Tech giant like Google and Facebook are evolving rapidly. They are continually making changes in their search algorithm. As a result, search engine optimization (SEO) developments and marketing tactics are continuously changing. So it’s crucial for businesses to start making strategies to stay ahead of the curve for the next year.

The top four SEO trends we’re focussing on for 2019 are mobile indexing that will enhance your digital business. Moreover, we will inform you about the importance of posting regular blogs and how they increase the traffic of the website?

Keyword Analysis

The SEO services wholly relies on Keywords. To enhance your website traffic, you can start with keyword research. The purpose is to analyze that what users are searching on Google for relating to your offerings and in what volume. Then use the statistics to the extent the organic search presentation and identify achievable goals. There are a lot of free and paid tools available for SEO, and one of the tools is Google keyword planner that helps you to know which keyword is ruling the market. For example, you might roll the keywords “sneakers shoes” and “sports shoes” into an overall “shoes” category to apprehend the value of that keyword theme compared to other forms of shoes.

Blogs, Blogs, Blogs!

Blogs are great a way to engage your target audience to your website and helps a lot in social media marketing. It helps us to build up your products or services in a directive to boost conversions, but they’re also invaluable SEO tool…when used properly.


1) It is crucial to choose an interesting, informative and relevant topic for your audience. For suppose, you are a web development company then think about recent trends and select a theme such as “5 Tips to ensure your website design is an effective lead generator”.

2) Use internal links – Direct readers to your services; this adds an actionable element to your post. Going back to the web development company example, if you’re writing about the above topic, then link customers directly to your web design service page.

PHP Development

User Experience

Search engine Google has always highlighted the prominence of User experience (UX). Google search algorithm give ranking priority to websites that are speedy, coherent and easy to operate. Research shows that websites with more than three seconds of loading time have high bounce rate and lose out on 45% of their website visitors. Even if website load time is faster but has a complex layout, then also you will end up losing visitors.

Content that is difficult to understand or irrelevant and automatically filled with keywords is less likely to see returning visitors. But a good user experience extends the time a user spends on the website.

 The main focus should be on users all the time. Hence it is pivotal to delivers an eye-appealing and flawless user experience for mobile and desktop users.  Nowadays most of the traffic came from a mobile phone, so it has become significantly essential to make your website on responsive web design. So, websites need to be optimized for use across all devices.


2018 has already many new factors into the game when it comes to SEO marketing.  Website business owner needs to adhere to the latest trend that has to keep ahead or even keep up with the competition. To be at the cutting edge of these trends will position you well for the year ahead. If you are unsure of the above areas, it’s a good time to invest in a reliable SEO company.

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