Developing gaming applications is a very interesting trend across the world. There are lots of opportunities for earnings in gaming app market. But if you are having any idea in mind to develop a game app your first consideration must be about the cost involved in the execution. Because this is not easy to estimate exact game app development cost. It is imperative to understand the all key factors and requirements so you can determine a range of estimate cost and take action accordingly. We can help you here in some sort of cost approximation. Some important factors are discussed here which influence the budget to create a gaming app. Have a look below-

“A Simple Overview on Game App Development Cost”

Many mobile app development companies are offering manufacturing services to build gaming applications and they charge for this difference. So, we can’t say a correct price but here approximate costs are given as per the size of applications-

  1. Simple Android or iOS gaming app cost –  $5k to $20k
  2. Small Android or iOS gaming app – $20k to $60k
  3. Medium Android or iOS gaming app –  $60k to $120k
  4. Large Android or iOS gaming app –  $120k – $250k
  5. Very large Android or iOS gaming app –  $250k+

Some important influencing factors are described here that should be considered before developing a gaming app-

  1. If you want to create an application on your own then you have to learn programming code and also you must have a great knowledge of Unity. Here, you do not have to pay any cost but you might be charged to teach program codes.
  2. For developing a simple iOS or Android game application you may need to hire a game developer. So, you can seek a low-priced developer, you need to pay $0 – $1000. Probably, it won’t be very effective but you can get a simple game application.
  3. You can also hire a development team or company where you may have to pay approx $5000 – $15000 or above. This depends on your requirements what you want to add in the application.
  4. Including features like Facebook login, tracking scores and other things in your gaming app you will be charged approx $15000 – $50000.
  5. Some mobile gaming applications are created in a specific manner. Game apps like OldFart, Lost King, and Starving Games and more and more are funded specially. To develop such kind of game app you will have to pay $50,000- $150,000.

Besides, you can include lots of big entertaining features in your application but the cost will go high and this might affect your budget. A highly standard mobile gaming app development cost can be up to $200000 or above. The manufacturing cost varies according to the aspects you want to add in the application.


Every mobile or web application has lots of features that make applications different from each other. A gaming app also comes up with many features. Some important features are discussed here; a game app must have-

  1. Login Ability

A gaming app facilitates users to login the mobile game signing in their accessible account like Google account, Facebook, or twitter etc. You don’t need to create another account with different username and password. Just use your existing account once to sign in and connect via Google or social media site credential. Now, you can go to next step to fulfill the formal requirements.

  1. Social Media

You are capable to share game-related information on social media networks like Facebook wall, Twitter stream, Instagram etc.

  1. Email Sharing

Email sharing is the optimum option for sending message to your friends, colleagues, or relatives if they are not using social media platforms. When you have an achievement in game contest, you can share this thing with your people via email instead of using social media sites.

  1. Invites Friends and Referrals

Inviting friends and relatives is important to everyone who is using the game application. The more people you invite, the more benefits you will achieve. Sending request to join the application can increase the achievements of referrals.

  1. Friend Challenges

Developing your game application as social-friendly you can get many options to challenge players available on social media platforms. The ability to make other players accept the challenge is vital. This can increase your playing experience and achieve several rewards.


You can find a good range of information on the Internet about creating a game app; it depends on your skill and vision. Following guidelines, you can save your money. Unity is also an easy way to avoid high cost. By practicing on unity you will be able to reduce a large amount of money that you wanted to spend hiring a development firm.

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