Development of instant messaging apps have greatly hyped over the last few years with the raise in their demand. In fact, people are so ardent about such apps that they can’t resist peeling their eyes off the smartphones. Not only the demand for these apps like Facebook messenger, Apple iMessage has increased, smart users have also raised the scale of their expectations. With each upcoming app, they want something unique and interesting.

Primarily designed for simple conversation, these apps are gradually eventually evolving into platforms for more complex messaging and other services. Users greatly rely on these apps for various purposes like social networking, getting information, professional interactions, etc. Even the top social media marketing companies make use of these messaging apps to their maximum profits.

While the competition is very high among the various instant chat apps, there are two such apps that are currently topping the charts – Google Allo and Facebook Messenger.

Check out what makes them stand ahead of all and how they differ from each other.

Google Allo

IntroTop iOS app Development Company in USA, Google launched the Google Allo recently on September 21, 2016. Allo is an instant messaging mobile app developed that includes a virtual assistant that offer a “smart reply” feature allowing users to reply without typing.

The best thing about Allo is that it offers a unique way of interaction with the Google Assistant. It allows users to type the trigger phrase “@google” telling the assistant to pay attention to the next string of text they type, based on which it answers their query.

For instance, if you are planning for a movie, you can type something like, “@google Show me movie shows near me?” to know the upcoming showings. While you can hunt for nearby restaurants and movie shows, you can’t book tickets or a table for now.

Apart from this, users can also chat with Google Assistant directly to ask questions, tell jokes, set alarms, find news, and memorize important information like hotel room numbers, etc.

How it Differs – A crucial difference between Allo and other messaging apps like Facebook messenger is that it doesn’t provide third-party apps yet. However, Google is working to integrate this service in the future. When it comes to offering word suggestions while typing, Allo goes a step farther and provides full replies depending on the messages you receive. For instance, if your child sends you a photo of your pet, Allo would suggest something like “How cute! or Aww!” in response.  Allo offers over 25 sticker packs to enhance user chat experience with stickers and expression.

Allo also has an Incognito Mode, which is meant to provide enhanced privacy for sensitive conversations. With this mode, all chats are encrypted end-to-end. Users can also get the option to make their messages disappear after a certain amount of time. Laslty, Allo is available to be used on mobile, for both iOS and Android. This means that unlike messenger, you can’t use it to chat on your computer while at work like you can with Apple and Messenger apps.

Facebook Messenger

Intro – Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging application released on August 9, 2011 by Facebook. It offers text and voice communication services.

Unlike Allo, Messenger allows integrating third-party services into its chat app. These differ from chatbots and aren’t conversational. For example, users can request an Ola when chatting with a friend without leaving the conversation. A lot of the app integrations presently available for Messenger include various types of games, keyboards, quizzes, and photo apps.

In addition to third-party apps, Facebook also allows app makers to create chatbots for its messaging app. Currently, there are more than 30,000 bots on Messenger, which allow users to shop, read the news, get weather forecasts within the app. Messenger has become the top choice for offering facebook marketing services in USA.

Facebook also offers a massive sticker library but doesn’t have a lot of different tools for expression. For instance, you can’t add full-screen animations to a message.  However, it recently started offering the functionality of live video during a conversation. Lastly, Messenger is available for both iOS and android and can also be used on the desktop.

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