How Coronavirus Outbreak Brought Changes For Mobile App Industry

Corona Virus has not only brought economic crises to the entire world but has brought shocking facts and figures for the complete mobile app industry.

There has been a high surge in on-demand mobile applications. Millions of people worldwide are affected by this deadly virus and more than 1 Lakh deaths have been recorded worldwide.

The world economy has drowned to 42% which is really a huge figure and currency markets are experiencing a great wind of recession. 

Every business industry has been affected by this drastic pandemic and by analyzing you will get varying figures. But talking about the mobile application development industry specifically, it does impact greatly on shaping our lives.

With the outbreak of COVID-19 business, houses are enforced to work from home, people are being forced to stay at home, entire nations are locked down and people are asked to quarantine themselves and the term social distancing is the buzzword these days.

In this pandemic situation for being informed and connected with your loved ones, the entire world has turned digitized i.e. moved towards mobile technology.




Spending time on mobile during lockdown


A tremendous hike in mobile usage has been recorded by the countries which have been affected early by the pandemic of coronavirus.

On-demand applications of games, banking, grocery, news, video conferencing, social media, educational & remote learning, etc have recorded a huge number of downloads in the last three months.

App Annie revealed in its global market index that there has been a magnificent record of users spending $23.4 billion on mobile applications in the first quarter of 2020.

This time period also recorded new application downloads over passing 31 billion which is a 15% growth over the fourth quarter of 2019.

As per the Index, the Bifurcation of the Application Downloads is as Follows:

  • The Android platform recorded 22 billion new application downloads whereas iOS platform recorded 9 billion new application downloads.
  • On the other hand non-gaming applications recorded 55% of the complete downloads on the Google Play Store whereas the Apple Store recorded 65% of non-gaming applications.


Business Applications That Have Recorded Extreme Demand:

In the week of March 14-21, 2020 worldwide business applications have caped 62 million downloads across the Google Play and iOS App stores.

business apps download worldwide Stats
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This week was the biggest week recorded by the mobile application industry as this category has the highest growth in comparison with the other app categories.

Moreover, there has been 90% of growth in comparison with the average of business application downloads of 2019. Applications that are in high demand these days are Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, ZOOM cloud meetings, etc.

Recently seeing the current situation of working from home policies initiated by the governments, companies have also laid leverages over premium subscriptions for the users in order to assist them in their working from home.

For instance, Google has turned its premium feature of Hangouts Meet free, ZOOM is offering free access to 12 students to attend a conference and Microsoft is offering 6 month free subscription on Microsoft Teams.


How Suddenly the Gaming Industry Experienced Massive Traffic?

Keeping yourself completely at home, without any interference with the outer world is really difficult and leads to boredom.

So in order to make yourself rejuvenated there have been vast downloads of 22 million gaming applications worldwide which have recorded an increase of 40% in comparison with the average download rates of 2019.

Gaming platforms like WinZO which is popular for its varied games offering have recorded a 30% rise in their traffic. The average time spent on the platform by the users has increased almost 3 times which is an all-time high.

The other popular gaming platform Mobile Premier League is currently on the top charts because its user count increased by 400% for the World Cricket Championship game from March 2 to March 18.

All these statistics have opened the gates for higher business opportunities as it has captured the attention of the investors.


What is the Impact of COVID-19 on Food Deliveries and Restaurants?


food delivery app development


Another segment of business that has been affected by COVID-19 is the online food delivery market. As the demand has been limited, this has increased the food delivery time.

Companies dealing with online food delivery are planning different strategies for regular business operations in this pandemic. Food Delivery Applications like UberEats have removed charging delivery fees from all the local restaurants in the US and Canada.

GrubHub has also decided not to collect commission fees from delivery and restaurant partners. Though this move is for the time being and they believe that this initiative will surely provide an economic relief of around $100 million.


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What is the Exact Reason Behind the Business Growth of Grocery Delivery Applications?

In this global crisis of COVID-19, On-demand grocery delivery applications have seen magnificent growth. Downloads figures for Instacart, Walmart, and Shipt increased by 216%, 160%, and 124% respectively.


grocery delivery mobile app downloads in USA


Under the on-demand applications category, grocery delivery applications have been facilitating the customers heavily which nearly has provided a hassle-free shopping experience to all its customers during these harsh times.


How Health Care Applications are facilitating society in this pandemic?

The current situation in society is really drastic with thousands of new cases of COVID-19 coming up every day from different parts of the world.

Currently, the most proactive sector of the world is the global health setup and with every single day, it is getting really hard for medical practitioners and hospitals to tackle this severe situation.

To help them in this adverse situation healthcare mobile applications are making society aware of fitness tips and are advising them to stay safe by staying at home.

