Artificial Intelligence is the future of technology. AI helped thousands of business to evolve.  It is modifying the e-commerce website development and changing the way of ecommerce stores. The technology also provides new facets to evaluate Big Data and helps e-commerce companies to engage with their customers on a new level.

According to the reports, it is expected that by the year 2020, almost 85% of the customer interaction will be controlled without human efforts. Here we are discussing how AI and big data is changing the scenario of Ecommerce business-

· Personalised Customer Service

Companies know that poor quality of customer services can create the negative brand images. Nowadays, more and more companies are using AI technology to improve the levels of customer services. It’s not a new concept. These companies make use of collective filters to provide their customers with approvals, which are mainly created on latest trends, and bestselling items for their website. These companies used artificial intelligence to gain the deep insight information from different channels that help the business to gain success. This technology helps the e-commerce development to reach great heights.

· Image Search

Ecommerce websites are moving toward Image search. Where a customer can upload the image of the product, and the website will help them in getting the similar and identical product search result. Artificial intelligence algorithm plays a very important role in the ecommerce industry. In the era of social media, the customer’s attention time is greatly reduced. Therefore, image search is a process that has made the customer life easy and simple. As they can search the product image and find the similar or exact same product on ecommerce website.

· Retargeting Clients

Most of the e-commerce company have a lot of data. But they don’t know how to use that data for their business. The data can be proven to be highly beneficial for E-commerce Company.  After the growth of Artificial intelligence, companies can now send the relevant offer to their customers. Based on customer’s history and searches, online retailers are now able to successfully remarket their products to customers through their websites.

· Virtual Buying Assistance

AI in e-commerce can be used to make Virtual buying assistance. This helps the customer to make a decision whether to buy the product or not. For suppose if there is a drop in the cost of the product, the virtual buying assistance drops a notification on the consumer’s device and divert the mind directly to their website. If this feature add-onto the e-commerce website, this can be highly valuable for both the customers and online retailers.

· Analysing Big Data

AI helps the businesses to predict the trends and making a decision that helps the business to grow. It helps the business to utilize a large amount of data to identify hidden insight. Also, the insights are excellent for controlling your e-commerce strategy by evaluating the amount of traffic to your online stores.

AI system is slowly replacing the traditional methods of business.  The latest update of AI systems can help in bringing a link between structured and unstructured data and also show the products which have to be discounted.Big data plays an essential role in maintaining stronger customer relationships, simply because they better know their online shoppers.


Big data and Artificial intelligence are changing the world faster and making it easier e-commerce website to be successful and valuable. According to the research, these technologies are going to reshape the e-commerce platforms. This is a perfect time for small retailers to adapt these technologies to get ahead and take advantage of a better return.

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