The demand for blockchain developers is rapidly increasing.  It is an innovative technology. And you are well informed that when these two words “technology” and “innovative” integrate, cost tends to be higher. The technology is on the boom, blockchain developers saw an unexpected 5,000% increase in demand, compared to the same period from last year.

In this blog, we will outline the major questions that will help you in hiring the blockchain developers for your location and rates. Now, let’s get down to the procedure.

First of all – It is not an easy job to hire! You need to be very systematic in every step.

STEP 1 – Select Country

STEP 2 – Select Region

STEP 3 – Choose Place

STEP 4 – Get Hired!

Blockchain developer salary in the US

US is the tech hub, American IT always have a high demand for skilled developers. Quite similarly with the cryptocurrency, there are several companies and startup that wants the blockchain developers and consultants for their projects.

Companies are in the hunt for the best talent; the blockchain developers have raised the salary bar. The average blockchain developer of UK earns approximately equal to $91,000, according to research. Diversely, the usual salary of blockchain programmer on Glassdoor is slightly lower – $80,000.

Blockchain developer salary in Europe

The hiring scenery is a bit different in Europe. In this case, USA is far ahead from Europe in blockchain development. After analyzing many job portal sites, we have noticed there aren’t job for blockchain developers in Germany and France. Although, a blockchain developer in London can expect to get a higher wage — £75,000 ($100,495). For other countries, there aren’t enough data that I can conclude. Most of the cryptocurrency is built on python, so you can  Hire Python developer and build your next project with Python, as Python is currently in trend nowadays. The number of job post regarding cryptocurrency is minimal in many countries. Most of the company don’t hire a freelancer; they prefer to have a permanent worker in this domain.

Blockchain developer salary in Australia

The estimated salary of blockchain developer in Australia is between $90,000 and $110,000. Practically 30% of the businesses are willing to pay more than $110,000 per year. The tech companies prefer to have a seasoned cryptocurrency developer than to have a lower pay programmer.  The hirers are already well-aware about the cost of great talent.  Around 95% of blockchain developers are from Melbourne and Sydney.

Freelance blockchain developer hourly rates

If you go through the sites like Fiverr, freelancer, and there you can find many freelance developers who work on hourly cost. Visit the website, their website feature more than 400 blockchain developers.

Most of the freelance blockchain developer cost at least a $1 on the platform. The blockchain development cost varies and relies on various factors- the experience of programmer, location, company size, your project requirement, and additional skills, etc. But the average price is in between 50-60$. The more experienced developers you will hire, the more you have to pay him. The specialty and talent of developers can explain the price difference.

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