cost

A large business website development cost can be $16000 – $30000. It includes almost all major like custom property, advanced CMS, and filters etc.

4. Data-Base driven Website Cost

 For developing a database driven large website you have to include the complexity of back-end services and CMS features. This kind of real estate websites is very costly as the cost is $31000 – $100000 for complete development.


On this episode of real estate site cost, we provided you the detail of each factor that may be helpful in managing your budget. Besides, you also should seek other factors that affect cost. So, if you thinking to build a new real estate website you should consider all major aspects and cost that are required in website manufacturing.

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