  • Applications like DoClocker are providing real-time reporting on the wait time for patients who would be requiring medical assistance.


healthcare mobile app development


  • The Patient Access application provides a platform for the patients where they can consult their respective doctors through video conferencing. Currently, this application has 4000 users from England and is completely free of cost.
  • A virtual assistant named Orbita COVID-19 was launched by Orbita organization for providing easy access to the queries and information related to the coronavirus. There is no charge being imposed on this technology so as to assist the drastic situation foist by the virus outbreak.


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How Video Conferencing Applications are not just limited to business meetings?

Video conferencing is not just for business purposes, but in the situation of lockdown and home, quarantine people are utilizing video conferencing applications to stay tuned with their loved ones.

A prominent example of this category application is Houseparty. It is a popular video conferencing application that has recorded tremendous growth specifically in Europe. Talking about its download statistics:

  • Weekly downloads of the application in Italy during March 15-21 increased by 423 times in comparison with the average weekly downloads of the fourth quarter of 2019.
  • The download figures of Spain soared the market from a low base of downloads to an increment of 2360 times during March 15-21 2020.

video confrencing apps

Video conferencing applications relatively possess the potential to influence our daily habits. In this period of social isolation, by using these applications geographical barriers can be broken down and people can socialize seamlessly.


How Social Media and Entertainment Applications are helping people in being Quarantined?


How Social Media Apps helping people in being quarantined


In this quarantine period, many users have started using social media applications like Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Also, the video streaming applications like YouTube, Hotstar, Netflix, and Zee5 are some prominent examples that are being downloaded in large numbers by users to keep them entertained and in touch with their loved ones in the current scenario.

  • Tik Tok in COVID-19 has recorded tremendous growth. The first week of March 2020 was Tik Tok’s biggest week, the average time spent on the application was over 3 billion hours which is a 130% increase in comparison with the weekly average of 2019.
  • In terms of monthly active users, Facebook still leads the number one position here. Followed by WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger.
  • Talking about the on-demand video streaming applications, there has been an increase of 405 million hours from March 1-7, 2020.
  • Therefore the time spent on these applications in the time period (March 1-7, 2020) increased by 2.5 times in comparison with the weekly average time spent throughout 2019.


What is the reason behind the sudden increase in the sales of online liquor?

Markets, shops, and malls being closed due to COVID-19 has raised the business opportunity for the on-demand liquor delivery app in the US. Local wine stores have lodged a remarkable increase in sales during this period.

  • Applications like Drizly have recorded a hike of 300% in sales this month.
  • The average of online alcohol orders has also increased by 20%.


How COVID-19 has brought revolutionized change in the education industry?


How COVID-19 brought change in education industry

With this pandemic, there has been a 360-degree change in the educational system. As the schools, colleges, universities, and various institutes are suspended.

Now in this situation, all the educational institutions are shifting towards online education and this is the time where EdTech companies are providing them with various online learning and training platforms which can be adapted by the institutions for expediting their transformation to remote teaching.




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Health and Fitness Applications Gaining more Attention in COVID-19 for Relaxation and Stress Relief: 

Since March 1, 2020, there has been an increase in the average time spent on health and fitness applications. A relaxation and mediation application like Headspace.

This application has recorded an increase of 90% in the time spent on iPhones. People are now engaged more with their mobile phones to find peace and manage stress with social isolation and work-from-home policies being in place.

The Mayo Clinic application has also recorded an increase of 200% over user time spent on the application in the US during the first week of March.


Health and fitness app uses during covid-19

Facts That Are Currently Popular Headlines Worldwide:

  • With the Corona pandemic fight, the biggest loss and struggling time has been suffered by the supply chain industry.
  • Various global tech events, conferences, and business events have been called off by Mobile World Congress.
  • Experts state that the future after this pandemic is Virtual Reality.
  • In the present situation of world crisis, technology has been the most competent tool therefore investments for designing smart city solutions get approval from the government.


Conclusion: Key Takeaways

With this drastic pandemic, every industry has been affected a lot and is engaged in finding alternatives to engage and reach out to more audiences for business operations.

The source which can help these businesses in getting more audiences is Mobile Applications.

Today every industry is trying its best effort to maintain strong digital interaction with its audience and is planning to expand its customer reach in the coming time.

The online shift caused due to COVID-19 will surely bring great business opportunities for on-demand applications like gaming, video conferencing, online education, video streaming, health and fitness, and many more.

The future is unpredictable and further, the business needs to equip itself with the necessary arrangements required to run the business remotely.

Arka Softwares firmly believes that the economy is experiencing a bearish period of downturn, yet truly accepts that once this disaster stays away, the business will develop at a gigantic rate. There is a high chance that the post-lockdown stage will give a field to astonishing new business procedures and thoughts.

Rahul Mathur

Rahul Mathur is the founder and managing director of ARKA Softwares, a company renowned for its outstanding mobile app development and web development solutions. Delivering high-end modern solutions all over the globe, Rahul takes pleasure in sharing his experiences and views on the latest technological trends.

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