When you are developing a web application it is necessary to manage background tasks and processes. You need to make a proper schedule for running background processes. Asp.Net core comes with some helpful tools that make it easy to execute background services. Dot Net development services include hosted services in Asp.Net core which provides the easy way to explore the process of working in Asp.Net core background. Here we are discussing all the steps that involve implementing this task and helping in managing the running method. Consider the following steps-

Why Background Process is required?

There are many reasons for processing background task in Asp.Net. But most imperative reasons are explained here that can help you in understanding Asp.Net background process and features-

  • The background task is important to work for a long time. In this process when you use a “report” switch to give a start a long-term reporting work, actually you add this task to the line and forward the output of the report to the user in message form via email.
  • You will be able to send different emails in the background process so you can evade the momentary issues. Besides, the assurance code can be executed successfully.

Using Hangfire

Hangfire is an important process to run a background process in dot net applications. This feature can be utilized in Asp.Net core through restarting an application. You do not need to be worried about recycling the application. Hangfire can be installed by using this command- PM> Install-Package Hangfire

Hangfire follows the given steps to run an Asp.Net core service in the background-

  • In order to manage background task, it needs constant data storage server such are SQL Server, MongoDB, Redis etc.
  • Hangfire comes with many dependable ways to control the task. It can terminate the exceptions which are not reliable to the background process.


This mainly focuses only on one process. It manages the task in the interval. So, an Asp.Net application needs basic of WEB BACKGROUNDER to schedule interval for basic tasks. This tool has a new API in the form of QBWI (QueueBackgroundWorkItem).


QBWI helps in creating a time schedule to do a task which can perform in the background with the reliability of any demand. It tracks the work items and make a list of those are registered through the API and currently working.


This is more reliable and can run a background task with more consistency. It is a complex feature as a fluent interface. It supports IoC and can be integrated easily into the dependency injection which you want.


This feature is developed for a specific reason. It is a port that is connected with the Java portal. This adds Ijob feature that helps in executing and implementing the background process. You can check out inside your application when the process starts to call jobScheduler.Start().

Back Ground Worker

Background worker is considered different from the Background job. Background worker performs in an interval to perform a particular task. Sometimes it works to remove older logs from the background process. In addition, it determines the users that are not performing and inform them via emails to come back in the background process in the application.

Exception Handling

When any type of exception occurs you will be informed to build a handler to control AbpHAndledExceptionData. The background manager helps in activating the event using BackGroundException object that can close the existent exception.

BackGround Job Manager

Features of Back Ground Job Manager are given here-

  • It performs as FIFO in only one thread implementing IBackgroundJobStore.
  • After successful execution Background, Job Manager removes the job from the store.
  • It sets the jobs as per the precedence.
  • It keeps trying to execute the job until the job execution get completed effectively.


Asp.Net background processes are complex sometimes because the task can’t be prepared if you don’t have a good understanding of Asp.Net core. You may need to hire dot net developer but as an alternative to all these solutions; Asp.Net core comes with lots of easy to use tools that help in handling the background process. There are many critical conditions and activities that are not easy to control but Asp.Net core makes it simple and help get started with the background process.

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