Technology is evolving rapidly. The growth of the Internet of thing (IOT) and smartphones is increasing on daily basis. The internet data is growing exponentially and it is developing everything around us from business, education, healthcare and all IT sectors domain.

As data science has already started growing in every sector, it has also spread it wings in the web development arena. Earlier web development was only about survey and feedback from groups. But now the scenario has changed, the web development companies can access the data which help them in understanding customer behaviour, market trends, and the preference pattern of the consumer.

“In this blog, I have mentioned how is data science transforming web development?”

Software Production

Earlier, the software developers used to improvise the application and software according to their own understanding of what the user will appreciate. But after the data science, the analytical tool will help the programmer to browse the data of similar apps and make the clear suggestion about the particular feature that is famous among and most preferred by users. Thus the software developer no longer needs to think about what data to keep on the application; data science will do it all.

New Versions

The Upgrades of app and software would be automatic. App upgraded will also be dictated by data science.  The website and application gain the data from the users- both from the forum and social media. To put this information into use- development team applies all the data into actionable insight. The upgrade is no longer the concern of strategic teams but will develop naturally from the data insight. In addition to this, Machine learning collects all the data submitted by the users through the application. When this happens, new versions appear.

Personalization to the maximum

Artificial intelligence powered up will be on your side as assistance. Now, your application will understand you better than your family and friends. Already your mobile phone gives you suggestion built on geographical location, past likes, and previous searches. But currently, your application will be in a more customized manner based on the information get from the similar app. The data generated by the user while using the application will help you improvise the user experience for the future. The new generation of the smart mobile phone has inbuilt AI system capabilities.

Predicting the Impact

The changes made by with the help of data science in web app development are remarkable for both the consumer and the developer. Besides, the cookies stored in your browser or phone application as well as data provided by the user during web surfing will give a hint about the preferences of customer and how to customize the application they cooperate with.  For the developer, factors like speed, functionality, user experience and security would remain the same and always required be of high quality. But what would be interesting to see is how an app ends up involving your interests. 


These above-suggested ways can bring about a unique change in the way of operation and strategies that are formed in the web development arena. The possibly with data science is limitless. Moreover, the only thing now matter is how the developer uses the advantages of data science tools like inbuilt functional, stable and innovative web pages.

In today’s world, there is a requirement of a developer who not only writes code but also stores relevant data, analyze the information and takes profit of the AI algorithm in the web development process. The developers need to up-skill their talent base and knowledge to use data science tools.

Top web design companies are utilizing the data science to customizing their application. These data science approaches help the companies to save their time and cost by looking at their specific behavior and preference of their target people.

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